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The Magical Portals
By: kaibafan1

Chapter 2


“Hey look over there, there’re some people unconscious,” said a boy.

“There are three,” said a girl.

“Lets give it a try to see if we can wake them,” said an older boy.

“Hey they’re strange looking,” the girl said.

“Stop making rude remarks,” the older boy said. “They’re waking up.”

The Princess stood up with the other two.

“Where are we?” the princess said.

“I don’t know,” Anumbus said.

“Your in Pallet town” the younger boy said.

“What’s your name, I’m Brock,” the older boy said.

“I’m Misty,” the girl said.

“And I’m Ash and that’s Pikachu,” the younger boy said indicating a big yellow mouse.

“Where are we,” Daise said. “I know he said Pallet Town, but where’s that and what is that thing.” He pointed to Pikachu.

“Are you from another world or something?” Misty said sounding sarcastic.

“We are from another world,” the princess said angrily. “I’m Princess Maria.”

“I’m Prince Anumbus of the earth,” Anumbus said. “She is the princess of the moon kingdom.”

“I’m Daise the warlord of Illusion,” Daise said. The two boys and the girl looked surprised.

The princess sighed then decided to tell them everything. She told them about the portal, the bright light, and everything going dark.

“Then we found ourselves here,” she said.

“Wow that is so cool,” Misty said. “You’re a princess, How do you plan to get back to your world?”

“Well you told us there are different kinds of these Pokemon, that psychic ones can do teleportation. I was hoping we could ask them for help,” Maria said.

“The place with the most psychic Pokemon is the Jhoto League, but we need eight badges from the Jhoto Gyms to get in,” Ash said.

“I don’t know if we have enough time,” Anumbus said.

“We will, we would just be bored at home, this will let us have fun while searching for how to get home,” Maria said.

“Lets do it,” Daise said.

“You can get a new version of the Pokedex and poke balls from Professor Oak,” Ash said.

**** ****

“Welcome Princess, Ash has told me all about you and your friends,” the Professor said. “I think you will be safe to go with Ash, Misty, and Brock. Here are six empty poke balls and a Pokedex. You will need to catch pokemon.”

“There is no need to try and get a few to use right now,” Maria said snapping her fingers and six Pokemon appeared.

They were Espeon, Umbreon, Raichu, Ponyta, Teddiursa, and Chikorita.

“Wow!“ Ash said. “You even have magic.”

“Neat isn’t,” Maria said. “These can help me till I capture more.”

“Lets go,” Ash said. “We don’t know how long it will take us to get to the first city in Jhoto.”

They reached the edge of the Viridian City at noon the next day and decided to spend the night there.

“Lets have just a fun battle to test your pokemon,” Ash said.

“Ok,” Maria said. “Lets make it six on six ok,” Ash said. He had Noctowl, Pikachu, Chikorita, Bulbasaur, Totodile, and Cyndaquil.
Ash threw out Pikachu and she threw out Chikorita.

“Thunderbolt Pikachu,” Ash said.

“Chikorita, Stun Spore,” Maria said. Pikachu’s thunderbolt hit Chikorita but was shook off while Pikachu was stunned.

“Takedown Chikorita,” Maria said. Chikorita’s takedown caused Pikachu to be knocked into the tree.

Pikachu looked like it was in pain. Ash called Pikachu back and sent out Noctowl.

“Noctowl, Tackle attack,” Ash called.

“Chikorita, Vine Whip,” Maria called. Noctowl went right through Chikorita’s Vine Whip and knocked Chikorita out. “Chikorita return, Go Raichu,” Maria called.

Raichu was sent out. “Raichu, Thunder,” Maria said.

“Noctowl Reflect that attack,” Ash called. Noctowl reflected Raichu’s attack.

“Raichu, Agility then use Thunder Punch,” Maria shouted.

“Noctowl, Reflect,” Ash called. Raichu’s Agility was to fast, Noctowl slowed because of this which enabled Raichu to hit him with Thunder Punch.

Noctowl was knocked out. Ash then sent out Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur, Raichu must be tired now use Vine Whip and then Razor Leaf,” Ash said.

“Raichu use Thunder Punch,” Maria said. Bulbasaur missed with Vine Whip but hit Raichu with Razor Leaf.

Raichu was too tired to fight further so Maria called him back. Maria then sent out Ponyta.

