Read Or Die Fan Fiction / X-Men Fan Fiction ❯ Read or Die: Shadowcat! ❯ Chapter 20

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Shadowcat: Read or Die!
Part Twenty
"Yukio!" Amelia cried, racing to the fallen catgirl's side. Kneeling down beside her she was glad to feel a pulse in her neck, the black furred woman merely stunned by 'Ogun's strike.
"Keep it down, would you?" Yukio groaned as her eyes fluttered open. After a moment memory rushed back and she sat up, yelping in pain as she growled, "Where's 'Ogun?!"
"Pryde's handling him," Amelia said, her brown hair and wings making it a bit awkward to help the other woman up.
"Oh boy," Yukio blinked, watching the fight in awe.
With near superhuman speed 'Ogun slashed at Kitty, finger-blades extended but Kitty dodged gracefully, kicking out even as she leapt. The red clad 'Ogun grinned, phasing clear then pulled her claws back, taking up a simple combat pose.
Kitty took up a matching pose, circling as she studied the blood red clad woman thoughtfully. "So how did you hook up with someone like Sinister?" she asked her curiously.
"That pup Sabertooth," 'Ogun smiled slightly, "I sought him out as a possible host but he was hopelessly unfit. Still, while rummaging through his memory I learned of Sinister and his clones."
Kitty circled warily, studying her dark twin. "Why me, exactly?" She frowned, "I'd think trying to clone Logan would be better."
'Ogun laughed, leaping for her again. Swiftly Kitty parried the shot on her forearm, wincing in pain as the muscles spasmed under the strike, then barely dodging the follow up attack to her head. Like a cat 'Ogun landed smoothly then lashed out with a side kick, slamming Kitty back.
"Because from my perspective you have the greater potential," 'Ogun purred with a dangerous smile, "there was always a limit on how far I could push Logan. You soaked up all I could give you and more...."
"Gee, thanks," Kitty took up her stance again, wincing a little as she wondered if 'Ogun had broken one of her ribs.
Over to the side of the room Yomiko visibly fretted, her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders as she clutched thick sheets of paper in a white knuckled grip. "Drake," she said softly, "we've got to help her!"
Firmly Drake shook his head, "No, not until Pryde decides to ask."
"But she's hurt," Yomiko protested.
"And this is personal between them," Drake said seriously. He paused a moment, "But if 'Ogun seriously looks like she's going to kill her, I'm stepping in."
Yomiko broke into a smile, "Me too."
"You people are nuts, you know that?" Amelia bitched as she carried Yukio over, her wings pulled back in for the moment.
"It's a matter of honor between Prude and 'Ogun," Yukio pointed out mildly. A pause, "And you can put me down now."
"Then you're nuts, too," Amelia growled. She held Yukio closer, if that was possible, "And I will not put you down, you're hurt."
Yukio sighed, "Okay, whatever."
Kitty felt oddly excited as they fought, the younger woman beginning to draw on all her training over the years... and she had picked up a lot of it, fighting against danger room drones, teammates and beside various allies. She swiftly switched styles and tactics, pulling on a variety of martial arts and using them in unpredictable combinations.
'Ogun seemed to enjoy the fight more and more, her brown hair flowing as she moved with inhuman grace. Everything that Kitty threw at her she handled easily, a grin stretching across her face as she threw new variations at Kitty. Back and forth they fought, each trying to gain an advantage, but surprisingly they were evenly matched.
"I haven't enjoyed something this much in years," 'Ogun purred, her eyes twinkling with amusement, "my faith in you has more than been rewarded."
"Oh?" Kitty raised her fists calmly.
"Will you not take what I once offered?" 'Ogun offered a open hand, "You would know immortality as your spirit is joined with mine."
"You don't make a very good Darth Vader, 'Ogun," Kitty said with amusement.
It took a moment for 'Ogun to get the reference, then she began to laugh. "True enough," she conceded, chuckling softly.
"I won't give in to you 'Ogun," Kitty's voice was soft in the near silence of the room, "I'd rather die first."
"Maybe, but the only way you'll stop me is to kill me Pryde," 'Ogun said softly, lowering her arms to meet Kitty's eyes, "are you willing to do that?"
"Let's find out," Kitty moved like a shot.
'Ogun jerked back as she dodged a strike to the face, then Kitty dropped into a crouch. With well toned muscles she leapt up and over the martial artist, Kitty dropping behind 'Ogun gracefully. She spun around and grabbed 'Ogun by the head, pausing only a second.
"I'm sorry," Kitty said softly. With a sudden bunching of muscles Kitty jerked her arms and 'Ogun's neck broke with a sickening crack, Kitty's mirror twin falling into a boneless heap to the ground at her feet.
"Oh my god...." Yomiko murmured weakly.
From the body of Kitty's clone a red mist arose, congealing in a moment to form a dignified Asian man, dressed in red ninja garb. 'Ogun looked amused as his voice echoed in their minds, "This isn't over between us, Pryde. I will have you, someday...." With that he seemed to disperse, swirling away into nothingness.
"They always have to get in the last word," Drake muttered.
Kitty tiredly walked over to the others, her eyes haunted and body slumped with exhaustion. "Is everyone all right?" she asked tiredly.
"We're fine," Yomiko took Kitty's hands as she said worriedly, "you?"
"No, not after doing something like that," Kitty said with a sigh.
"If anyone deserved it, it was 'Ogun," Yukio pointed out.
"So what now?" Amelia asked pointedly.
Drake flipped open his cellphone and dialed, "Joker?" A pause, "Yes, everyone's all right. We've taken the facility and 'Ogun and Sinister are dead, at least temporarily."
"Well?" Yukio asked as he hung up.
Drake shrugged, "We've got a team coming out to secure the building and recover any useful materials. Joker and Mr. Gentleman will want us back for debriefing, too."
"Any chance of us seeing a doctor first?" Kitty visibly winced as she held a hand to her side, feeling her ribs shift a bit.
"Us, too," Amelia said pointedly.
"Lets get the helicopter and head back," Yomiko said as she held Kitty's arm, the group heading out together.
Kitty quickly grabbed her laptop from where they had dropped their gear, "Better bring this with us, too. I found some encrypted files while I was rooting around in Sinister's mainframe, they might have some answers for us."
To be continued....