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Chapter 7

While they were eating breakfast Misty asked “We should reach Ecruteak City in just an hour right.”

“According to the guide book, yes we should,” Brock said.

They packed up and continued toward Ecruteak City. When they got there they went to the Pokemon center to heal their Pokemon.

When they started out the Pokemon Center doors Misty said, “Why don’t we visit the Kimono Girls?”

“It says here on this poster that a man will give you money if you beat them in a battle,” Brock said.

“I think we should do it, this battle will get us warmed up to fight the leader of this gym,” Ash said.

“Yah, this will be great because they fight with the evolutions of Eevee and I have two of the evolutions of Eevee,” Maria said.

“Okay, then lets go,” Ash said.

When they reached the Kimono Dance Hall, they found a man outside the place.

“Are you the one that will offer money to anyone who can beat the Kimono Girls,” Maria asked him.

“Yes I am,” the man said.

“Why don’t you just fight them yourself,” Ash asked.

“It’s because I keep getting beat,” the man said.

“We can beat them for you,” Maria said.

“Come on,” Ash said.

When they got inside they saw five girls on the stage.

“Kimono Girls we challenge you to a Pokemon battle,” Ash said.

“Okay,” they said.

“I’m first,” said Kimono Girl 1. “Go Flareon!”

“Go Totodile,” Ash said.

“Flareon, Fire blast,” Kimono Girl said.

“Totodile, Ice Beam!” Ash cried. Flareon missed Totodile and was hit with Totodile’s ice beam and froze Flareon.

“Flareon, Morning Sun!” Kimono Girl cried. Flareon’s morning sun melted the ice and he was free from the ice.

“Totodile, Dynamic Punch,” Ash said.

“Flareon, Headbutt!” Kimono girl 1 cried. Totodile missed the first time with Dynamic Punch and was hit by Flareon’s headbutt.

Then he came back and hit Flareon the second time with dynamic punch and knocked Flareon out.

“Which one of you will fight me,” Kimono Girl 2 said.

“I will,” Maria said.

“Go Vaporeon,” Kimono Girl 2 said.

“Go Raichu,” Maria said. “Raichu, Thunderbolt.”

“Vaporeon, Acid Armor,” Kimono Girl 2 said. Raichu’s thunderbolt went into the water knocking Vaporeon out.

Kimono Girl 3 came over.

“I’ll be fighting you,” Ash said.

“Go Jolteon,” Kimono Girl 3 said.

“Go Noctowl,” Ash said.

“Jolteon, Pin Missile,” Kimono Girl 3 said.

“Noctowl, Reflect,” Ash said. Noctowl’s reflected Jolteon’s attack, causing Jolteon to be hit with its own attack.

“Jolteon, Thunderbolt,” Kimono Girl 3 said.

“Noctowl, Sky Attack,” Ash cried. Noctowl dodged the thunderbolt and hit Jolteon with sky attack knocking him out. Kimono Girl 4 came over.

“I’m going to be fighting you,” Maria said.

“Go Umbreon,” Kimono Girl 4 said.

“Go Espeon,” Maria said.

“Psybeam Umbreon,” Kimono Girl 4 said.

“Psybeam Espeon,” Maria said. The two psybeams hit each other and caused an explosion in the middle of the arena.

“Espeon, Faint Attack,” “Umbreon, Faint Attack,” they shouted at the same time. They missed each other.

“Umbreon, Shadow Ball,” Kimono Girl 4 said.

“Espeon, Agility, then use Shadow Ball,” Maria said.

Umbreon’s shadow ball missed Espeon, and then he was hit by Espeon’s shadow ball. Umbreon was knocked out. Espeon jumped into Maria’s arms.

“You were great,” Maria said.

Kimono Girl 5 came over.

“You’ll be fighting me right,” she said to Ash.

“That’s right,“ Ash said.

“Go Espeon,” Kimono Girl 5 said.

“Go Cyndaquil,” Ash said.

“Espeon, Psybeam,” Kimono Girl 5 said.

“Cyndaquil, Flamethrower,” Ash said. Espeon missed Cyndaquil but was hit by Cyndaquil’s Flamethrower.

“Espeon, Psychic,” Kimono Girl 5 said.

“Cyndaquil, Swift,” Ash said. Cyndaquil was hit by Espeon’s psychic and was slammed back. Espeon was hit with Cyndaquil’s swift and was knocked out.

“Nice job Cyndaquil,” Ash said.

They went outside to where the old man was.

“Here,” he said. “I was going to give $600 dollars to whoever beat them, but there are two of you so you both get $300.”

“Thanks,” they said. They then went back to the Pokemon center to heal their Pokemon and go to bed.

“Tomorrow we’ll visit burned tower and tin tower, they say there are rare Pokemon there,” Brock said.

“Yah, lets go there,” Ash said.

A hurt look came onto Maria’s face.

Anumbus saw this and said, “Maybe we can split here because we have to get back to our own world,” he said.

“We have to do it during a full moon and there’s one tonight, we don’t know when the next one will be,” Maria said looking worried.

Both Anumbus and Daise looked at her.

Then she said, “I practiced my powers yesterday there was no moon and my powers wouldn’t work, their needs to be a full moon to use my powers.”

“None of my powers worked yesterday, but today with the full moon they work,” she said.

“Don’t worry there’ll be a full moon by the time we reach the Jhoto League,” Misty said.

“Now lets get some sleep now,” Anumbus said putting a hand on Maria’s shoulder. She nodded and then they went to sleep.

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