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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Starcatcher: Hey everyone! It's time for ANIME DEATHMATCH (echo)!!! I'm your host!

Vulpes: And I'm your co-host, the great and beautiful VULPES!!!

Everyone: (Stares)

Ridge: Just nod and agree…it works every time.

Vulpes: RIDGE! You're back!

Ridge: Yeah. I figured that it would be dangerous to just leave you insane maniacs alone without anyone reasonable around except for Starcatcher.

Starcatcher: (Silently) Thank you God! (Looks around) Hey…where's Melvin?

Vulpes: He's in the hospital.

Kat: He is? Why?

Vulpes: (Nervous) Uh…apparently it had something to do with an allergic reaction to being stung by genetically altered Killer Bees.

Ridge: Now how do you suppose that happened?

Vulpes: (Whistles innocently)

Everyone: (Notices this and shrugs)

Blade: Who's fighting today anyway?

Vulpes: It's a match between-

Andy: (Somehow mysteriously catches fire and runs across the screen, screaming) I'M ON FIRE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! IT BUUUURNS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Ridge: (Stares) Why is he on fire?

Vulpes: I think it means we've been flamed…

Kat: Whoa! I've heard about this happening but…I've never actually SEEN it!

Ridge: (Sweat drop) They take things too literally around here…

Blade: Someone flamed us? WHO FLAMED US!?!

Starcatcher: (Checks her computer) It was someone named #1 Bitch Shorty.

~Okay I agree about Goku beating Superman but why you make him seem like a pussy bitch. Supermans a gee. Just cause your Jappy ass don't like him, don't mean you have the right to make him a little bitch. Now your story sucked bitch, learn how to be funny. Now this is funny. If you or anyone else has a problem with this, my e-mail address is up there.~

Ridge: (Stares) Now that was just not nice…

Kat: The story didn't suck as much at that review…

Sparky: HEY SHORTY! If you don't have something nice to say, KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!!!

Andy: (Busy putting out the rest of the flames) WE'RE AMERICANS YOU RETARD!

Everyone: (Stares)

Ridge: I didn't he was patriotic…

Kat: It's one of his few quirks…

Vulpes: Well, Superman from the Super Friends was a little pussy anyways! And don't go flaming people if you don't know how to control fire! By the way, you're not the top bitch, I am, and if you have a problem with that, then come down to the arena. I'll kick your ass to kingdom come!!!

Sparky: Whoa!

Blade: Shorty wants us to learn to be funny?

Kat: That's strange; all our other readers think we're funny.

Ridge: Any comment Starcatcher?

Starcatcher: Yeah…Number 1: We have every right to make him a "pussy bitch" as you put it because it's our show! Number 2: Your grammar and spelling stinks and you need to expand your vocabulary beyond that of elementary school. Number 3: Nobody here is going to waste their time e-mailing you back, because, unlike you, we actually have LIVES!!!

Kat: And if you don't like it, there's a back button that will allow you to leave. Otherwise, TOUGH!

Audience: (Applauds and cheers)

Blade: I would say something, but I think we should quit wasting our time on the badly written review and continue with the show that everyone's been waiting to see.

Ridge: He does have a point. The people came here to see a show.

Vulpes: OKAY! As I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted by a CERTAIN FLAMER!!!

Kat: Just let it go…

Starcatcher: *SIGH* Today's match is between Mirai Trunks and Mina.

Ridge: Aren't you worried?

Starcatcher: About what?

Kat: There was that review from Firefly the Dancing Fanfic Author. There was someone named Kouken who they said might hurt you.

Starcatcher: WHAT!?! (Looks at the reviews) Here it is!

~YAY! You liked my idea! Ohohohohohoho...this is gonna be fun....
Peruru: But what if Minako wins?
Then Starcatcher better watch out for Kouken and her big sword thingy...
Peruru: Ouch.~


Starcatcher: (Skeptic look) Don't you mean the studio?


Everyone: (Blank looks and sweat drops)

Ridge: (Sweat drop) He's your brother?

Starcatcher: *SIGH* Unfortunately…yes…

Vulpes: But why does she have to watch out for Kouken?

Everyone: (Looks at Trunks, and all the girls have hearts appear in their eyes and swoon over how cute he is)

Starcatcher: (Sweat drop) Sorry, but there's only one person I'm worried about winning and it's not Mina/Minako.

Blade: (Realizes who she's talking about and nods) That would be bad…

Sparky: (Also knows who they're talking about) OH COME ON! You don't REALLY think that, do you?

Both: (Nods)

Sparky: (Thinks for a moment) Hmm…I guess you're right…

Ridge: Can we just start the fight already?

(In the arena…)

Andy: GO!

Mina: VENUS…CRESCENT…BEAM…SMASH!!! (Shoots her crescent beam at Trunks)

Trunks: (Dodges, but makes no move to attack her)

Mina: VENUS…LOVE…CHAIN…ENCIRCLE!!! (The chain wraps around Trunks)

Starcatcher: Something's not right here…

Ridge: What do you mean?


Starcatcher: Mirai Trunks should be a lot stronger than Mina…he should have won the fight by now!

Vulpes: So why hasn't he?

Sparky: He's not even trying!!!

Kat: What's the deal!?! WHY AREN'T YOU FIGHTING!?!

Trunks: Well…


Trunks: I can't hit a girl…it's rude.

Everyone: (Stares and falls anime style)

Sparky: What a time to become a gentleman!

Andy: WIMP!!!

(Meanwhile, Mina is about ready to make the final blow, when she stops, causing everyone to look at her and wonder what the deal is.)

