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The Cloaked dragoness, an original story. A.N.: Yes, my name is Jacqueline. So sue me for using my real name!
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Deep within the Appalachian Mountains, dwell creatures of our wildest dreams. It is here that all of the Realm Creatures dwell. No human has ever seen a Realm Creature and lived to tell the tale….
Until now that is.
“Jacqueline! Could you come here, please?” My mom called me as I was in the middle of reading my dragon book. I love dragons. They're so cool. Too bad they don't exist. “Coming!” was my response to my mom's call. I walked out of my room and made my way into the kitchen as fast as I could without banging on the floor. “Yes mom? And call me Jackie!” My mom mock sighed in exasperation. “Fine, I'll call you `Jackie'. Is that better?” “Yup, now whatcha call me for?” “You are going to move in with an old friend of mine who lives in the Black Mountains section of the Appalachian Mountains for the rest of the summer! Oh, and that's in North Carolina.”
Now, I can't handle leaving New York City for a long period of time. Imagine having to leave the entire state for the whole summer. Yeah, it's not a pretty picture. And so, after much begging and pleading, I lost the argument to stay home. If it wasn't for the respect I had for them (and my Christianity), I would have won. So now I'm on a plane to North Carolina.
Somewhere in the Black Mountains
A chamber deep in the mountains is where the Dragon Counsel takes place. It is here that the Dragon Father dwells. The chamber is inaccessible to humans. The air is filled with suffocating gasses and the floors are riddled with rivers of molten metal. The Dragon Father stood on his throne of pure stone. Out of the sides ran more streams of liquid medal. The chamber was home to 1,000 dragons, each one readily eager to hear what they're king had to say.
“The legend of the Cloaked Dragoness has been put into affect!”
The room burst out in a confused flurry of melodic voices. The Dragon Father silenced them all with a simple raise of his scaly hand.
“The girl has arrived in North Carolina, and is now headed for the home described in the legend. It will not be long now before she meets one member from each Realm Council, including our own! Now then,” the old dragon ushered one of the many pages he had and said something to him. After receiving an answer to the question he had asked, he sent the page away and faced the large crowd in front of him. “We have a new council member! Please welcome Sir Jekai, a shadow dragon from the north!” Just as the king finished speaking, a cloud of pure darkness descended in front of him. Out of the dark cloud stepped a tall man with black hair and eyes. His eyes, if you were close enough to tell, were slits. His wings took the form of a velvet cloak that shimmered like black fire with his movements. His tail took on the form of a belt that had the same lighting affect. Oh, and by the way, his looks could only be described as one of the following words: hot, sexy, gorgeous, etc.
The shadow dragon looked around and said in a deathly charming voice, “Thank you for allowing me into your council. I'm sure,” his tail reverted to its true form in a shimmer of scales and was raised next to him, poisoned tip facing the crowd, “that we are going to get along just fine.”
To Be Continued
Boy that Jekai guy seems like trouble huh? And yes, I had the nerve to use my own name. I am inserting myself into the story as the main character, so why not? I find it hard to give myself a different name in the story I star in. Is that bad? If you think so, tell me in a review or email me. Either way I'm going to use my name. Review if you like because I don't care so long as people read it.
The Dragon Father idea and the basic Dragon Council idea were based on the information in the book The Book of the Dragon by Ciruelo. I have and was reading that book in the story and in real life.