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The making of a legend
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Chapter 1: Defeat
The land was very wet that day, in fact it had been wet for many days, the land was just a mud pile under him, even the tree that he would see looked tired of the rain. Of course the massive amount of rain that had come had helped them to there victory, and lead himself and his father to take Fan Castle from Cao Ren just three day earlier. So as Guan Ping rode at the vanguard of a victorious army, that had a great victory in the campaign to bring peace to China, in the name of Shu. With the victory over Cao Cao at Han Zhong, and now this victory at Fan Castle it looked like it was just going to be a matter of time before Shu would roll up Cao Cao, and later finish uniting China under it control. Some thing Guan Ping and Guan Yu both had dreamed about for a very long time.
That was two days before, much had happened in the two days sense then to change the attitude of the men, and that of the young warrior Guan Ping, the day after the victory over They returned to Jing to find out that Mi Feng had surrender the whole of Shu controlled Jing to Lu Meng, and his forces. Also that his men who were worried about the situations of there homes left the army in order to return home, leaving Guan Yu, with little to nothing of a remaining army in which to defend or attack with, it seemed that Wu had made a deal with Wei to cut in from behind and take the rest of Jing right under there noses. Then as they waited for reinforcement no came, leaving them open to attack, with a underman, and tired army. No matter how strong some of the men were that outmatched, they were going to lose, and even Guan Yu, and Guan Ping both knew this. So they were defeated in battle, and Zhuge Jin acting on the orders of Sun Quan offered Guan Yu his life for his service to Wu, something that even the lowest man in the army knew that Yu would turn down flat, because with all his honor to betray his brother was a crime far worse then death.
In the deep of the night, Guan Yu made his move with his remaining men he marched out hopping to get out of the area, and back to Shu controlled lands. To hold the enemy back during this time, Cang, a officer under Yu's command took control of a small group who would fight to there death to by time for Guan Yu and his son to escape, and get away. Surprisingly the men under Cang held out quite awhile before being overrun and killed by the larger force under Lu Meng.
To Yu, and Ping, on that night though none of this was known, they did know of the brave acts that Cang had made, or how he had some how Cang himself had escaped capture, and was on the move. For them it was a hurried ride thought the country side, worried along the way that they would be found out at any second and crushed.
Ping looked at his father who was just ahead of him on the red hair, he had the same determined look in his face that he always seemed too, the look that turn many men white. As he had battle with his father he had come to have a great respect for him, even though he as not his real father, in ever way that counted he was. He had learned so much about how to fight, and how to carry himself with honor from just watching the great warrior. As he rode the mud path he also noticed how determined the other looked, they were feeding of Guan Yu, and Ping could tell how much Yu meant to each of them by just looking at them.
Suddenly a arrow flew just feet above him, he pulled on the rains of his horse to stop the animal, he then noticed it, a large group of men all around them ready for combat.
“Guan Yu, Yu and your men give up or die,” one of the men yelled.
“Men we must breakthrough,” Yu said in his deep breath pulling out his spear, frozen glory, as he rode into through the lines of enemies.
Ping was close behind with his large sword ready, as he rode though a volley of arrows he was able to get in range a cut down one of the archers, but he was unaware to how fast the others where being killed. As he neared the end of the death trap, it was only him and his father. When a stray arrow flew towards him, he tried to move his horse to get away, but nothing was going to work in time, and he knew it, he just prepared himself for the after live, hoping that his lord and his father would forgive him for his failings, as well as the thoughts of regret for being able to do something he always wished he had time for. As he eyes were close he realized that he was not feeling any pain, he opened them to see his father guarding him from the arrow.
“Ping keep moving we not save yet,” Yu yelled, as they moved on, until Yu fail out off the red hair.
Ping went right over to his father, and looked at him, he notice a broken off arrow in his father shoulder, and blood everywhere.
“Ping, leave me here, I will just slow you down, you won't make it away with out me,” Yu said weakly in a tone that was very different from normal.
“Father, Uncle Bei won't be happy if you die here, you can die here.. father I still have so much more to learn from you, please don't leave me,” Ping cried out.
“Don't worry, if you still live, I also live on, please, leave me son, you will become a great warrior someday, I can see that, and I am so proud of you, go live, have a long and full live, do this for you father,” Guan Yu replied.
Ping slowly got on his horse, and rode away crying as he went over losing of his father.