Role Playing Fan Fiction ❯ The Power of Three ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Power of Three


A rider was moving at a gentle trot across the lush Green Eastern plains. He was a tall slender young man with an open friendly Face And wavy auburn hair. He was dressed in a short pink doublet with long wide scalloped sleeves, a golden front with little flowers And a golden plaque belt with a Sword in Green And gold scabbard on it, And in dark blue hose And red pointed shoes with golden spurs on them. On his left hand on a large glove was sitting a large goshawk with blue Gray back, creamy belly with black stripes, large yellow claws And curved beak And sharp red eyes. Behind the young man in the saddle was sitting a tall slender young Lady with large blue eyes And golden hair covered with a golden net with pearls, in a red long wide dress with large hand openings  trimmed with white fur, round neck trimmed with gold And hem also trimmed with gold, with a form fitting purple Kirtle with a golden plaque belt showing under the upper dress. Purple pointed shoes peeked from under the hem of her dress. She was holding to the young man's waist gently,  smiling tenderly.

'Bertie, Layenar should be near now, Yes? ' she asked smiling gently.

'Er, Yes, my dear,' Bertie answered gently.

'As far as I know, my Lord, we should see it presently,' the goshawk said gently.

'See, Marion?' Bertie smiled brightly. 'Thank you, Reggie!'

'Not at all, my Lord,' Reggie said softly.

Indeed, a town appeared in distance at that moment. It consisted of sandstone houses with flat or pointed tile roofs. Small belfry with pointed red roof peeked among the roofs.

Bertie spurred his dapple Gray horse And rode into the town. Small crowd immediately gathered on his way. Ladies in long Bright dresses, horned And heart shaped headdresses, wimples And chapelets And men in Bright doublets and hose. They cheered loudly.

'What ho, what ho, what ho!' Bertie greeted them cheerfully.

'Greetings, Lord Elissar!' the crowd shouted. Bertie waved smiling brightly.

One tall strong man in a puffy crimson doublet, blue hose And a blue hat with silver trimming, bowed to them deeply And announced:

'Lady Liara Rosebud is awaiting you, Lord And Lady Elissar! Follow me please.'

Bertie nodded smiling gently.

He followed the man to the centre of the town, to a large sandstone bulding with fine carving And flat red roof topped by the small belfry. 

Bertie dismounted swiftly And offered his hand to his wife. Marion took it firmly And alighted too. They entered the building hand in hand. Inside was a large hall with dark wooden Vault, dark wooden panelled walls, rows of dark wooden carved benches And a tall dark wooden carved chair in front of them. In the benches we're sitting ladies in Bright dresses, horned And heart shaped headdresses, wimples And veils. In the tall sa chair was sitting a short plump middle aged Lady in a wide red velvet dress with high scalloped collar And scalloped sleeves And in a white horned headdress. She smiled gently seeing Bertie, Marion And Reggie.

'Welcome to Layenar, Lord Elissar,' she said gently. 'I was given to understand that you're wed now?'

'Yes, my Lady,' Bertie said firmly, leading Marion to her. 'Allow me to present my wife, Lady Marion de Wooster, the Marchioness of Elissar.'

'The union was blessed by a priest And duly consummated, I'm a witness, my Lady,' Reggie supplied gently.

Bertie blushed deeply. Marion smiled gently to him.

Marion showed her left hand, it had a Shining golden band with gentle floral ornament on the ring finger. Bertie looked at Reggie, he flew from Bertie's hand, taking the great glove with him. Bertie raised his left hand, it also had a Shining golden band with gentle floral ornament on the ring finger.

'Very good,' Lady Liara nodded gently. 'Now kneel please.'

Bertie knelt swiftly, taking Marion with him.

Lady Liara waved her hand, And on her knees appeared two golden coronets with three Strawberry leaves And three large pearls on the rim, pearls on the band And crimson caps.

Lady Liara took one coronet And put it on Bertie's auburn head, then took another And gently put it on the golden net on Marion's golden hair.

Bertie rose, holding his wife by her hand, And smiled gently to Lady Liara. The young couple looked magnificent with coronets on their heads.

'Marquess And Marchioness of Elissar, bear them with honour,' Lady Liara said smiling gently.

Bertie nodded firmly, so did Marion.

Reggie brought the glove back to Bertie, he put it on And proffered his hand. Reggie nested on his hand as usually.

Lady Liara looked at Bertie thoughtfully.

'Let me put a charm on your Sword, Lord Elissar,' she requested gently.

'What for?' Bertie frowned.

'I just feel that you would need it, Lord Elissar,' Lady Liara said gently.

'My Lord,  if the Chief of the Council of Elders of an elven town feels that you would need magic Weapon, she's most probably right,' Reggie said gently. 

Marion nodded firmly.

'Oh, right ho then,' Bertie sighed. 'More perils ahead?'