“Ponyta, Fire Spin,” Maria said. Bulbasaur was beating badly.

Ash sent Totodile out.

“Totodile, Water gun,” Ash said. The water gun hit Ponyta head on hurting him badly.

Maria had to call him back. She then sent out Teddiursa.

“Teddiursa, Dynamic Punch,” Teddiursa’s attack sent Totodile into a tree. Totodile was knocked out.

Ash called him back and sent out Cyndaquil.

“Cyndaquil, Flamethrower,” Ash said. Cyndaquil’s Flamethrower sent Teddiursa flying.

Teddiursa was knocked out. Maria next sent out Umbreon.

“Umbreon, Smoke Screen,” The area around Umbreon was clouded with smoke made it harder to see Umbreon.

“Cyndaquil, Fire Spin,” Cyndaquil’s Fire Spin caused the smoke to blow up giving Maria the chance she was waiting for.

“Umbreon, Faint Attack,” Maria quickly shouted. Umbreon came out of nowhere and used take down to knock out Cyndaquil.

Ash then sent out Chikorita.

“Chikorita, Solar Beam,” Ash said. Chikorita sent a powerful solar beam at Umbreon knocking him out.

Maria then told Espeon who like Pikachu stayed out of his ball to go.

“Espeon, Psychic Attack,” Maria said. Espeon’s psychic caused Chikorita to weaken.

Chikorita then sent a solar beam at Espeon weakening him.

“Espeon, Shadow Ball,” Maria said. Shadow ball caused Chikorita to be knocked out which made Maria the winner.

“Wow, you were great for someone who has never been in a Pokemon battle,” Ash said.

“Thanks,” Maria said.

“It’s dinnertime I’ve just made my famous stew,” Brock called.

“After we should go to bed and rest for tomorrow,” Misty said tiredly. After eating they went to bed.

An hour later Maria was still awake. She got up and sat down by the water and started crying. She felt an arm go around her and looked to see Anumbus sit down next to her and she put her head against his chest.

He cradled her and then said, “Your homesick aren’t you.” She nodded as tears fell down her face.

“Yes, I’m used to Mother coming in and telling me a story about the mighty Sailor Scouts that existed a long time ago.”

“It’s my favorite story and there’s never been a night she hasn’t told it to me,” she leaned her head against him.

He moved her face so she was looking up at him then leaned down and their lips came together.

“Don’t worry, it won’t take long to get home,” he said. They fell asleep as the moon rose higher in the sky.

In the morning they ate breakfast then headed to New Bark Town. They reached New Bark Town at noon. They were told by Professor Oak to go to Professor Elm’s place where they can get information on the Jhoto rules and new Pokemon. After visiting Professor Elm they decide to take a break halfway to Cherrygrove City on Route 29 and eat lunch.

“Lets eat,” Brock said.

“Yah,” Ash said.

“Maria would you like to come on a walk with me and pick some berries, Professor Elm said that there were berries that could help Pokemon heal. It will take dinner awhile to cook.” Misty said.

“Sure it might be fun,” Maria said. Anumbus didn’t look to sure about letting the girls go out alone and he wanted to make sure Maria was safe.

Maria saw his face and said, “Don’t worry nothing is going to happen and besides I’m pretty tough my self.”

He grinned at that. The two girls went off while the boys fixed their early dinner.

“Hey Misty, over here, I think these are some berries,” Maria said.

“They are,” Misty said. There were two berry bushes. “They are both normal berries that help tired Pokemon.” They gathered a whole basket of berries.

While Anumbus and the others were fixing dinner they heard a loud scream.

“That’s Misty,” Ash said.

“Lets go,” Daise said. They reached the clearing where the girls were.

Espeon was sprawled out on the ground injured. There was Bug Pokemon near, four Beedrills. Misty was freaking out.

“Those are Beedrills,” Ash cried

“No wonder why Misty screamed,” Brock said, “She hates Bug Pokemon.”

Pikachu used Thunder shock on the Beedrills, which made them leave.

“ESPEON!” Maria cried. She went next to Espeon’s side and started to carefully stroke him.

“Give him some berries then let him rest and he should recover enough to be able walk, at least until we reach the Pokemon Center in Cherrygrove City,” Misty said.

After some good rest Espeon was beginning to walk good again so they continued on and reached Cherrygrove City just an hour later.


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