Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ More Game Sprites In Mainframe ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 3
More Game Sprites In Mainframe

It's a few microseconds later. AndrAIa and Matrix are sitting close to Bob's house. All of a sudden a few Game Sprites come over to them. Bob prepares to attack them but AndrAIa stops him.
"Why did you do that?" Bob asked.
"They are my family." AndrAIa answered.
AndrAIa hugged them.
"What happened to you?" AndrAIa's mother asked.
"I wanted to be with a Sprite named Enzo so I uploaded myself onto his icon and the Game let me leave thinking I was him." AndrAIa answered.
"Why would you do something like that?" AndrAIa's mother asked.
"I fell in love with him at first sight." AndrAIa answered.
"I'm Enzo Matrix the one that your daughter fell in love with but now I just go by Matrix." Matrix said.
"It's nice to meet you Matrix. My name is Serenity, this is my husband Leopold and this is AndrAIa's twin sister Arielle." AndrAIa's mother replied.
"I'm Matrix's older sister Dot and this is my fiancé Bob." Dot said.
AndrAIa sighed which causes Serenity to look at her.
"Is something wrong?" Serenity asked.
AndrAIa sighed again.
"I just found a few milliseconds ago that I'm going to have a baby." AndrAIa answered.
Arielle smiled then hugged AndrAIa.
"I've always secretly wanted to be an aunt." Arielle said.
"Which one of you is older?" Bob asked.
"Arielle is three and a half nanoseconds younger than me." AndrAIa answered.
Matrix pulled AndrAIa into his arms. AndrAIa looks at her parents.
"Are you mad at me for leaving the Game all those hours ago?" AndrAIa asked.
"We were at first but now that we see that you have made friends here in Mainframe we are very happy." Serenity answered.
AndrAIa hugged her parents and her twin. A few nanos later they stop hugging and Arielle took AndrAIa out of earshot.
"What is it Sis?" AndrAIa asked.
"I want a boyfriend as cute as yours." Arielle answered.
"Well don't worry Sis I'll find you one." AndrAIa said.
Arielle smiled.
"Would you really?" Arielle asked.
"Yes really I would." AndrAIa answered.
"You're the best twin sister in the world." Arielle said as she hugs AndrAIa.
They walk back over to everyone else. Matrix took AndrAIa's hand and took her to where they can be alone. Matrix got down on one knee then took a little box out from behind his back and opened it to reveal a stunning diamond ring.
"Will you marry me AndrAIa?" Matrix asked.
AndrAIa is speechless for a few nanos then smiled.
"Yes Matrix I'll marry you." AndrAIa answered.
Matrix got to his feet then pulled AndrAIa into a passionate kiss. A few nanos later they break apart and Matrix slipped the ring onto AndrAIa's hand. A few nanos later Mouse came over to AndrAIa and noticed the ring.
"What a beautiful ring AndrAIa!" Mouse said.
"Thanks Mouse." AndrAIa replied.
"Where did you get it?" Mouse asked.
"From Matrix." AndrAIa answered.
"Is it what I think it is?" Mouse asked.
"Yeah it is Mouse." AndrAIa answered.
Mouse hugged AndrAIa.
"Well congratulations sugah." Mouse said.
Dot, Bob, little Enzo and Frisket came over.
"Why are you congratulating her for?" little Enzo asked.
AndrAIa held up her hand to show them the ring.
"Matrix asked me to marry him a few nanos ago." AndrAIa answered.
Serenity, Leopold and Arielle walked over. Serenity hugged AndrAIa.
"We are so happy for you sweetheart." Serenity said.
AndrAIa smiled then looked at Arielle.
"Will you be my maid of honor?" AndrAIa asked.
"I'd love to Sis." Arielle answered.
Bob smiled.
"What are you smiling about?" Dot asked.
"I just came up with a really good idea." Bob answered.
"Which is what?" Matrix asked.
"That we should have a double wedding." Bob answered.
Matrix smiled.
"I like that idea." Matrix said.
Mouse sighed which makes Dot looked at her.
"What's your problem?" Dot asked.
"It's so hard hearing you all talk about getting married because I don't have anyone and the Sprite that I like would never fall in love." Mouse answered.
"I'm sure that you'll find someone else." Dot said.
Mouse sighed again.
"I don't want anyone else but Turbo." Mouse replied.
Mouse walked off. A few minutes after Mouse left Turbo suddenly appeared and looked at Bob.
"Can I talk to you alone?" Turbo asked.
"Yeah sure of course." Bob answered.
"Alright come on." Turbo said.
Bob and Turbo go out of earshot.
"What did you want to talk to me about?" Bob asked.
"It's about something that I've said was against my Code." Turbo answered.
"Which is?" Bob asked.
"Falling in love." Turbo answered.
"Who are you in love with?" Bob asked.
"Mouse." Turbo answered.
"How long have you felt this way?" Bob asked.
"Since the first time that I saw her." Turbo answered.
"Why haven't you told her yet?" Bob asked.
"I'm not actually sure how to." Turbo answered.
"Well that's okay because when the time comes the words will just be there." Bob said.
"How do you know so much about love?" Turbo asked.
"It's just something I've learned since I came to Mainframe and met Dot Matrix." Bob answered.
"You really love Dot don't you?" Turbo asked.
Bob smiled.
"Yes I do and we are finally getting married." Bob answered.
"That's great Bob." Turbo said.
"Would you be my best sprite at my wedding to Dot?" Bob asked.
"Yeah sure I would love to." Turbo answered.
Turbo left for the Supercomputer again. Bob walked back over to where the others are. Mouse suddenly appeared again. Dot looked at Mouse.
"Would you be my maid of honor at my wedding to Bob?" Dot asked.
"Sure I'd love to." Mouse answered.
Bob looked at little Enzo.
"Would you be the ring bearer?" Bob asked.
"Yeah sure I would." little Enzo answered.
Bob pulled Dot close then kissed her and Matrix did the same with AndrAIa. Mouse and Arielle both sigh at the same time. Later that night Dot sleeping and dreaming of her future with Bob. AndrAIa is dreaming of her future with Matrix and their unborn baby.