Read Or Die Fan Fiction ❯ Omocha ❯ Toy ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Fandom: R.O.D.
Pairing: Yomiko/Nancy
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine. Boohoo.
Spoilers: Minimal.
Note: Advent Calendar Day 6: December 6th
Theme: Stockings

by Elsewhere

Summary: Yomiko and Nancy prepare Christmas stockings. ^_^

Akage no Anne - redheaded Anne (Anne of Green Gables)


"Yomiko-chan!" Nancy called, sounding desperate. "Help me!!"

Yomiko got there just in time...just in time to watch as Nancy disappeared beneath a rain of falling books, tumbling down from the highest shelves in the shop. Yomiko sighed and smiled, adjusting her glasses on her nose as she took a firm hold on Nancy's hand, sticking up like a flag out of the mountain of books, and tugged.

Nancy yelped as she tumbled free of the books and sprawled on the floor, only to be helped up and brushed off by Yomiko.

"Are you okay?" Yomiko asked, still smiling her usual imperturbable smile.

"Mmhm," Nancy said, rubbing her arm and sounding mollified. "I'm sorry, Yomiko-chan...I always do this."

"It's all right; we'll get it cleaned up," Yomiko said soothingly, and with a wave of her hand, the books flew up off the floor and stacked themselves back into neat order on the shelf. "What were you looking for?"

Yomiko, her interest now taken by the books, was standing on tiptoe peering at the titles of the books she'd just levitated.

"Something to get Junior-kun for Christmas," Nancy said, sounding plainly miserable. "I don't know what he'd you know, Yomiko-chan?"

She sounded so hopeful that Yomiko could do nothing other than turn away from the books which so fascinated her, and fix her bespectacled gaze on her befuddled partner.

"I think Junior-kun would like a novel," Yomiko replied, and taking Nancy's hand, she led her out of the aisle they were in and across the book shop towards the fiction section. "You remember in his letter, he said that he'd been reading the Akage no Anne books with Anita-chan?"

"Oh, yes...I'd forgotten," Nancy said, instantly cheering up. She so often forgot important things, but Yomiko-chan was there to help her remember. "That's right, he did say that, didn't he?"

"Yes he did," Yomiko said warmly as she reached the literature section and, in no more than a few seconds, perused every title on the shelf. "Oh, he might like this one...this one is very good too...oh, and this, surely any little boy would like..."

"What about this one?" Nancy interrupted, holding up a large picture book.

"Rudyard Kipling?" Yomiko said, pushing her glasses further along her nose. "Yes, I think he'd like that one very much...good choice, Nancy-san. But I don't think it would fit in a stocking..."

"Oh, that's right...we're here to find stocking stuffers," Nancy said, looking downcast and staring forlornly at the book.

"That's all right, Nancy-san," Yomiko said, grinning and taking her hand again. "You can still buy him that one. But let's look at the smaller books..."

The wandered the store for hours, eventually accumulating a mound of books to purchase, as was their custom. The shop owner, by then used to their antics, didn't remark at all on the size of their purchase, instead accepting it as a regular occurrence.

They walked back to their apartment with their arms so loaded with books they could hardly see over them, and twice one of them slid on the ice and bumped into the other, scattering books in every direction. They were both relieved when they finally stepped into the warm apartment and dropped the books onto a special space Yomiko had cleared in their book collection, on the floor, so that their gifts wouldn't get lost in the landslide of novels, biographies, non-fiction books and manga that covered every inch of available space in the apartment.

"Can we start right away?" Nancy said eagerly, her cheeks still bright pink from the cold.

"Of course," Yomiko said, grinning. "I'll just make some can start without me."

By the time she got back, tiptoeing through the books with a tray laden with tea and biscuits, Nancy was up to her hips in books, sitting on the living room floor and enthusiastically wrapping some of their purchases.

"Which stocking should we give to Junior-kun?" Nancy said, her voice bursting with enthusiasm as she spoke of her son. It was obvious that she was eager to provide him the best Christmas she could. It was her first Christmas since she'd come back from India, and she'd only seen Junior a handful of times since then. He always seemed busy with his schoolwork, and Nancy was shy, always remarking that she knew that Michelle-chan made a far better 'mother' to him than she ever would.

"I don't choose," Yomiko said as she poured two cups of tea and dropped the usual amount of sugar cubes in each one. She handed one cup to Nancy, who took it and drank absently, ignoring the way a bit of tea spilled onto her T-shirt, as she stared down at the two bright red Christmas stockings in her lap. One of them was decorated with big, frosty white snowflakes, and the other with a grinning Santa Claus face.

"I think...this one," Nancy said, beaming with pride at her decision as she held up the stocking with the snowflakes.

"Perfect," Yomiko said, deciding not to mention that Anita-chan, who would get the other stocking, didn't believe in Santa Claus.

"Now how should I stuff it?" Nancy wondered aloud, even as she held up a package and pushed it into the opening of Junior's stocking.

"Books first, I think. Then we can put in the chocolate and candy," Yomiko said, putting aside her empty teacup and chewing absently on a chocolate biscuit as she took Anita's stocking and reached out to the pile of messily, hastily wrapped presents---Nancy's excitement had gotten the better of her---and chose several smaller ones.

"Right. That way they won't get crushed," Nancy said, and after that she was silent, busy packing the stocking so full of gifts that it looked about to burst. Yomiko finished hers more slowly, just as Nancy was admiring the finished work.

"It's perfect...right?" Nancy said, with a hint of uncertainty.

"Perfect," Yomiko agreed, patting Nancy's shoulder. "But you forgot one thing..."

"Oh?" Nancy looked up as Yomiko dug around in the piles of books surrounding them and came up with a tiny teddy bear. Nancy had made it herself from a sewing kit. She'd told Yomiko she wanted to make something from the heart for her son, something he should have had as a child but had been denied.

"Oh...right," Nancy said, her voice softening as she took the bear and cradled it for a moment in her arms, as though it were the baby that had been stolen from her. "I did forget. Thank you, Yomiko-chan."

"I know what it means to you," Yomiko said gently, and when Nancy leaned over, lying on her side and resting against Yomiko's lap with the bear held tightly in her arms, Yomiko stroked her hair.

For several minutes they were silent, listening to the soft tick of a clock somewhere buried beneath the books, and the sound of one another's breathing.

"Come on...we should get to bed," Yomiko said, her hand still slowly running through Nancy's dark tresses. "We have to get up early tomorrow and go to sensei's house."

Nancy nodded sleepily against Yomiko's lap but showed no signs of moving, so after a moment, smiling, Yomiko turned and let herself fall back against the books, finding a comfortable place to rest her head and settling in to go to sleep.