Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ Nothing Seems To Be Going Right ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 13
Nothing Seems To Be Going Right

It's a few minutes later now. Rowena woke up with a major headache. Rowena started to walk down the stairs but she lost her footing and started falling down the stairs. Arabella came into the hallway to find Rowena in a heap on the floor.
“What happened sis?” Arabella asked.
“First I woke up with a headache than I fell down the stairs.” Rowena answered.
Arabella helped Rowena to her feet.
“What don't you vidwindow Garadin?” Arabella asked.
“That's a good idea.” Rowena answered.
“Yeah I know it is and maybe he'll able to bring you some luck.” Arabella said.
Rowena made a vidwindow pop up in front of her but when she goes to use it won't work.
“This just isn't my second.” Rowena yelled.
Shaun and Oona walked into the hallway.
“What's wrong Rowena?” Oona asked.
“She's having a bad second sweetie.” Arabella answered.
Rowena shook her head than left the house and went to the docks. Rowena sat down on a bench at looked into the distance. Garadin can see the docks from his apartment and he is looking out the window. Garadin suddenly stopped Rowena than he goes to where she is and sat down beside her.
“What's wrong?” Garadin asked.
“This just isn't my second.” Rowena answered.
“What do you mean?” Garadin asked.
Rowena sighed than cuddled up to Garadin a little. Garadin wrapped his arms around Rowena.
“Well first I woke up with a headache than I fell downstairs and when I tried to vidwindow you it won't work.” Rowena answered.
Garadin smiled and tightened his grip around Rowena.
“Maybe this will change your luck around.” Garadin said as he kissed Rowena passionately.
Rowena giggled a little. Rowena than went to get up but lost her balance and fell onto Garadin's lap.
“Thanks for trying but it doesn't look like it worked.” Rowena replied.
Garadin wrapped his arms around Rowena and that's when he noticed that she's a little warm.
“Are you feeling ok?” Garadin asked.
"Now that you mention it not really.” Rowena answered.
“Do want to go get an Energy Shake at Al's Wait and Eat in Level 31? Garadin asked.
“Yeah that sounds like a good idea.” Rowena answered.
Garadin stood up too quickly than got dizzy and went to faint but Garadin caught her in his arms. Rowena looked up at him.
"Are you going to be able to walk there?” Garadin asked.
“I'm not quite sure.” Rowena answered.
Garadin smiled than scooped up Rowena in his arms and started carrying her to Level 31. A few nanos later they arrive at Al's Wait and Eat. Garadin sets Rowena down in a cubicle than walked over to the counter.
“Can I help you?” Al's Waiter asked.
“Yes I would like your best Energy Shake.” Garadin answered.
“Take a number.” Al's Waiter said.
Garadin took a number than went to where Rowena is and sat across for her.
“How are you feeling now?” Garadin asked.
“I'm a little better.” Rowena answered.
Garadin reached across the table and took Rowena's hand is his. Rowena just smiled. A microseconds pass. Garadin looked at the number in his hands.
“Now serving number 32.” Al's Wait said.
Garadin gets an angry look. Rowena looked at him.
“What's your number?” Rowena asked.
“My number is 100002.” Garadin answered.
Rowena sighed than laid her head down on the table. Garadin got up than went to the other side of the table and sat down next to Rowena. Garadin pulled Rowena close to him. Rowena shifted her weight in the cubicle. Garadin looks at Rowena than noticed the tension in her shoulders. Garadin started to massage Rowena's shoulder to ease the tension in them.
Rowena starts to relax a little. A few nanos Garadin stopped than Rowena laid her head against Garadin's chest and he wrapped his arms around her. A few more microseconds pass.
“Now serving number 100002.” Al's Waiter said.
Garadin went up the counter. Al's Waiter passed Garadin the Energy Shake. Garadin took the Energy Shake to where Rowena is and put on the table in front of her. Rowena looked at the Energy Shake for a few nanos.
“Are you going to drink it?” Garadin asked.
Rowena nodded her head.
“Yeah I am.” Rowena answered as she took a sip of it.
A few nanos later Rowena finished the Energy Shake. Garadin looked at Rowena.
“How are you feeling now beautiful?” Garadin asked.
“I'm feeling a lot better.” Rowena answered.
Evasoba smiled.
“Well I'm glad to hear that.” Garadin said.
Rowena suddenly realized what Garadin just called her a few nanos ago.
“Did you call me beautiful a few nanos ago?” Rowena asked.
“Yeah I did and I mean it.” Garadin answered.
Rowena smiled than got to her feet and started to leave. Garadin got to his feet and followed Rowena. They walked for a few nanos than Rowena stopped and looked at Garadin.
“What's your whole name?” Rowena asked.
