Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Midsummer's Nightmare ❯ Tristian Kennedy ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
((Disclaimer: All characters created by Capcom are owned by them. The characters created by me and the few people that helped this come to life are mine.))

Tristian was getting ready to lose his mind as he sat on the couch, listening to Chief Irons talk about all of the animals he had had the pleasure of stuffing and mounting. As he listened to him rattle off different animals of increasing danger he looked at the girl sitting next next to him. He didn't hear what her first name was but he caught her last name, Harris. Tristian turned his attention back to Irons who was now talking about the more grisly details of taxidermy. "...And then to get out the eyeballs out you take a small knife and get it behind the muscle and...." Tristian cut him off there. "Um, excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt you but could you point me to the nearest bathroom? I didn't see one when I was following you to here." Irons seemed to be thinking for a minute before he answered Tristian's question with a laugh. "I've got some bad news for you kid. When they built this they didn't include a bathroom. But if you follow the red exit signs you'll end up on the roof, and you can probably find a place to go from there." Tristian stood up and headed to the door before turning back to thank Irons. "Thanks for that information. I'll be right back." As Tristian opened the door the girl stood up and said "You know what.......Uncle Brian? I think I have to go too. I'll follow him to the roof. We'll be back in a minute.

Tristian was surprised that that girl wanted to go outside with him. As he walked down the hall the girl followed closely behind him. As he got near the door that led to the roof Tristian stopped and turned to face her. "So, what is your name? I didn't really catch it while Irons was blabbering on about his morbid fascination with taxidermy." She swallowed some saliva before answering. "My name is Beverly Harris. I'm Mayor Harris' daughter. What's your name?" Tristian hesitated before answering her. "My name is Tristian Kennedy." And with that he continued to walk out the door. He went down the stairs and found a bush, he went to relieve himself when he realized the girl, Beverly was still there. "Um, would you mind turning around? It's kind of hard to go while someone's watching me." He saw Beverly get red then quickly turn around to allow Tristian some privacy

As Tristian relieved himself into the bush he heard a noise come from around the corner. "What was that?" Beverly asked, with fear in her voice. "I don't know. I'll go check." Tristian zipped himself back up and crept to the wall by the corner. As he peeked around the corner he suddenly wished he hadn't. There was a tall thing in a black leather trench coat with a face as blank as its head. Tristian was sure that whatever that thing was wasn't anything good. He quickly walked back to the stairs, where Beverly was sitting in fear. "As quietly as you can, stand up and go up the stairs." Tristian whispered into her ear. She nodded and did as he said, making only a small clicking noise with her heels as she climbed the stairs. Tristian began to follow her when the tall thing spotted him and took a swing at him with its massive fists. Tristian ducked and it missed him, but it crushed the stairs, making it almost impossible for Tristian to back up to where Beverly was standing in terror.

The thing swung again, this time it hit Tristian square in the chest, causing Tristian to cough up some blood. The thing raised it's fists again, this time to end Tristian's life. As it's fists came down Tristian rolled out of the way and quickly got to his feet. "Run back to Chief Iron's office and tell him about what's going on!" He shouted to the terror-struck Beverly. She stood frozen for a moment before stumbling towards the door. Tristian ran away from the monster towards a small building that looked to be a spare generator. He threw the door open and slammed it shut. He ran to the other door and stopped for a second. "Why.....*Pant pant*...isn't that....thing trying to get in here?" Tristian asked himself out loud. He looked to his right and saw a small desk with an old typewriter, and some various machine parts on it. He looked around the desk and found a handgun buried underneath the spare parts. He looked at it and popped the clip out, and felt some relief when he saw that it was full. He checked it to see if the safety was on, which it was, before putting it in his pocket. Tristian went back to the door and slowly opened it. When he went outside he was greeted by several undead Raccoon police officers. He quickly dodged them and saw a garage door that led back into the police station, but right across from it was an iron gate that led out to a street, which if he went out through that he could find his way back to the front of the station. As he deliberated about which door to go through the undead officers were slowly making their way back to Tristian.

Tristian ran towards the garage door and took ahold of the roll door from the bottom. It didn't look heavy but when he went to lift up it felt like trying to lift an elephant. He looked down and realized the door was locked. In a calm panic he pulled the gun from his pocket and aimed at the lock. "I hope to god I'm doing this right." he thought as he turned the safety off. He pulled the trigger and he saw the bullet shatter the lock on the door, which made made a lot more noise than Tristian had hoped. He clicked the safety back on and shoved the gun back in his pocket before trying the door again. This time it rolled up without any trouble. He got it up just enough to crawl under quickly and then closed it behind him. He looked around at the police cruisers that were parked in the garage and walked up to one of them. "Crown Vic. That's a nice car." He thought out loud. "Maybe I could hot-wire one and drive out of here with Beverly." He continued to think out loud. He started to walk towards the entrance to the station when he felt a bullet zip past his head.

