Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Midsummer's Nightmare ❯ Albert Wesker ( Chapter 1 )

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FRIDAY, JULY 17 1998
12:32 p.m.

The group of survivors are holed up in the Raccoon City Supermall, hoping that it will be safe from the undead that wander the streets below. The surviving S.T.A.R.S and two police officers know that nothing will be safe from the B.O.W.s that wander the streets along with the undead. They are planning an escape. An escape from this terrible nightmare. An escape from the nightmare that is known as Raccoon City.....

Albert Wesker

It was another hot day in the city, the smell of rotting flesh filled the air, making Raccoon City smell like a giant meat cooker. The smell made Wesker sick to his stomach. It also reminded him of what had happened in that mansion. Wesker was standing on the roof of the Supermall that had just been opened a week before the outbreak happened. It was a pretty huge mall, about as big as the Mall of America in Minnesota. The different thing about this mall, which Wesker, and all of the survivors in fact, were thankful for was the fact that instead of all three floors being made open so you could see to the bottom floors it was made so each individual floor was like a single floor mall.

The first floor was full of stores That you would normally find in a mall. Marcy's Department store, Shoe Locker, Stop for Games, and a few other stores that Wesker couldn't remember. The second floor was the food court with such restaurants as, Big Bob's, The Bone Pit, Jill's Sandwiches, Burger Queen, Barry's Can-O-Fizz Soda Fountain, and McBurgers. The one place on the second floor that amazed Wesker was Bill & Ted's Excellent Arcades, not only did it take up half of the floor, he also wondered how they didn't get sued for name infringement.

The third floor was where all of the survivors were staying. The security office was up there, which had an armory with enough guns to supply the entire Raccoon City police force. Also on the top floor was Euripides Pepelov Jewelery, a jewelery store that had pieces of jewelery that would cost Wesker a year's worth of pay-checks from Umbrella and the RPD. Wesker's musings about the mall were interrupted by him crashing into a young female Umbrella scientist who had just been recruited before the outbreak. "I'm..I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. I'll be more careful next time." Wesker could tell by the way she avoided him like the plague that she knew he had been given the task of using the S.T.A.R.S like pawns in a game of chess. That kind of knowledge was common among all Umbrella scientists and top brass.

However, what no-one in Umbrella knew was that Wesker was an agent for the US government, who had suspicions about Umbrella. When the Spencer estate event was going on something Wesker never expected to happen happened. Umbrella had another person in there. This person was a member of the S.T.A.R.S, and a man Wesker thought he could trust. "Chris Redfield..." He thought disgustedly. Chris attacked and killed most of the Bravo team. Only Rebecca, Forest, and Richard survived Chris's betrayal.
Wesker wandered into Dr. Kennedy......Kennedy's medical office & first aid, looking for Rebecca. He didn't find Rebecca but he did find the only injured person who survived the transport from the police station, Zak Generic.

Wesker walked over to the kid who was sleeping peacefully on the cot. The kid must've felt Wesker walking up towards him because he sat up and groggily waved his hand. "So, how're you feeling, mr. Generic? Can you remember anything about yourself?" The kid just sadly shook hid head. "Nothing. And please, call me Zak. Anyway, as I've said earlier, the only thing I can remember is my name." Wesker was looking at the kid when he had a terrible thought. "Were you bitten?" The kid stared at Wesker for a minute. " No I wasn't. Something scaly knocked me off from a ladder and I hit my head. I woke up in that.....S.T.A.R.S van with those other.........injured people. I can't believe that I'm the only one to make it through that crash..." The kid had a certain melancholy in his tone of voice when he talked about the van. "Mr, Zak, I want you to try and go back to sleep. You could use the rest." Just as Wesker was walking out the door he did a quick turn and walked back over to Zak. "By the way. Did you happen to notice where Rebecca went? I need to talk to her about something important." Zak thought for a minute and shook his head. "Damn, oh well. Just, try and get back to sleep."

