Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ Together Again ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 1
Together Again

Dot is sitting on the steps of the Principal Office with her head buried in her hands and she's crying hysterically. AndrAIa and Mouse appear. They sit next to Dot.
"What's wrong Sugah?" Mouse asked.
"I still can't believe that I almost married Megabyte." Dot answered between sobs.
"You have to let that go because he had us all fooled." AndrAIa said.
Dot sighed.
"Have you talked to Bob yet?" Mouse asked.
"I'm still too scared to face him after what happened." Dot answered.
AndrAIa let out a long sigh.
"What's the matter with you Sugah?" Mouse asked.
"I don't want to talk about it." AndrAIa answers in a yell.
AndrAIa stormed off. Mouse gives Dot a hug just as Bob appears.
"I'm not going to ask." Bob said.
"Wow... it's not what you think there sugah because I was just comforting her." Mouse replied.
Bob looked at Dot and noticed that she's been crying.
"What's the matter with you anyway?" Bob asked.
"I'd rather not talk about it right now." Dot answered.
Bob shakes his head and walks off.
"You should go after him and talk to him before it's too late." Mouse said.
Dot ran after Bob.
"Bob wait up." Dot yelled.
Bob stopped and turned around just as Dot caught up to him.
"Why are you following me?" Bob asked.
"Mouse told me to talk to you before it was too late." Dot answered.
Bob and Dot sit on a bench. Dot smiled at little. Bob smiled too.
"What did you want to talk to me about?" Bob asked.
"I've been feeling bad about what happened with Megabyte." Dot answered.
"You don't have to feel bad because Megabyte is gone now and he's not coming back." Bob said.
"How do you know that?" Dot asked.
"I don't know that but I'm going to make sure that he doesn't come back." Bob answered.
"How are you going to that?" Dot asked.
"I'm not sure exactly but I don't want him coming back to hurt the only Sprite that I love." Bob answered.
Dot pulled Bob into her embrace and kissed him. A few nanoseconds later they break apart. Bob just stared at Dot for what seemed like forever.
"Whoa... that was some kiss." Bob said.
Dot smiled.
"Yeah I know." Dot replied.
"Do you still want to marry me?" Bob asked.
"Yes I do." Dot answered.
Bob got up than he pulled Dot up into his embrace and kissed her with all the passion that he has been keeping locked up inside.
"I love you." Bob whispered.
Dot laid her head on Bob's shoulder. Bob smiled and kissed Dot on the top of the head. Dot gets a far-off look on her face.
"What's wrong?" Bob asked.
"I'm worried about AndrAIa because she took off early when Mouse asked her what was wrong and she said that she didn't want to talk about what was bugging her." Dot answered.
"I'm sure that AndrAIa will tell what's bothering her when the time is right." Bob said.
Mouse appeared.
"Are you two back together yet?" Mouse asked.
"Yes we are." Dot answered.
Mouse smiled a little.
"What happened to Ray?" Bob asked.
"Ray and I broke up because things just wouldn't work between us." Mouse answered.
"Is there anyone else you like?" Dot asked.
"Well you know that I like Bob but I also kind of like Turbo." Mouse answered.
"You're going to have fun getting Turbo to go out with you because he's not the type of Sprite to fall in love and he's always busy." Bob said.
Mouse walked off looking really sad.
"That was totally uncalled for." Dot yelled.
"It's the truth because falling in love is against Turbo's Code." Bob said.
"You better apologize to Mouse because I think you really hurt her feelings." Dot replied.
"I'll apologize to her later I promise." Bob said.
Dot kissed Bob on the cheek. Matrix walked over.
"Have you seen AndrAIa?" Matrix asked.
"She took off a few nanos ago." Dot answered.
Matrix smiled and went off to looking for AndrAIa. AndrAIa is sitting on a park bench with her head buried in her hands. Matrix walked over and sat next to AndrAIa.
"What's the matter?" Matrix asked.
"It's nothing so just leave me alone Sparky." AndrAIa answered in a yell.
Matrix wrapped his arms around AndrAIa.
"I want to know what's wrong because I'm worried about you." Matrix said.
AndrAIa smiled.
"I'll tell you soon Sparky." AndrAIa replied.
AndrAIa walked off. Phong came over to Matrix.
"All good things come to those who wait my son." Phong said.
Matrix shook his head and walked off.
~Meanwhile Bob and Dot are alone again~
Bob stared into nothingness.
"What are you thinking about Guardian 452?" Dot asked.
"I was thinking about this." Bob answered.
Bob pulled Dot into his arms and kissed her.
"Whoa... that was quite a kiss." Dot said.
Bob smiled.
"Would you like to go out on a date with me?" Bob asked.
"Yeah of course so just give me a few microseconds to get ready and I'll meet you outside the Principal Office." Dot answered.
"I'll miss you." Bob said.
Dot smiled and kissed Bob on the cheek.
"Yeah same here." Dot replied.
Dot ran to her apartment that she shares with AndrAIa, Matrix, Mouse and Enzo. Bob walked to his apartment that he knows has to himself because Mike the TV left.
~Meanwhile at Dot's apartment~
Mouse is sitting on the couch looking at a picture of Turbo when Dot came rushing in.
"Where's the fire Sugah?" Mouse asked.
"I have a date with Bob." Dot answered.
Dot ran to her room and started flipping through her clothes to find something to wear. Mouse came walking into Dot's room.
"Do you need some help Sugah?" Mouse asked.
"Yes I do." Dot answered.
Mouse walked over to Dot's closet and took out the long red dress that she wore when she sang at Enzo's birthday.
"How about this Sugah?" Mouse asked.
"I don't know because the last time I wore that Bob couldn't keep his eyes off me." Dot answered.
"Well if I were you I'd wear it." Mouse said.
Mouse left the room so Dot can get changed. Dot changed into the dress then she went over to her jewel box, she took her necklace that she wore with the dress before then put it on and went down to the living room. Mouse and AndrAIa's mouths dropped open from shock. All of sudden Matrix walked into the room and his mouth dropped from shock too.
"Wow... you look great Sis." Matrix said.
"Thanks." Dot answered.
Dot grabbed her coat and put it on. Dot left the house and headed in the direction of the Principal Office. Bob is sitting on the steps of the Principal Office waiting for Dot.
"Hi Bob." Dot replied.
Bob smiled then gets to his feet than he pulled Dot close and kissed her. A few nanos they break apart and Bob looked at Dot. Bob smiled a little.
"You look beautiful Dot." Bob said.
Dot blushed.
"Why thank and you look really good too." Dot said.
"Are you ready to go?" Bob asked.
"Yes I am." Dot answers.
Bob took Dot's hand in his and they start walking.
"Did you find out what's wrong with AndrAIa yet?" Bob asked.
"No I didn't." Dot answered.
"I'm sure that she will tell everyone what's going on really soon." Bob said.
"Where are we going anyway?" Dot asked.
"I can't tell you because it's a surprise." Bob answered.
They walk a little more then stopped at a tree where there's a blanket spread on the ground and on top of the blanket is a picnic basket full of goodies. Dot's month dropped open.
"Wow... you are unbelievable Guardian 452 and I don't what I'd do without you in my life." Dot said.
They ate the dinner that Bob packed then Dot laid on the ground and looked up at the sky. Bob laid down beside her.
"What are thinking about?" Bob asked.
"I'm just thinking about how lucky I am." Dot answered.
Bob smiled. Bob got to his feet.
"We should get back now.” Bob said.
They walk back to Dot's apartment.
"Do you want to stay for a while?" Dot asked.
"Yeah sure." Bob answered.
Dot went inside and Bob followed her.