Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Midsummer's Nightmare ❯ Stacy Browning ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It had been about an hour since she and Rebecca had holed themselves up in the sporting goods store. After Rebecca had told Stacy her little story she had begun to cry. Stacy understood that sometimes the only way to get over the pain is to have a good, long cry. She had embraced Rebecca while she was crying, and soon after that Rebecca had fallen asleep in her arms. And as she watched Rebecca sleep she soon fell asleep herself. Stacy awoke an hour later with Rebecca still sleeping in her arms. She gently laid Rebecca on the ground and got up. She stretched her legs and walked over towards the gun cases. She didn't know much about guns, but she knew enough to know how to load and fire one. She looked at case that was on the wall and full of rifles, shotguns, and some assault rifles. She then moved to the floor cases that had handguns in them. Strangely all of the cases were unlocked. It was like someone knew these guns were going to be needed soon. She opened a case and pulled out a SIG-Sauer P228. It had a nice feel to it and it wasn't too heavy, yet it didn't feel like a model gun. She picked up a Beretta M92FS and weighed it in her hand. It was a bit heavier than the SIG-Sauer, but it had a much better sight on it, and had more safety features.

Stacy took the Beretta and began to look for some ammo when she saw some hunting vests near the wall of rifles. She grabbed a black one that had a place for a handgun holster and put it on. "Well, since I'm right here I might as well look at the shotguns and rifles." She thought. "Maybe if I take a shotgun I'll have a better chance of hitting something." She continued to think. She heard Rebecca yawning and walked back over to her. "So, did you have a nice nap?" She asked Rebecca. She blinked a few times before answering Stacy. "Actually, yes I did. So, what's going on?" "Well, I was getting a better weapon than a baseball bat. I've got a Beretta and I was just about to get a shotgun. Do you want to come with me and get more ammo?" Rebecca thought about it for a minute. "Yeah, I'll come with you. I could use some more handgun bullets." Stacy helped Rebecca up off from the floor and they went over to the ammunition. While Rebecca looked for some 9x19 parabellum rounds, Stacy looked at the rifles and shotguns. As she was browsing she spotted an assault shotgun that didn't look like it weighed a ton. She lifted it and found it had a strap on it, so she adjusted it and put it on around her shoulders.

She walked over to Rebecca, who was in the middle of loading some Beretta clips with the 9x19 rounds. "So, how many clips do you have loaded Rebecca?" "Well..." Rebecca started. "I've got five loaded. I have some already for myself, so I'll give these to you. Do you need some shotgun shells?" Stacy nodded and Rebecca pulled out four boxes of shells. "Let me see that shotgun Stacy. I want to know how many shells that one can take." Stacy handed Rebecca the shotgun and Rebecca checked it over. "Oh wow, this is like the one Richard uses. It can take ten shells at once." Rebecca loaded it with a box of the shotgun shells and handed it back to Stacy. Stacy took the other three boxes of shotgun shells and put them in one of the pockets of her hunting vest.

They both walked to the front door and Stacy moved the large shelf that was keeping the door shut. "On my count of three we make a mad dash for Marcy's, got it Rebecca?" Rebecca swallowed hard before answering. "Yeah, I got it." Stacy smiled. "Okay then, one, two, three!" Stacy flung the door open and they both ran at full speed towards Marcy's. As they ran a couple of walkers attached themselves to Stacy's legs, but it was nothing a couple of well-placed handgun bullets couldn't take care of. As they continued to run a walker bit into Rebecca's shoulder, making Rebecca scream in pain and stumble to the floor. Stacy heard Rebecca scream and turned around to get her back on her feet. Stacy pulled out her shotgun and blew the walker that bit Rebecca away.

Stacy hoisted Rebecca around her shoulder and started to try and run again, but was stopped when it was clear they were surrounded by walkers. As the walkers began closing in Rebecca let out a small whimper of fear and pain. Stacy let out a frustrated growl as she held Rebecca close, in an attempt to keep her safe. Just as the walkers were about to make a dinner out of the two girls, one of the walker's heads exploded. Then it was followed by several handgun shots which distracted the walkers. Rebecca looked around and saw that it was captain Wesker and Barry Burton providing some relief. Stacy saw them too and began waving her free arm in an attempt to get their attention. "Hey! Over here!" She shouted. As the two men made their way over to Stacy and Rebecca's location Rebecca pulled her handgun out and began firing at the walkers, hitting them everywhere except the head. As the man with the cemented blonde hair and cool shades and the middle-aged man who looked like a beefier version of Chuck Norris came into sight Rebecca stopped shooting and passed out.

