Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms Fan Fiction ❯ the new warrior! ❯ don't use bad criticizm ( Chapter 1 )

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A new warrior?!?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the idea of the story plot and the character Tai!!!

Cast of characters:

(Everybody in the Wei category)

Tai (pronounced touw): a new warrior (he was in the 20th century before some loophole thing) recruited by lui bei.


Sun Shang shai: I don't need to tell ya anything. You know who she is.


Lui bei: leader of the Wei (except it's a he)


Yue ying: see below. She's his wife.


Zhuge Liang: hubby of Yue ying, and a good spellcaster, might I add.


Zhao yun: a friend of Tai's who learned slang.



(Font's comment: Ahh! I'm tiny again!)

Zhao yun: what up, Tai?

Tai: nothing much. Erm… Hey, why do you have a ponytail?

Zhao yun: oh, well that's cause' it's in m-

Lui bei: - stop this idle chit chat! The shu has gone to war with the wu! Now's our chance to defeat them!

Zhao yun: yes, sir!

Tai: (Sighing) yes, sir…

Lui bei: we shall take their land and their army!

Tai: (speaking so low that only Zhao yun heard) greedy, senile old fool.

(Both boys burst into laughter with lui bei wondering what they were laughing about.)

(Authors note: sorry about mocking lui bei, but it's funny.)

(On the battlefield)

Tai: (whispering to Zhao yun) why are we in these black and white suits with a dagger in one pocket, a sword in its sheath and a lot of arrows and bombs?

Zhao yun: (whispering to Tai) that's because we're going to fight. We are fi-

Lui bei: (whispering to Zhao yun and Tai) shhh! Shut the mouth trap!

(All of a sudden, 10 archers released their arrows at cao cao and Sun Jian by accident)

Lui bei: (standing up and shouting) you stupid archers! Now they'll kill us!

Wu and Shu: attack!!!! They tried to kill our leader!

(Wu and Shu chased after the army of Wei and they all ran.)

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