Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Midsummer's Nightmare ❯ Rebecca Chambers ( Chapter 2 )

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Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca was surrounded by a group of about seventy walkers. She wanted to scream but the sound wouldn't come out. She had slipped out from the top floor to the bottom an hour after breakfast. She went down there because she thought she saw a woman run past one of the cameras in the loading dock area. She was now about ready to be eaten and it was her damn imagination's fault. Ever since the mansion incident she had kept seeing a woman in black dart from the shadows from the corner of her eyes. She usually ignored it and chalked it up to her overactive imagination playing with her. However this time she just couldn't resist being curious and investigating the mysterious figure.

As she huddled in the corner and let out a small whimper she heard something that filled her entire body with hope, the squealing of tires. She looked up and saw a girl about her age with strawberry blonde hair and wearing a very loose white t-shirt and black leather pants driving a white blood-stained cargo van that had the roof cut out, a woman wearing a white t-shirt with red sleeves helping a shirtless young man who looked like a living corpse hoist a propane tank with a demonic looking smiley face painted on it through the roof. They threw it into the crowd of walkers, who where now swarming the van and leaving Rebecca alone. The van sped off and the young man emerged from the top of the van again with a .223 rifle. The woman in the two colored t-shirt yelled at Rebecca to get down, which she didn't hesitate in doing. She heard the gunshot and then the following whoosh of the tank exploding.

When she popped up again the majority of the walkers were reduced to stains on the pavement. The few that survived were crawling along the ground while slowly burning. The van rolled up to the loading dock and the woman wearing the two toned t-shirt hopped out from the van and thanked the driver and passenger before running towards Rebecca and the door. The van sped off, and Rebecca could hear the driver cackling like a maniac. The woman caught up to Rebecca, breathing hard.

Through heaving breaths the woman looked up at Rebecca. "*Panting*Hey, are you all right?" Rebecca just shook her head. "Good. My name is Stacy. I came here to look for my husband. Would he possibly be here?" Before Rebecca could answer Stacy she added something "If it helps at all, he has chest length brown hair." Rebecca's face lit up. "Yes, he's here! He was one of the few people who helped me treat some of the injured." Stacy smiled at Rebecca's little story about her husband.

Rebecca led Stacy into the loading area, where there were boxes of all sorts in the area. Rebecca turned to the newest arrival to the group of survivors. "I'm Rebecca, Rebecca Chambers. I, didn't get a chance to introduce myself outside. So, why are you and your husband here in this lovely city? Vacation?" Stacy just smiled at Rebecca's little joke. "Anyway, we should get up to the third floor, where everyone else is. But there's only one problem...." Rebecca opened the door that led to the main room of the first floor. There were hundreds of walkers crowding the floor. "That. So what should we do? There's an elevator at Marcy's that can get us to the second floor."

Rebecca looked around for a minute and spotted a sporting goods store that the walkers seemed to be avoiding. In a hushed tone Rebecca spoke up. "Stacy, there's a sporting goods store over there. It doesn't look like the walkers are going anywhere near it. Let's go there and see if we can find anything useful." Stacy nodded her head in agreement. The run to the sporting goods store was quick and tense. Rebecca took out three walkers with her Beretta and Stacy took out some with her baseball bat. When they got to the sporting goods store Rebecca made a terrible discovery. The door was locked. "Damn it! If only Jill was still here......" There was a hint of sadness in Rebecca's voice when she said that. In a fit of frustration Rebecca pulled out her gun and shot the lock. Surprisingly the lock shattered and Rebecca shoved Stacy inside. She then shut the door and quickly shoved a heavy stand in front of it.

Stacy stared at Rebecca in shock. She couldn't believe that a girl who looked so innocent could have such a violent temper. "Rebecca, I have a question for you. Who's Jill? Earlier, before you shot the door you said something about "If only Jill was still here." What was that about?" Rebecca turned her head away from Stacy. "She was my friend and fellow S.T.A.R.S team-mate." It was clear to Stacy that Rebecca was trying to fight back tears. "What happened to her?" Rebecca sniffed a couple of times before answering Stacy. "She was killed..... No, she was murdered by someone who we all thought was our friend. Chris Redfield." When Rebecca said the name there was pure hatred in her voice. There was a silence before Stacy spoke again. "Rebecca, it's all right if you want to cry. Come here." Rebecca walked over to Stacy and buried her head on her shoulder. She embraced Rebecca and let her cry her heart out. "Sometimes the only way to truly get over something is to have a long cry about it." Stacy thought as she held Rebecca in her arms and slowly drifted off to sleep.