Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Midsummer's Nightmare ❯ Zak Generic's Nightmare ( Chapter 6 )

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The people were always the same, faceless mirages that would disappear in a wisp of white smoke when Zak tried to talk to them. It filled him with so many emotions at the same it confused him. He was in the middle of an amusement park that seemed somewhat familiar yet it was totally foreign. He walked along the midway games which had the sounds of people playing them, yet there was no physical person at the booth playing. He continued to walk past the game booths when he spotted a cloaked figure standing in front of a black tent. Zak started to call out to the cloaked person when it stepped inside the tent. Zak cautiously walked to the tent before pausing to decide whether or not to enter. As he continued to deliberate a leather gloved hand came out of the tent and signed for him to come in. He decided to follow the hand and entered the tent. When he stepped inside he saw the figure sitting at a table lighting an incense stick. The figure looked up and motioned for Zak to sit down in the chair sitting across from the figure. Zak sat down and was about to speak when the figure finally spoke. "I know what troubles you young man." It said. Its voice was muffled by its cloak, so Zak couldn't get a clear idea of the figure's gender and age. "You are worried about escaping the hell currently known as Raccoon City alive. The problem is not that you will not survive here. The problem is that there will not be anyone to survive with you that can help you escape the city."

The figure sits back into its chair and pulls out a cigarette from inside its cloak, lighting it off
from a single candle that was providing the only light in the tent. The figure chuckled before speaking again. I really shouldn't be smoking this. There's no need for it here. I guess old habits die hard." Zak saw smoke coming from the hood of the cloak and the red fire from the cigarette. The figure coughed and put the cigarette on the incense plate before putting its hands near its hood. Zak finally found enough courage to speak to the figure. "Why....why are you telling me all of this? And who are you?" Zak listened to the figure breathing and was about speak again when the figure pulled the hood down from its head to reveal a young woman in her early twenties with several gunshot wound scars on her face. When Zak saw the woman's face he raised his hand to his mouth to try and hide the look of shock on his face. "Oh my god......I'm so sorry....I....didn't know................what happened to you?" Zak managed to squeak out. A look of sadness came over the woman's face before she spoke. "I was shot by someone who I thought was a friend. Although, I know that it's not his fault. Umbrella got to him and poisoned his mind with a new virus they had created."

The woman takes another drag from the cigarette.
"Now as for why I'm telling you these things, it's because you are the only survivor that has entered a deep enough level of sleep for me to enter your subconscious. Everyone else has only been sleeping just enough to feel rested. None of them are sleeping deep enough for me to be able to enter their minds." She takes one last drag from the cigarette before extinguishing it on the incense plate. She looks up at Zak and gives him a small smile. "Now Zak, it's time for you to wake up. You probably aren't going to remember this dream very well when you wake up. So just remember this small phrase, "CR will be the death of RC." The woman stood up and
took the incense stick from the plate and pulled Zak's arm out. "Hey, what are you doing?! Please, don't burn me with that!" Zak's pleading fell on deaf ears as the cloaked woman began writing the small phrase on Zak's arm with the incense stick. After writing she took the stick and placed it on his forehead, but he didn't feel any pain from it. Instead he began to feel all sorts of different sensations, none of them painful. As he began to relax again he suddenly snapped awake and sat up in the small bed in the First-Aid office. He brought a bandaged hand to his head, where he felt a burn scar in the shape of a line. He frantically pulled his arm up to look at it and saw what the cloaked woman had said to him scarred onto his arm, "CR will be the death of RC."