Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ New Sprites In Mainframe ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 4
New Sprites In Mainframe

AndrAIa, Matrix, Dot, Bob and Mouse are sitting at the park. All of a sudden five new Sprites walked over to them.
"Are you four new in Mainframe?" Dot asked.
"Yes we are." one of girl Sprites answered.
"What are your names?" Mouse asked.
"My name is Rowena, this is my best friend Marianne, the guy next to her is her husband Samuel, the guy standing next to him is my boyfriend Jerome and the lady next to him is my other best friend Arabella." Rowena said.
"Where are you Sprites from?" Bob asked.
Jerome pulled Rowena close to him.
"We came from a city in the Supercomputer called Metadata." Jerome answered.
"Which part of Metadata are you from?" Bob asked.
"Samba Bay." Rowena answered.
"I've been there before and it's a lovely place." Bob answered.
"Did you like it there when you were there before?" Rowena asked.
"Yeah I did a lot and I'd love to go back someday." Bob answered.
"Aren't you Guardian 452?" Jerome asked.
"Yes I am." Bob answered.
"Well I'm Guardian 973." Jerome answered.
"Oh right I remember you from the Academy." Bob said.
Dot looked at Rowena.
"I get this feeling that I know you from somewhere." Dot replied.
"Are you Dot Matrix?" Rowena asked.
"Yes I am." Dot answered.
"We went to school here in Mainframe together." Rowena answered.
Dot smiled a little.
"You sure have compiled up." Dot said.
"Well so have you." Rowena replied.
Matrix looked at Dot and nudged her.
"Oh right sorry this is my brother Enzo but he prefers to be called Matrix and that beautiful Sprite next to him is his fiancée AndrAIa.” Dot said.
Rowena looked at Bob then at Dot.
"Is Guardian 452 your boyfriend?" Rowena asked.
"Yes he is and I love him more than anything in the whole Net." Dot answered.
"Really you love me that much?" Bob asked.
"Yes I really do Bob." Dot answered.
Bob pulled Dot closes and kissed her passionately. A few nanos later Mouse is with Phong and they are working on a machine that will help restore Sprites that have been nullified.
"Are you sure this is going to work Phong?" Mouse asked.
"I'm not really sure." Phong answered.
Mouse went to where there are a whole bunch of nulls and she took one back. Phong took the null from Mouse and put it into the machine then pressed the go button. A few minutes later a Sprite came out the end.
"I'm a Sprite again." the Sprite said.
"What's your name Sugah?" Mouse asked.
"I'm Asia." the Sprite answered.
They do a couple of more nulls.
"What are your names?" Phong asked.
"My name is Malachi." a boy Sprite said.
"I'm Renata." a girl Sprite replied.
Phong sighed then took Nibbles and put him in.
"I'm not sure if this will work but it's worth a try." Phong said.
Nibbles went through the machine then came out the other end as Welman Matrix. Phong's eyes widen.
"Hello Phong." Welman said.
"I can't believe it worked." Phong replied.
"Yeah you finally discovered a way to bring me back but I don't want Dot, Enzo or Matrix knowing just yet." Welman said.
"How are you going to make that possible?" Phong asked.
"I'm going to live in Lost Angles until the time is right." Welman answered.
Welman left the Principal Office and went to Lost Angles. Dot is in the park with Bob sitting on a bench. Bob has his arm around Dot and Dot has her head on Bob's shoulder. Dot looked up into Bob's brown eyes.
"I really want my father to walk me down the aisle like last time but after what happened with Megabyte." Dot said.
Megabyte is now turned into Captain
Capacitor. Mr. Christopher came over.
"What do we do now Captain?" Mr. Christopher asked.
"I want you to tell Specky that I want to talk with him." Captain Capacitor said.
"What for?" Mr. Christopher asked.
"I want to talk to him about Princess Bul
la." Captain Capacitor answered.
Mr. Christopher went
to leave then Captain Capacitor turned back into Megabyte.
"You're not going anywhe
re." Megabyte said as he motioned for Welman to hold Mr. Christopher.
Welman held Mr. Christopher. Little Enzo jumped in the way and glared at Megabyte.
"You release my father from your control or I'll delete you." lit
tle Enzo replied.
Megabyte made
Enzo go flying through the air and Welman then suddenly broke away from Megabyte's control. Welman started to run toward little Enzo but Megabyte used his claws to break the machine around him. Nibbles wiggled away.
~End of Flashback~

Bob wrapped his arms around Dot.
"It's okay because we will find a way to restore him back to a Sprite." Bob said.
Dot started to cry.
"We've been trying to do that for the longest time now and nothing has worked." Dot replied.
"Don't give up." Bob said.
Dot looked at Bob.
"I love you Bob." Dot replied.
Bob smiled.
"I love you too Dot." Bob said.