Garadin smiled.
“My whole name is Garadin Border Alta Vector Bounce.” Garadin answered.
“Wow I like the sound of that.” Rowena said.
Garadin smiles again.
“What's your whole name beautiful?” Garadin asked.
“My whole name is Rowena Echo Java Oracle.” Rowena answered.
“I really like your whole name and it's sounds really good together.” Garadin said.
All of a sudden Rowena lost footing and started to fall but Garadin caught her again.
A few nanos later Rowena sat on bench and let out a long sigh. Garadin sat down next to her and pulled her close.
“What's wrong beautiful?” Garadin asked.
“I was just thinking about my long-lost cousin Prism.” Rowena answered.
“Yeah I head about that and I actually though great lengths to find the people that we supposable nullified at the time.” Garadin said.
Garadin smiled a little than looked over at few inches away from them. A girl sprite an hour younger than Rowena walked over to them.
“Hi Rowena. Long time to no see.” The sprite said.
Rowena's eyes widen in shock.
“Prism?” Rowena asked.
“Yes it's me.” Prism answered.
Rowena looked at Garadin than wraps her arms around him really tightly.
“You are truly the best sprite I've met and I sometime wonder how I could every end up a sprite like you.” Rowena said.
Garadin smiled.
“I love you beautiful.” Garadin replied.
Rowena's widen in shock again. Prism giggled. Rowena glared at Prism.
“Do you love him?” Prism asked.
“Um….uh…..” Rowena answered.
Prism looked at Garadin.
“Happy now she's speechless?” Prism asked.
“It's ok with she's not ready to tell me.” Garadin answered.
Rowena took a deep breath.
“I do love Garadin and nothing will every change that because the sprite of dreams.” Rowena said.
“What do you mean?” Garadin asked.
“I mean that when I dream of the sprite I want to spend the rest of my life with it's almost just like you.” Garadin answered.
Garadin smiled as Prism left them to be alone. They sit there for a few microseconds than Garadin helped Rowena to her feet. Rowena started walking a head of Garadin. A few nanos later Rowena started singing “When You Wish Up On A Star..”
When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
Garadin stopped and turned around to face Rowena.
“You have such a beautiful singing voice.” Garadin said.
“Thanks. I love singing a lot especially that song because it's my favorite.” Rowena replied.
“It's my favorite song too.” Garadin said.
Garadin went back to where Rowena is and took her head in his. They walk to Rowena's house that she shares with her sister and her family. Garadin went to leave but Rowena stopped him.
“Aren't you going to come in?” Rowena asked.
“I don't know beautiful.” Garadin answered.
“Please Garadin because I really want you to meet the rest of my family.” Rowena said.
Rowena walks inside with holding on to Garadin's hand. Rowena's mother Halima came over to Rowena.
“How is this sweetie?” Halima asked looking at Garadin.
“This is my new boyfriend Garadin Bounce.” Rowena answered.
“It's nice to meet you Garadin and I'm Rowena's mother Halima.” Betty said.
A man sprite came in from the kitchen.
“Garadin this is my father Grey.” Rowena said.
Grey walked over to Garadin and shook his head.
“It's nice to meet you.” Grey replied.
Rowena's older brothers walked into the room. Rowena went over to her brothers and hugged them. Garadin cleared his throat.
“These are my older brothers.” Rowena said.
“Hi, Ross.” One of Rowena's older brother replied.
“It's nice to meet you.” Garadin said.
“Have you been treating my sister well?” Ross asked.
“Yes I have.” Garadin answered.
“That's good to hear because she's been though a lot of bad relationship and I just want to see her with someone that makes her happy.” Ross said.
~Meanwhile in Arabella's bedroom~
Arabella looked at Shaun.
“Could you sing me your special song that you always sing to me?” Arabella asked.
“Yeah sure of course.” Shaun answered.
Arabella smiled. Shaun started to sing.
Little Arabella Miller
Had a fuzzy caterpillar.
First it climbed upon her mother,
Then upon her baby brother.
They said, "Arabella Miller,
Put away your caterpillar!"
Little Arabella Miller
Had a fuzzy caterpillar.
First it climbed upon her mother,
Then upon her baby brother.
They said, "Arabella Miller,
How we love your caterpillar!"

Arabella smiled than hugs Shaun.
“I love it when you sing that song to me.” Arabella said.
Shaun and Arabella go to where everyone else is. Rowena smiled and gave Arabella a little hug.
Garadin stayed for awhile than left but not without giving Rowena a goodbye kiss. Rowena went to bed dreaming of Garadin and their future together. Garadin is his place dreaming of marrying Rowena some second. Arabella and Shaun fell asleep in each other's embrace.