Resident Evil Series Fan Fiction ❯ Midsummer's Nightmare ❯ Shaun & Stacy Browning, Shawn Daimon ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
((Disclaimer: All characters created by Capcom are owned by them. The characters created by me and the few people that helped this come to life are mine.

Now we move to the chapters where there are more than one survivor's point of view. Cheers.))

Shaun & Stacy Browning.

Shaun had his arms wrapped around his wife's stomach as they sat and watched the sun setting. "God it's so beautiful." Stacy said. "It's not as beautiful as you though." Shaun replied before planting a kiss on Stacy's neck. Stacy smiled at the kiss and scooted around in her seat to get more comfortable. As they sat and embraced
Forest watched them with a smile on his face. "It's nice to see someone finding happiness." He thought as he watched them. Forest put his sights back on the streets to continue playing "Hollywood Squares" when he and everyone else on the roof heard the unmistakable sound of helicopter blades coming. "Look!" Shouted the college professor. "Maybe they've come to save us!" "Or kill us........." Added the young man in mental ward scrubs who was sitting in a corner. Forest looked up and saw the one thing that could fill him with fear and rage. The Umbrella logo on the side of the helicopter. In a state of panic Forest shouted "Everyone get inside now!" The entire crowd immediately rushed to the door except for the tall hippie, who remained seated. "What the fuck are you doing?! You need to get inside, or else you'll be killed!" The hippie looked up at Forest and smiled. "Go, I'll stall them if they land on the roof." Forest wanted to grab him and throw him inside but he was right. If those Umbrella soldiers landed on the roof they would need all the time they could get. "Fine, but you'd better not get killed. If you do I'm going to kick your ass." The hippie laughed and Forest rushed inside.

Shaun was standing by the door when Forest came in. "What's going on out there? Where's Shawn?" Forest sighed. "He's buying us some time. We need to hide before those bastards break in here." Forest then cleared his throat and spoke up. "Listen up, I need anyone who wants to, to come with me to the security office and get geared up. Everyone else can go hide in the law offices." Forest coughed then took a drink then began to speak again. "Anyone who wants to come with me come by me. Anyone who's staying go to the law office right now."

"Shaun.." Stacy began. "Are you going to go with Forest?" Shaun looked at Stacy before answering. "It depends, where are you going?" Stacy giggled. "Well, I was going to stay behind at the law offices." "Then that's where I'll go." Shaun said to his wife with a smile. Just as they were about to tell Forest where they were going to go some commotion was heard outside.

Shawn Daimon

Shawn was sitting in front of the door that led into the mall tuning his guitar when the Umbrella soldiers landed on the roof. Shawn saw them and smirked before putting his attention back to his guitar. He began to play a few notes from "A Day in the Life." before the soldiers reached him. "Move over and let us in." The Russian leader demanded. "Sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that right now. But I can play you something on my guitar here." The Russian was losing his patience quickly. "Carlos, make this filthy American hippie move." A young soldier who appeared to be a bit younger than Shawn walked up to Shawn to speak to him. "Listen, we've got to get in there. I'm sure there's some more civilians besides you in there and we're here to rescue them. If you move we can get you all out of here faster." Shawn smirked. "And I realize that. But you're from Umbrella, how can I be sure you aren't just going to go in there and kill everyone?"

The Russian had now lost any patience he had and had his SIG-Sauer drawn. "You will move now or I will shoot you in the head!" The Russian got closer to Shawn and put the gun right up against Shawn's temple. "Now, will you move?" An insane smile appeared on Shawn's face before he grabbed the Russian's hand that had the gun in it and began trying to get the gun from it.

Shaun Browning

Shaun heard talking and shouting outside. He then heard what sounded like a fight before he heard five gunshots and the sound of a body slumping against the door. "Damn it! Let's get out of here! They've killed Shawn!" Just as the last few syllables came from Shaun's mouth everyone began to panic. As everyone started to rush through the hall Forest spoke up. "I need everyone to listen! I'm going to split us up. Half of us are going to go to the security office and half of us are going to the law office.Anyone volunteering to go with me stand behind me. Anyone who's going to the law offices stay where you are."