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In the world of the unknown, many creatures that we do not see truly do exist. People just throw the legends and myths away as if they are nothing of importance.

If people just look closely enough, they can discover the truth that lies beneath the lines of their story. A code that could guide you to their peaceful, enchanting world of wonder and mystery.

But not all legends are what they seem. Some hide lies of betrayal and murder. Others tell of evil so great, that it could destroy everything.

One tells of a world so close to chaos, that is seems that all hope was lost. The only chance of hope in the endless bodies of water on the world of Croix was a single human being. A human filled with such kindness and compassion that it was unheard of on their world.

If one human could conceal so much good, just imagine if they could tame the beast that haunts the flooded world of Croix. If the lord of seas on Croix is rejected in any way possible, all hope is lost.