Realism Fan Fiction ❯ Safe & Warm ❯ Chapter 1

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This is my own personal story. Any connection with real events is coincidental. This story is about a little 5-year-old girl meeting her father for the first time. This is my first official short story. All of my others were really just chapters for other stories.
Now please enjoy “Safe & Warm”
Safe & Warm
The first time I met my father, I was scared. The man in the pictures seemed so far away. Danni couldn't wait to see him, and Mikey was overcome with joy. I had never met my father. I just saw videos and photos of him. Sometimes I would talk to him, but that was it.
We arrived at the airport. My little brother tucked underneath my mom's arm, my older brother squeezing my hand.
“You're gonna meet Daddy, Casey,” he said to me with a smile.
My sister took my other hand and started dragging us in.
“Wait you three!” our mother called.
For the next 3 hours, we waited. Jimmy falling asleep on Mama's lap; Mikey playing with a ball and jacks on the floor; Danni coloring in a book.
I sat there, holding my special doll, Diana. She had been bought by my father and I loved her so much, because I knew he had picked her out for me.
The intercom came on announcing the arrival of Daddy's plane. My mother stood up with my sleeping baby brother and told us to stay put. The plane landed and the men started coming off.
Danni and Mikey looked around wildly for him. Other men met with their wives, fiancés, girlfriends, children, and families. One man spun his wife around and kissed her.
Then I saw him: A tall, dark haired man in dark blue clothes.
“Daddy!” I said, pointing.
Danni and Mikey turned to where I was pointing.
“Daddy!” they yelled together.
The man came out of the crowd and my older siblings ran to him. He dropped his carry-on and hugged then both. They were having a conversation I couldn't hear.
They started walking over, Mikey dragging the carry-on. All of a sudden, I became scared. I hid behind my mother before he saw me.
“Hi Melissa,” he said as Danni let go of his hand.
“Roger,” my mother said.
He leaned in and kissed her. Jimmy was still asleep and started squirming when they broke away.
“Let's see…” he said, “I count 1, 2, 3, 4 family members to greet me. So where's the other?”
He knew I was there, so I came to my mother's side; My little hands still holding onto her skirt.
“And who is this little cutie?” he said as he crouched down to my level, “I think its Cassandra Lee.”
“Casey,” I whispered.
“What?” he asked.
“She goes by Casey, Roger,” my mother said.
“Well, Casey, are you going to give your Dad a hug or what?”
Tears welled in my eyes. My Dad was here, right in front of me. With his soft blue eyes and sweet smile, I couldn't help, but cry.
“Daddy!” I wailed as I jumped into his arms. He held me and stroked my hair. He then picked me up, off the floor. I looked around and then into his eyes.
“I love you, Daddy,” I said.
I saw him melt away. The voice he had heard on the phone and on videos came out of my mouth.
“There's my girl,” he said, tickling my tummy, “I love you, too, Cupcake.”
That made me cry again. I squeezed my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder.
I know from what he's told me, he didn't stop smiling.
He walked over and picked up Diana and poked me with her.
“Casey,” he said in my ear. I lifted my head and beckoned with my arms for him to give her to me. He handed Diana over and I used both hands to hold her close.
My father held me warmly at the airport and that's how he's always held me.
The way that makes me feel safe and warm.
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