Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Midsummer's Nightmare ❯ Issac Brown ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Disclaimer: All characters created by Capcom are owned by them. The characters created by me and the few people that helped this come to life are mine.

Issac Brown

Issac was in a state of awe. The pieces of jewelery in this store were beautiful, and insanely expensive. He had thought about swiping a couple pieces, but when he picked them up they felt like they weighed a hundred pounds. So instead he decided to just marvel at them. He wasn't alone in the store, there was a girl about his age who was dressed in a tennis outfit marveling at the jewelry also. Judging by the look on her face she was just as amazed by the prices as he was. Issac turned towards the door and began to leave. Just as he reached the door she called out to him. "Where are you going?" Issac turned back and smiled at her. "I'm going down to the second floor; I heard the arcade down there is pretty huge." She nodded and he left.

He walked down the hall past the rest of the stores that were on this floor and reached the little hallway where the elevators are located. He pushed the call button and patiently waited for the elevator to arrive. While he was waiting for the elevator he thought about what happened when he arrived in this city.

He had received an e-mail three days ago from an old man who owned a curiosity shop. It was the kind of odd job that Issac lived for. He had arrived in Raccoon City a week ago, and began his search for the old man's shop. He bumped into a seemingly drunken man who then tried to take a bite from his neck. When he got a closer look at the drunk he realized the man's face was half eaten off, and and there was a large knife through the man's chest. He had stumbled and fallen to the ground, from the shocking sight before him. He scrambled to get up, and when he did he ran. He saw a lot more of these zombies stumbling around this city as he ran through the streets, looking for the police station. Just as he was
about to give up hope, he ran into a large iron gate. He looked up and discovered that it was the police station. It would seem that luck had decided to smile down onto him. He opened the gate and walked inside, being cautious in case there were any zombies inside. He walked inside and found what looked like a dead member of a special tactics squad. He checked the body, there was a huge gaping hole in his neck, like something impaled him. After being sure the body was dead he checked it for anything valuable. He picked up a Beretta M92FS that had a silencer on it, some ammunition for it, a large survival knife, and the dead man's wallet. As he opened the door to the station he thought he heard moaning coming from where the dead man was laying. He walked inside and was immediately greeted with a handgun in his face.
End Flashback

The elevator ding broke Issac from his thoughts. He entered the elevator and pushed the button to go to the second floor. The elevator moved down pretty quickly, which was a very good thing. The elevator muzak sounded like a cat playing with a synthesizer. The door opened and Issac stepped out. The second floor had the occasional zombie stumbling around, but nothing like the first floor. The first floor had zombies packed together like sardines in a can. Issac quickly walked past the food court and right to Bill & Ted's Excellent Arcades. He entered the room and locked the doors behind him, just in case. As he stepped towards the "President Evil" arcade he heard the unmistakable sound of flesh being torn from bone. He cautiously stepped past a couple of games and saw a zombie chewing on what looked to be the janitor. Issac pulled the Beretta from the holster that was strapped to his leg and raised it. He stepped closer and and almost pissed his pants. There were five zombies feasting on the janitor, not one. He began backing up and he felt his back hit someone he spun around to come face-to-face with
a seven-foot tall zombie who was dressed like a character from a slasher movie. Before Issac could move the zombie had grabbed him. As he was struggling to get the zombie off he bumped into an arcade machine and it toppled to the ground right in front of the doors, alerting the other zombies of his presence and blocking off his escape at the same time.

As Isaac struggled to get away from the zombie's grip he dropped his Beretta in the process. "Fuck it!" He thought as the gun hit the floor with a loud thud. The zombie, which Isaac had started calling "Jason", had begun to lift Issac into the air somehow. Issac could feel the grip around his throat tightening and began to panic. He started kicking, which seemed to have no effect. Then with what little strength he could muster while being strangled, he kicked "Jason" in the knee. "Jason" must've had bad knees when he was alive, because when Isaac kicked him in his knee the giant toppled over and crushed a couple of zombies. Issac grabbed the Beretta and made a mad dash deeper into the arcade.

As Isaac was running he felt something slash his arm. He turned and saw something that looked like it was from a mad scientist's laboratory. It was green and amphibious looking. It's claws looked like machetes that were attached to its hand. And its teeth looked like sharp arrow heads that were glued into its mouth. Isaac started backing away from the monster until it let out a bloodcurdling shriek. Isaac turned around and began running. He didn't know where he could hide to get away from that thing, but he kept running, the clacking of its toe claws on the floor tiles not far behind him. Isaac saw an open door and dove into it. He quickly shut it and locked it. After a few minutes of heaving breaths Isaac finally calmed down a bit. He stood up and looked for a light switch. After a minute of fumbling around in the dark he found it and switched it on. As he looked around the room he realized that this was the main office for the arcades.

He saw a phone and an idea popped into his head. He rushed over to it and picked it up. He looked through the directory of numbers that was posted on the wall and found the one for the security office. He dialed the number and waited for an answer. Just as he was about to hang up he heard someone's voice. "He....hello? Who is this?" Isaac quietly rejoiced before he answered. "My name is Issac, I'm one of the survivors. I'm the guy with pink hair. Anyway, I'm trapped on the second floor in the arcade room. Do you think you could help me?" There was silence for a minute. "I'll be there in ten minutes." As the other person was about to hang up Isaac remembered something. "Wait! Before you hang up I have to tell you something about this arcade room. I don't know what the hell it is but there is some kind of monster in here. It's green and looks like a frog on steroids." The other person chuckled a bit. "Alright, thanks for the warning." Then he hung up. Issac sat in a chair and sighed. "This is another fine mess I've gotten myself into." He said in an annoyed tone. "I just hope whoever that was can kill that thing."