Mina: I…I can't finish him…HE'S JUST TOO CUTE!!! (Hearts appear in her eyes)

Everyone: (Sweat drops)

Mina: (Glomps Trunks) What do you say? We'd make a really cute couple!

Trunks: (Sweat drop) Huh?

Raye: HOLD IT! (Runs to the arena) You can't have Trunks!

Mina: And why not?

Raye: Because…I WANT HIM! AKU RYO TIA SAN! (Throws that charm…thingy, hitting Mina on the head and knocking her away from Trunks)

Mina: (Falls) Ugh!

Raye: (Turns to Trunks) You're all mine now!

Trunks: Uh…help?

Lita: NOT SO FAST! (Comes down to the arena and punches Raye) That cutie is MINE!!!

Raye and Mina: (Get up) NO! HE'S MINE!

(And with that, they begin to fight.)

Sparky: Hey…why isn't Serena down there fighting as well?

Kat: Don't you remember? She's going out with Gohan.

Sparky: WHAT!?! When did THAT happen?

Kat: During the Videl VS Relena fight. You should know, you were there.

Vulpes: This is going too far! (Magically appears in the arena next to Trunks) KNOCK IT OFF ALL OF YOU!!!

Lita, Mina, and Raye: (Stop and look up at Vulpes)

Vulpes: It's not right of any of you to act like Trunks is just a possession! He's a living person, ya know!

Everyone: (Stares)

Blade: Wow…Vulpes is being the voice of reason for once…

Kat: I'm impressed…

Ridge: I've never seen her this serious!

Sparky: Is this the end of the boy-crazy psycho co-host?

Vulpes: (Ignores them) And besides…(Glomps Trunks) HE'S MINE!!!

Raye, Lita, and Mina: NO WAY!!!

Kat: I guess not…

Starcatcher: *SIGH* That didn't last long…

(So all four girls start fighting over which of them gets Trunks and a cloud of dust that usually appears when people fight appears. Meanwhile, Amy walked down to the arena and frowned at the sight the girls made.)

Amy: *SIGH* How embarrassing…

Trunks: This is…rather weird…

Amy: (Notices Trunks) Oh! Hello, my name is Amy.

Trunks: (Looks at Amy) I'm Trunks.

(They stare into each others eyes as the background changes and romantic music begins to play.)


Sparky: Just hurry up and admit you like each other and get out of here before those four wackos realize you're gone!

Trunks: Uh…okay!

Amy: Sure! (They leave, hand in hand)

Audience: Aww…

Blade: I think I'm gonna be sick…this is just too much sap for me to take…

Starcatcher: Maybe that's because you don't have a heart?


Kat: Nope! See? (Pulls out a magnifying glass and holds it over where Blade's heart should be, but there isn't anything their except for a sign saying "Gone on vacation")

Ridge: I didn't think this was humanly possible…

Sparky: (Looks at the huge cloud of dust in the arena) Hey look! The dust is disappearing!

Kat: That must mean the fight is over.

Starcatcher: It looks like the winner is…

(The cloud of dust completely disappears, revealing the winner to be…)

Everyone: VULPES!?!

Ridge: …unbelievable…

Blade: Wow! We were right…

Kat: Wasn't it obvious? If it involves a cute guy, Vulpes will do whatever it takes to win…

Vulpes: (Jumping up and down on the unconscious girls) YAY! I WIN! TRUNKS IS MINE! AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL MMIIIIIIINNNNEEEEEEEE!!! (Cackles evilly)

Blade: Uh…Vulpes? In case you haven't noticed, Trunks is gone…

Vulpes: WHAAAAAAAAT!?! (Looks around frantically) NOOOOOOO! TRUNKS! (Runs off in the opposite direction of where Amy and Trunks went)

Ridge: But-(Kat and Blade cover his mouth)

Kat: I don't think you should mention that little tidbit about Amy…

Blade: The results could be disastrous…

Ridge: (Nods)

Andy: (Somehow mysteriously appears in the announcer's box) RETARD!

Starcatcher: Don't make me hurt you…

Sparky: By the way, how long do you think it's going to be before Kouken finds out about this?

(Just then, a gigantic sword comes flying at Starcatcher. Miraculously, Starcatcher ducks just in time and doges it. However, Andy happened to be standing right behind her and was impaled by the sword.)

Vulpes: (Walks into the announcer's box) OH MY GOD! ANDY'S DEAD!

Starcatcher: WOO-HOO!!!

Vulpes: You don't like him very much, do you?

Starcatcher: Uh…no…but what are you doing back here? Weren't you looking for Trunks?

Vulpes: I couldn't find him.

Kat: (Stares) Whoa! Whoever Kouken is, she has good aim!

Ridge: Kouken threw that?

Sephiroth: NO! IT WAS ME!!! I DID IT! I DID!!!

Blade: Ooookkkkaaaayyyy…why?

Sephiroth: Because you haven't had one episode featuring a fight between anyone from ANY of the FF Games!

Blade: (Raises eyebrow) Is that all?

Sephiroth: Well…that and the fact that Starcatcher took my sword…

Starcatcher: Look, how about we have the next episode be between two people from FF7?

Sephiroth: Okay! (Leaves)

Starcatcher: Well…I guess that's all the time we have for ANIME DEATHMATCH (echo)!!! The next fight will be Tifa VS Aeris!

Vulpes: Over who gets Cloud! You won't want to miss it!

Blade: But you will unless we get at least 5 reviews!

Everyone: Good night everybody!