Stacy had a look of concern on her face as the two men got closer. Finally the man in the shades got near Stacy and asked her a question. "What happened to Rebecca?" There was almost no emotion in his voice as he asked the question. "She was bit in the shoulder. I think her vest kept the teeth from going into her flesh." The man looked at Rebecca's shoulder for a second before speaking again. "We have to get out of here. I'll carry her, you will have to cover me and Barry." Stacy nodded and readied her shotgun. Wesker shouted "Now!" and began running with Rebecca safely cradled in his arms. Barry was right behind Wesker picking off walkers that were trying to get Wesker from the front, and Stacy was behind Barry blasting away at walkers that tried to get Barry.

They finally got inside Marcy's and Barry pulled the gate down so the walkers couldn't get in. Wesker laid Rebecca down on the carpeting and took her vest off. He then pulled her shirt off and took a look at the shoulder that was bitten. Stacy watched as Wesker took the first-aid kit Rebecca had on her belt and pulled a can of first-aid spray and sprayed it on the red mouth shaped wound on Rebecca's shoulder. "She's lucky." Wesker started to say to Stacy. "Her vest stopped the teeth from puncturing her skin and infecting her. Although, it would appear that the pressure from the bite has fractured something in her shoulder." Stacy winced, she had a dislocated shoulder before and knew how bad that hurt. She could only imagine what pain Rebecca was in now. Wesker lifted Rebecca up again and headed towards the escalator. "Wait." Stacy said just as Wesker was about to get on the escalator. "Let me go first. There could be some of those zombies waiting up there for us." Wesker thought for a minute. "Fine. Just be quick, I need to get Rebecca to the first-aid room." Stacy
nodded and got on the escalator.

As she was rising there didn't seem to be any zombies in the area in her immediate view. But when she got all the way to the top she saw a few zombies shambling around. She turned around and called down to Wesker as quietly as she could. "There's a few zombies up here, but they're all way over in the food court." Just as she was finished speaking she saw Wesker's cemented blonde hair rising on the escalator with Barry right behind him. After everyone was off of the escalator they began walking towards the elevators that were near a restroom. Right before they got to the elevators the familiar ding was heard and someone stepped out. Wesker was the first to speak. "Richard, what are you doing down here? Why aren't you in the security office?" Richard hesitated before speaking. "There....there's someone trapped in the arcade room. And..." He got closer to Wesker's ear before finishing his sentence. Stacy noticed that Wesker's usually stoic face had a hint of agitation when Richard whispered in his ear. "Alright, I trust that you'll be able to handle it." Richard smirked. "Yes, sir." And with that he walked off towards the massive arcade room that was near Al's Bone Pit.

After watching Richard disappear into the arcade room Barry tapped Stacy on the shoulder. "Lost in your
thoughts?" He asked. "What? Oh, no. I was just.....watching Richard go into that arcade room." Barry chuckled a little bit. "Well, let's get to the elevator. Wesker isn't known for his patience." Stacy smiled and continued walking towards the elevators with Barry. Just as she reached the elevators Wesker had stepped into one and was impatiently waiting. As soon as everyone was in the elevator Barry pushed the button for the third floor, and the elevator sprung to life. Stacy was thankful the elevator was moving so quickly, the muzak sounded like someone killing a synthesizer with a sledgehammer. The door "ding"ed and everyone piled out of the elevator into the hallway. Wesker immediately took off down the right hallway with Barry right behind him

Stacy watched them disappear and then sighed. "Well, I hope Rebecca will be alright. She seemed like a nice girl." She thought. "Well letís see here, here's a directory. Which way should I go?" She deliberated for a minute before turning down the left hallway. She looked at the different stores until she found a door that had a sign that was marked "Roof" on it. She pushed the door open and stepped outside into the warm August sun. She looked around and saw that there were quite a few survivors. As she looked at the survivors she closely looked at how they were dressed to get an idea of what kind of person they are. She saw a tall man playing a guitar and could tell that he was probably a hippie. She looked at a few more survivors when she saw the familiar long brown hair of her husband. A huge smile crept its way onto her face as she snuck up behind him. She quickly wrapped her arms around his waist and had to suppress a laugh at the shocked noise that came from his mouth. He spun around and embraced Stacy in a tight hug. 'I thought I would never see you again." He said while fighting back tears. "So did I." She responded also while fighting back tears. Shaun brought his face in close and they kissed. They kissed for so long they both had to come up for air a couple times. They didn't notice it but the survivors that were watching had begun applauding them. Even the hippie who was playing the guitar had begun playing a love song as they kissed. "I never want to be away from you for that long ever again." Stacy whispered into Shaun's ear. "Me neither." He said as he continued to hold her tight.