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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Starcatcher: Hello everyone! I'm Starcatcher, the host of Anime Deathmatch(echo)!

Blade: And I'm Blade, your co-host!

Ridge: Wait a minute...Blade?

Starcatcher: What are YOU doing here?! Where's Vulpes?

Blade: She got hit by a Mac-truck while oogling over Kamadake from Tenchi Universe. Some people reported a naked little baby with wings near the scene.

Starcatcher: Damn that Cupid...

Ridge: But didn't you try to help her?

Blade: Help her? I was driving the truck! (Drum plays)

Starcatcher: (groan) I should have figured...WILL THE MADNESS EVER END?!!!

Blade: Uh...I don't think so, nope!

Ridge: At least not any time soon from the looks of it.

Starcatcher: Oh, well...Hey! Wait a minute! What were YOU doing driving a MAC TRUCK?!!

Blade: see...

Starcatcher: (shakes head sadly) Blade, Blade, Blade...You were stealing foreign merchandise and selling it on the black market again, weren't you?

Blade: (hangs head) Yes...

Starcatcher: I'm very disappointed in you.

Blade: I admit I have a problem...I'm an addict...I am so ashamed...

Ridge: (Stares)

Starcatcher: You should be! And the only reason why I don't turn you in to the police is that I must have a co-host, and you're the only other person here...

Melvin: Hey!

Starcatcher: ...who's not an annoying Geek...

Andy: What about me, you retard?!

Starcatcher: ...fixing to die...

Sparky: And ME?!

Starcatcher: ...or the freaky psycho who wants to take over the world!!!

Sparky: I don't want to take over the WHOLE world...just this show...then the world!

Starcatcher: Uh-huh. Well, that's NOT going to happen!!!

Sparky: Aww...

Ridge: Hey…where's Kat?

Starcatcher: Kat is a little busy fighting with Chibi Chaos in the Reviews Section.

Kat: (From the Reviews Section) HAH! (Sounds of blasts being fired can be heard) TAKE THAT CUBY!!!

Ridge: Uh…maybe I should go over there and make sure they don't end up destroying everything…(Heads for the reviews section)

Andy: Retard! Retard! Retard!

Starcatcher: Andy! Go back into the arena before I decide to do something teeeeerible!!!

Andy: ...I'll be good...(leaves)

Starcatcher: (turns to Melvin) ...Boo!

Melvin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (Runs into the wall)

Sparky: Wow! Teach me how to do that!

Starcatcher: Later...Anyway, we still have a fight to show so...let's get started!

Blade: That sucked! Why couldn't you have said something dramatic like LETS GET READY TO RUUUUMBLE!!!

Audience: Woo-hoo!!! YEAH! WAA-HOOO!!! YAY!!!

Starcatcher: ...Because you just said it for me!

Audience: Boooooo!!!

Andy: (Nelson laugh) HA HA!

Blade: *BEEP* it!!!

Melvin: (Gets up, unharmed) HEY! NO CUSS WORDS ALLOWED BEFORE THE FIGHT!!!

Starcatcher: Anyway, today's fight is...Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo VS Aieka also from Techi Muyo over who gets Tenchi!!!

Blade: Let the match begin!!!

In the arena...

Andy: All right! On your mark...get set...GO!!!

Ryoko: Tenchi is MINE!!!

Aieka: I WILL win!!!

Ryoko: Yeah, right! Like that'll ever happen!!! (Blasts Aieka, but she blocks it)

Aieka: It will so happen!!! Take this you bitch!!! (Uses Azaka and Kamadake to attack Ryoko from behind)

Ryoko: You'll pay for that!!! (Grabs Aieka's dress and pulls...causing it to rip off, revealing the girdle she's wearing and the cameras start flashing repeatedly)

Blade: That is a horrible sight that shall forever be imprinted in my mind...the horror...THE HORROR!!!

Andy: You are such a wuss...and a retard Blade!!! I'm getting pictures!!!

Starcatcher: Andy, you are SICK!!!

Andy: Well...uh...hold on! Uh...wait a minute! Um...OH! You're a retard!!!

Starcatcher: Come up here and say that to my face...then meet a T-E-E-E-E-E-R-I-B-L-E fate!!!

Andy:'m fine down here...

Starcatcher: I thought so...

Sparky: …OH…MY…GOD!!! You have to wonder how Aieka's gonna react to that one!

Aieka: (after recovering from the shock) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Ryoko: Oh, come on! It's not so'll only be known far and wide as a blimp!

Aieka: How DARE you!!!