'As always, my Lord,' Reggie said with a smile in his voice.

Bertie shrugged his shoulders. He unbuckled his Sword And handed it to Lady Liara.

Lady Liara passed her hands over his Sword whispering something. The Sword shined white for a moment, then the white glow disappeared. Lady Liara handed the Sword back to Bertie, smiling gently. Bertie buckled it back on smiling brightly.

'Won't you ask what the charm is, Lord Elissar?' Lady Liara asked smiling.

'Oh, er, right,' Bertie said sheepishly.

'It can give you additional strength once a day, if activated by a simple wish,' Lady Liara explained. 

Bertie nodded smiling brightly.

'That's a most useful feature, my Lord,' Reggie observed.

'Yes, indeed,' Bertie smiled brightly.

As they left the Council Hall, Bertie removed his coronet And put it into his saddle bag. 

'Even kings don't wear their crowns everyday, much less peers,' Bertie smiled brightly.

'Indeed, my Lord, ' Reggie said with a smile in his voice.

'You're right, my dear,' Marion smiled gently, removed her coronet And put it into Bertie's saddle bag too.

Bertie mounted swiftly And offered his hand to Marion. She took his hand firmly And got into the saddle behind him. They rode out of Layenar.

As they rode through dense lush Green Dalrymalla Woods, Bertie smiled brightly.

'I trust there will be No Garde Champêtres, No Trees that Bleed And No Defenders of the Trees this time?'

'There will be other perils, my Lord,' Reggie observed gently.

'Oh Yes, there is that,' Bertie smiled gently.

Some time later in their way appeared a yellow faced Dwarf with copper red bushy hair And beard, in plate mail with golden details And a conical helmet with golden rimming, with a golden hilted Sword in his left hand.

'And what the Hell is that!?' Bertie exclaimed aghast.

'It's a Yellow Dwarf, my Lord,' Reggie supplied. 'They are drawn to magic, And only magic or silver weapons can hurt them.'

'That's right,' the Yellow Dwarf said maliciously. 'So give your bird to me, young man!'

'Not by a long shot!' Bertie shouted drawing his Sword. 

He lurched at the Yellow Dwarf swiftly And gave it a blow in the neck. The Yellow Dwarf wailed in pain, bleeding profusely. 

Reggie darted from Bertie's hand, his fearsome claws forwards, And hit the Yellow Dwarf in the armpit hard. It wailed in pain.

'My turn now,' Marion declared, reaching into her upper dress And drawing out a broad dagger with a golden hilt set with a large amethyst.

'You can fight, my dear?' Bertie asked, dumbfounded.

'Of course, Bertie,' Marion smiled gently. 'Every Lady is taught how to fight in case enemies attack her castle. And my dagger is silver, a family heirloom.'

Bertie nodded gently. He charged forwards. Marion tried to strike the Yellow Dwarf into an armpit, but her dagger slid off the plate.

Reggie darted at the Yellow Dwarf again And hit it in one eye. It cursed And wailed, half blind now. Bertie charged forwards again And hit the Yellow Dwarf in the base of it's skull. It wailed awfully, fell down And disappeared.

'Well, that's dealt with,' Bertie sighed sheathing his Sword. 

'Yes, my Lord,' Reggie nodded gently. 'Now you see what Lady Liara meant.'

'Yeah,' Bertie sighed. 'Let's hope there aren't more monsters in plate in these parts.'

'No, my Lord, monsters in plate are precious few,' Reggie consoled him.

'Oh well, that's good,' Bertie sighed.

Reggie nodded gently.

Some time later in their Path appeared a gaunt, stray dog looking dark red Griffin with wicked eyes.

'And what on Earth is that!?' Bertie exclaimed.

'Don't worry, my Lord, it's harmless,' Reggie reassured him. 'It's a Gourmet Griffin. It likes homemade or cooked food, which is hard to find for it, as you see. It can say several words, like a parrot, such as, 'May I?', 'Tasty' And 'Thanks.' It uses them consciously. If it's given what it wants, it follows you in the borders of it's nesting area. If you're in a fight, it can harrass your enemy or create a diversion. But if the danger is great, it can flee saving the food.'

'Oh, all right,' Bertie smiled brightly. He reached into his saddle bag And produced a golden brown pie. 'Here, it's a kidney And steak pie made by the Chief cook of Lockwood Hall. I bet it's great, my wedding feast in Lockwood Hall was sumptuous, And even usual dinners there are fine.'

Bertie proffered the pie to the Griffin.

'Here, take it please,' he smiled brightly. 

The Gourmet Griffin took the pie with it's beak And ate it delicately. Then it licked it's beak.

'Thanks,' it said gently.

'Not at all, Gryffie,' Bertie smiled gently.

Marion smiled gently.

Gryffie nodded And flew to Bertie's side. As they rode off, it followed them.