"Stop right there." A cool, seductive voice commanded. "Who are you and what are you doing down here?" Tristian slowly turned around to see who it was that shot at him. "It depends, who are you?" he responded. "My name is Ada, my question still stands." The woman answered while keeping her handgun trained on Tristian's head. "Fair enough. My name is Tristian, I'm down here because something is after me. I don't know what it is but it's huge and it has malicious intentions towards people." Ada appeared to be deep in thought before speaking again. "You said something's after you? Was it wearing a trenchcoat?" Tristian was shocked by what she asked. "Uh, yeah. Yeah it was." Ada lowered her gun and put it in her belt. "Why, do you ask? Do you know what that...thing is?" Tristian asked. "No, I have no idea what that monster is, but would you mind helping me?" She pointed at a police truck before speaking again. "This police truck here has the brakes cut, but I can't push it alone. Will you help me push it?" Tristian thought for a moment before asking Ada one last question. "Why do you need that truck moved? It's not safe to drive if it's brakes have been cut." Tristian saw Ada frown before answering him. "There are holding cells are behind that door and there's someone I need to talk to that's locked in one of them. So, will you do it?"

Tristian thought for a moment before answering Ada. "Fine, I'll help you. And I'm coming with you. I don't want to be alone if that thing shows it's ugly face again." Ada sighed, she didn't want anyone following her while she was "talking" to that sleazy reporter. But it would be safer to have someone watching her back. "Fine, you can come with me. Can you help push this truck now?" Ada said with slight hints of annoyance in her voice. "Oh! Right." Tristian took ahold of the tailgate and got ready to push, he watched Ada put her ruby red nailed hands on the tailgate. She looked at him and gave him nod. Tristian nodded back and began pushing the truck. It wasn't as hard to push as he had expected but it did give a bit of resistance. As they got it moving the door became easier to see. Tristian felt Ada's cool hand touch his hand to tell him to stop, which is exactly what he did. Ada drew her Beretta and motioned for Tristian to do the same. He pulled the SIG-Sauer from his pocket and put his hand on the door handle. He yanked the door open and rushed in. There weren't any zombies that he could see, but he could hear a couple moaning in the hall, looking for a meal. Ada tapped Tristian on the shoulder and pointed to the hallway that had a sign that in big black letters read "Holding Cells".

They walked towards it and were shocked when the door that led right to the cell was locked. "So, what do we do now?" Tristian asked Ada. "Move." Ada simply said. She walked to the sliding door and pulled a lock-pick set from behind her belt. She made short work of the lock when they heard a monstrous scream come from outside. Tristian looked worried as Ada put her lock-picks away, he had good reason to. Tristian grabbed the door handle and slid the door open, allowing Ada to go first. They walked to very last cell in the room where they saw a tall bony man wearing an off white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, brown slacks, dirty brown dress shoes, suspenders and a greasy ponytail sleeping on one of the cots. "Ben!" Ada half-shouted, half-whispered. "What do you want? I'm trying to sleep here." Came the gruff reply. "Ben, I need some
information. I think you know what about." There was silence before Ben spoke again. "Yeah, I've got your info. Do you have my money?" Ada sighed before pulling a checkbook from her bra and pulling out an already written check. Tristian didn't see the amount but he could tell it was pretty high. "Here, here's your damn money. Now give me those documents." Ben yawned before standing up in the cell. He walked over to a briefcase and picked it up. He stuck his hand out for the check before handing over the briefcase. Ada begrudgingly put the check in Ben's greasy hand and then took the briefcase from him. "Now, the sample and the documents are all in here?" Ben chuckled before answering Ada. "Heh, you still don't trust me? Don't worry, it's all there." Ben's face turned serious before speaking again. "Now, you'd better get out of here. That monster....It's not going to wait. In fact, I think it's going probably going to try and break the walls of this station down to kill everyone in here. Hell, I doubt it'll stop until it's killed even those zombies in the streets."

Ben went silent again. He sighed and smiled again. "Hey Ada. Do you have a smoke I could get from you?" Ada shook her head. "No, I've quit." Ben let out an exasperated sigh. "How about you kid? Do you have a smoke?" Tristian simply shook his head. "Damn, I guess I should've raided that party store a bit more than I did." After another minute's silence Tristian spoke up. "How about you come with us? It might be safer than sitting in this cell waiting for that monster." Ben was quiet for a moment. ".......Yes, I think I will. I'm getting bored sitting around in here listening to those damn zombies moan and groan." Ada looked annoyed at Tristian's decision to include Ben in their escape. Ben fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out a key, which he inserted in the keyhole and turned, which clicked loudly. Ben pulled the cell door open and began to walk out, when he turned around and grabbed his jacket and put it on. It was a denim jacket and it didn't go with the rest of his clothes, but it had deep inside pockets and was perfect for hiding some small things in them. Ben cleared his throat and said "What are we waiting for? Let's go." Ada rolled her eyes and began walking towards the sliding door, which they had left open and a fat zombie was attempting to squeeze into.

Ada pulled her Beretta out and planted three 9mm bullets in it's brain, killing it instantly. Tristian stepped over it first and helped Ada step over it next. Ben struggled but managed to get over after quite a few expletives and dirty looks at Tristian. Tristian just shrugged it off and walked through the door Ada had opened. Ada had run ahead to the door that led to the police station basement and Tristian was not far behind. Ben on the other hand, was still right in the middle of the garage panting. "Hey, wait for me dammit. I---" The end of that sentence was cut off by the sound of his head bursting and his body falling to the ground with a loud thump. Ada let out a shocked gasp as she looked up. Tristian covered his mouth to keep the contents of his stomach down. Crawling on the ceiling was something that looked like a man that had been turned inside-out and had been given a javelin-like toungue. It let out a shriek and dived at the spot where Ada and Tristian were standing in shock.