Ryoko: How dare I? That's not even the beginning!!! (Grabs Aieka's hair...and pulls it off, revealing a bald head) HAH!!! I knew it! It's fake!!!

Blade: Huh? Is this even supposed to be happening?

Starcatcher: Hmm…apparently, SOMEONE has been messing with the story line again…

Sparky: (Whistles innocently)

Aieka: WHORE!!!


Everyone: SHUT UP!!!

Andy: ...Okay...

Sparky: ...Huh?! Hey look! There's Tenchi running to the arena.

Tenchi: Stop it, both of you!!! You're making fools out of yourselves...(notices Aieka and looks away)

Ryoko: That's what I told her, but she wouldn't listen!


(They start fighting again.)

Blade: And there they go again....

Sparky: Hey wait...what's that?


(Mihoshi's space ship comes crashing through the ceiling, squashing both Aieka and Ryoko, but missing Tenchi and Andy.)

Aieka: (Dies)

Ryoko: (Is alive, but has been flattened into a pancake) Oww…

Andy: Hey...I didn't die!!! IN YOUR FACE, STARCATCHER!!!

Starcatcher: DAMNIT!!!

Tenchi: Aieka...Ryoko...

Sparky: ...Uh...looks like Mihoshi is the winner...

Blade: Wait a minute...THAT'S NOT MIHOSHI!!!

(Mihoshi's ship opens to reveal...)

Everyone: VULPES?!!!


Vulpes: (Is wearing Mihoshi's Galaxy Police Uniform) Hiiiiiii!!! *^-^*

Melvin: (Hearts appear in his eyes as he drools at the sight)

Starcatcher: I can't believe I'm going to say this but...Vulpes WINS!!!

Melvin: WHAT?!!! (Faints)

Vulpes: (turns to Tenchi) That means...YOU'RE MINE!!! (Jumps into Tenchi's arms)

Tenchi: (sarcastic)...Great...

Ryoko: I can't believe this!!!

Blade: (sigh) That's Vulpes for you...she was recovering in the hospital, but when she found out about the fight...

Sparky: ...And the prize!

Blade: She couldn't miss this opportunity!

Vulpes: Yep! So I stole Mihoshi's ship and her uniform and came here!!!!

Starcatcher: This is all because of that no-good brat, Cupid...DAMN YOU, CUPID!!! JUST YOU WAIT. I'LL GET YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!

Tenchi: ...kill me...

Starcatcher: Okay! (Pulls out a super-ultra-589-blaster and aims for Tenchi's head)


Starcatcher: FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE!!! (The blast misses Tenchi completely and hits Andy...killing him)

Blade: OH MY GOD!!!! ANDY'S DEAD!!!!!

Starcatcher: WOO-HOO!!!

Vulpes: (letting go of Tenchi, who makes a run for it) You don't like him very much, do you?

Starcatcher: No.

Vulpes: Well, I'll be seeing you guys...I have to go on a date with Tenchi!!! *Sigh* (hearts in eyes)

Sparky: What about Kafir?

Vulpes: Who?

Everyone: (Sweat drop)

Blade: Uh...there won't be much of a date...Tenchi's getting away.

Vulpes: HEY!!! COME BACK HERE!!! (Runs after him)

Ryoko: HEY! YOU CAN'T HAVE TENCHI! HE'S MIIIIIINE!!! (Regains her normal shape and flies after them)

Starcatcher: Oh, well...I guess that concludes today's episode of Anime Deathmatch(echo)!!! The next fight is Me VS Cupid...Catch us next time! See ya!!!



Blade: Ooookaaay…that was not supposed to happen…

Starcatcher: Well, it's Sparky's fault! He just HAD to add that bit with shaming Aieka!

Sparky: Oh, come on! What're you gonna do?

Starcatcher: I'LL KILL YOU!!! (Starts strangling Sparky)

Sparky: *GASP!!!* Need…air!

Melvin: Where's Vulpes? Isn't she supposed to be here for the closing?

Blade: She's still chasing Tenchi.

Melvin: Oh…then…what are we doing here?

Blade: We're just supposed to remind people that the anime characters that we use belong to their respective owners.

Starcatcher: (Stops strangling Sparky) Don't forget to tell them to review and add their suggestions! (Goes back to strangling Sparky)

Melvin: That's right! No reviews! No fights!

Blade: (Pulls out a bazooka and aims it for the audience) And you'd BETTER review so I can fight too…or else…(Fires bazooka, destroying the camera and ending the picture)