Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ The Mysterious Invaders ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 11
The Mysterious Invaders

In a dim room a man stood over a crowd.
“Today marks the New Dawn of the Net! Today, we can push forward and finally bring about the fruition of our goals. Now, I know many of us feel a sense of hesitation or even fear, but I pledge to you: Don't be afraid! The Net will be so much better when we are through. Now, let's show them how powerful we've become!" the man roared into the microphone.
The crowd cheered.
~Back in Mainframe~
Mouse and Turbo are kissing passionately. Dot and Bob are kissing too. All of a sudden Alpha came through a portal and cleared his throat which made the two couples stop kissing. Turbo looked at his father.
"What is it Dad?" Turbo asked.
"There's an attack on the Super Computer." Alpha answered.
Matrix and AndrAIa came over.
"We'll go with you to help." Matrix said.
"No Matrix you stay here because Mainframe needs you." Alpha replied.
Matrix nodded his head reluctantly. Alpha turned to Turbo.
"Are you two coming?" Alpha asked.
"Yes Dad we are right Bob." Turbo answered.
Bob nodded his head. Mouse kissed Turbo goodbye and Dot kissed Bob goodbye.
"Be careful guys." Dot and Mouse said together.
Turbo and Bob followed Alpha into the Super Computer. Virinia, Spike and the other Guardians join them.
"Did you find out what's going on?" Alpha asked.
"No we haven't sir." Spike answered.
Turbo looked around then sees something in distance.
"Uh-oh, they are coming." Turbo yelled.
"Not so loud." Bob said
"Oops sorry Bob." Turbo replied.
While the main wave spread out and attacked the Super Computer, the man from before and his underlings infiltrated Central Command, where their goal was. They spoke telepathically.
"So far they don't suspect a thing." one of them said.
"Good." another one said.
"Let's keep it that way." the man from before said.
They were in different locations. The man from before, Lord Syver, was dressed in a Guardian uniform. He walked through the hallways further on. He was carrying a thin tube attached to his belt. He approached a group of Guardians.
"Sir!" they said. They saluted.
"Open the door." the man said.
They looked at each other.
"What for?" one of them asked.
"To assist in defending the Super Computer." Syver said.
"Yes sir!" one of them said.
They opened the door. While their backs were turned Lord Syver opened up the tube which turned into a large golden staff.
"What the!" one of the Guardians exclaimed.
Lord Syver swung the staff and knocked them all out with blue light. He walked into the Armory Room and looked around at the armaments. He grinned when he saw a vault that said "HIGHLY DANGEROUS - DO NOT ENTER."
Lord Syver walked into it using the staff to blast through it and found a thin metal tube with thick liquid in it.
Syver smiled.
"Excellent." Lord Syver said.
Guardians were flying everywhere, blasting mysterious creatures that looked like flies.
"They almost look like Codemasters." Bob yelled.
"Well they're not!" Turbo shouted.
Suddenly an explosion sounded behind Bob who was using Glitch to shoot off energy blasts. A large hunk of debris was falling off one of the buildings. It was going to land on the children!
"Glitch, stabilizer field!" Bob yelled.
A huge yellow energy beam shot from Glitch and held the giant rock at bay long enough for the kids to escape. But then one of the creatures slammed into Bob. Up above, many of the Super Computer's CPUs were attacking the invaders' air-support units but they had sustained heavy casualties.
"We're gonna need some help!" Alpha yelled.
Suddenly a beam came flying for Turbo! Alpha knocked him out of the way and was thrown back several feet.
"Dad!" Turbo yelled.
Lord Syver's underlings had secured critical access points in Central Command's hive-like network. Now, finally, they could put their plan into action.
"Are the Guardians contained?" Lord Syver asked.
"Yes, sir. Go now. It's time to fulfill our function," one man said.
Lord Syver nodded.
All of the opposing forces turned tail and retreated.
"What the?" Bob wondered.
Turbo was inspecting Alpha.
"He's alive. But barely." Turbo said.
Turbo got up angry.
"Why did they leave?" Beta asked.
"It was a diversion!" Bob yelled in realization.
"They're in Central! Let's go!" Turbo replied.
All of the Guardians chased after the enemy forces. Once they neared Central a group of Guardians stood nearby.
"Let us through.," Bob demanded.
They suddenly reverted to forms like the creatures but with icons like Guardians.
"Who are you?" Turbo asked.
One of them stepped forward.
"We are the Avatars, and we will not letting you in Central. Master is busy." One of them said.
The Guardians tried to attack the Avatars but a strong surge of hesitation filled them and they couldn't!
"Because we possess Conversion powers we can perfectly imitate Guardian Codes meaning you cannot attack us." the same one replied.
"Do not worry. Soon everyone in the Net will know the joys of Inner Peace." said another one.
"And what is this 'Inner Peace?'" Bob spat.
They looked solemnly at the Guardians.
"Deletion." they all chanted.
Bob looked at Turbo, who nodded.
"Don't we have a right to know who you are?" Bob asked.
Meanwhile he secretly handed his icon to Turbo.
"Very well you have a right to know the bliss of Inner Peace. We are the Avatars. Once, hours ago we were the Avatar Brotherhood. But other Avatars left us. We used the Staff of Zero to erase them. It is the Staff of Zero that gives us Conversion powers.” The Avatar said.
"And?" Turbo prompted handing his icon back to Bob and doing the same with others.
"And we were lost, civil war was raging in the Brotherhood when Lord Syver came to us and told us the joys of Inner Peace. All creatures are destined to find Inner Peace through deletion. So we joined him and the League of Icons was formed with ordinary people but we were its key soldiers with our Conversion powers. And Lord Syver plans to use the Staff of Zero to erase the entire Net," he said.
"How?" Virinia asked.
The Avatar chuckled.
"You'll find out soon enough. The Millennium Bug should be adequate enough to spread the Word of Inner Peace." The Avatar said.
Turbo looked pale.
"Not the Y2K Bug!" Turbo shouted.
"What's the Y2K Bug?" many of the Guardians asked.
"No time!" said Turbo. "Now!"
While the Avatar had told his story Turbo had activated his Prime Guardian Protocol into the other Guardians' icons therefore freeing them to attack the Avatars.
Battle resumed.
Lord Syver was standing in front of the Core of the Super Computer. He had stuck the metal tube containing Y2K into an open port and was inputting one final command when Turbo, Bob, Beta, Virinia, Velec, and Echo rushed in.
"It's over Syver! You're coming with us!" Turbo screamed still angry over his father.
"Wait a nano that skin... that hair..." Bob said.
"Mouse?" asked Turbo in disbelief.
The man smiled.
"No, I am Lord Syver, though I was once known as Blade." Lord Syver said.
"Blade?! Mouse's brother?" Turbo asked.
Lord Syver looked at Turbo.
"How do you know Mouse?” Lord Syver asked.
“It's a long story and I don't feel like going into details with it right now.” Turbo answered.