Wesker left the medical office so Zak could go back to sleep. He felt bad that the kid couldn't remember anything from before he got injured. "But, I guess it could happen to anyone if they get hit in the head hard enough." He thought darkly. He continued to walk down the hall lost in thoughts when he remembered that he wanted to go to the security offices and check something. He walked past Frank's Cameras & Electronics, where he saw four people playing the newest "Guitar Warrior" game on a GameBox 420. He past Euripides Pepelov Jewelery, where he saw that pink-haired kleptomaniac eyeing the jewelery closely with a dastardly smile on his face, and the tennis player.

He finally arrived at the security office, where Joseph Frost was cleaning his shotgun, and Richard Aiken was fixing a small radio. Joseph looked up from his shotgun and gave Wesker a small smile and a wave. Richard noticed Joseph wave at Wesker and scrambled to salute him. "Richard, you're not in the military anymore, you don't have to salute me around every corner." Richard put his hand down and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about that, old habits die hard. So Wesker, what's on your mind?" Wesker glanced at the security cameras before answering Richard. "I'm looking for Rebecca, have you seen her at all today?" Richard shook his head sadly. "No, I haven't seen her since breakfast. Why, what do you need from her?" Wesker sighed. "I need her to tell me exactly what happened to Jill. I need her to tell me what virus she was infected with."

Richard gave the security cameras a look. "Well, I'd check the roof. there isn't a security camera up there. She may be there with the rest of survivors." Wesker thought for a minute. "Hmm, I suppose you're right. I'll go there next. Wait, before I leave, tell me. What exactly are you doing?" Richard's face lit up just as the last syllables left his lips. "I'm fixing this radio that was connected to Brad's radio. If I can get it just right we can hear what the streets sound like. And before you start, yes. I am a sick bastard. I just want to hear what Brad sounds like." Wesker just shook his head. "Yes, you are a sick bastard. And I'm leaving." As Wesker started to leave the security office, Joseph ran up to Wesker and gave him a hug. Wesker reluctantly returned it. During the Spencer estate incident Joseph took a shotgun blast to the face and throat. It should have killed him, but by some miracle it only left him mute and a little mentally retarded.

Wesker arrived on the roof with no incident. When he stepped outside he immediately remembered why he was avoiding it. "That damned smell...." He coughed a little and walked towards where a group of about eleven people. were gathered. He saw the tall hippie sitting on a milk crate tuning his guitar. He approached him and said, "Excuse, but, what's going on here?" The tall man just smiled and said, "Oh, they're playing "Hollywood Squares". Someone looks for a walker that looks like a celebrity and calls it out. Then Forest tries to find it and shoot it. So far he's gotten; Donald Trump, Rosie O'Donald, uh, and Brittany Spears." Wesker had a sick look on his face. "I...I'm going to talk to Forest about this.....later...." Wesker stumbled off towards the rest of the group with a very sick look on his face.

Wesker walked over to a bear of a man who was standing by the edge of the roof staring at a photograph. "Barry..." Barry jumped about a mile into the air when Wesker touched his shoulder. "I'm sorry captain, I wasn't expecting you to sneak up on me like that. What do you need?" Wesker looked at Barry's photo before answering him. "I'm looking for Rebecca. Have you seen her at all today?" Barry rubbed his beard and thought for a minute. "No, I haven't seen her since breakfast this morning. Why do you ask?" Wesker's usually cool expression was replaced by one of intense worry. "I need to talk to her. Where the hell is she? I'm getting worried about her Barry. No one else has seen her all day besides at breakfast. I hope to god she didn't---"

Wesker was cut off by his radio beeping, signaling that Richard was trying to contact him. "What is it Richard? This had better be important." Richard had a very intense sense of urgency in his voice. "I found Rebecca! She's on the first floor loading dock surrounded by walkers! Hurry up and meet me at the elevator!" Richard cut off the radio. Wesker just looked at Barry with a thinly veiled look of fear. "Let's go Barry." Wesker and Barry ran through the door that led from the roof to the third floor. Just as they reached the door Wesker heard Forest shout "Oooo! It's Geraldo! He gets two!"