Rosario Vampire Fan Fiction / Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Transfer Student? ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Neliel stared at the gigantic Senkai Gate Captain-Commander Yamamoto had opened. It was, in a way, the largest one she had ever seen. However, it was also the most obscure. Dark, pitch black clouds swirled around, making it impossible to see your hand in front of your face. She glanced at Unohana, who didn't look the slightest bit uncomfortable with the Gate. In fact, she seemed to be lost in thought, with a small longing expression on her face.
Before Neliel could investigate further, she sensed a presence standing behind them. It wasn't uncomfortable; it was warming, as if her insides were turning from ice to molten lava. She wasn't surprised when she heard his voice.
“Hey, Nel, good luck on your… thingie,” Ichigo seemed to be at a loss for words, probably because he knew just as much about this as Nel did. She smiled inwardly; he was so cute when he did that! If she had been looking at him in the eye, she might've blushed.
“Hello, Substitute Shinigami. May I help you with something?” Unohana turned and looked Ichigo right in the eyes. Ichigo seemed to take a step back, as though Unohana had grown a few extra limbs and an extra head that was spouting profanity. Neliel stared, horrified, but also a little relieved. If she had talked to Ichigo, she might've changed her whole mind about doing this in the first place. It was a risk they could not afford to take.
While lost in thought, Unohana tugged at Neliel's arm. “We have to get going if we want to make it before sundown. He can wait,” Unohana looked at Ichigo as she said this. “We will be taking our leave now, Substitute Shinigami. Enjoy yourself in Seireitei.”
And with that, Neliel was dragged through the black Senkai Gate, along with her final farewell of, “Goodbye, Ichigo.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
The gate… opened. Except, it wasn't where she thought they would land. An expanse of buildings greeted them, along with a man in a long white robe. He stared up at them, smiling. Though Neliel knew there was nothing to fear of him if he was a friend of Seireitei, it still didn't stop her from shuddering.
As they walked through the Gate, a very beautiful young woman greeted Neliel and Unohana. “Welcome to Youkai Gakuen! My name is Toudou Ruby, and I will be your chaperone from here on out!” Though she could pass as someone much older than Neliel, Ruby's eyes were sparkling with childhood.
“Where will they be staying, Headmaster?” Ruby questioned, eying the one in white robes called “Headmaster.”
“I was thinking that Miss Nel here could be a student for a couple days at the academy. We don't want her getting too bored with having to wait for this seal.” His gaze flickered over to Neliel. “Considering you've gone into your other form already without the seal, I would estimate it would take about three days to complete it. Until then, you will be a new student at Youkai Gakuen.” Just when he was going to turn away, Nel grabbed his arm.
“Youkai… Gakuen?” Nel knew what that meant. It meant `Monster Academy.' “Why I am going to a school called `Monster Academy?' She saw a small smile grace the Headmaster's mouth, along with Ruby's almost imperceptible smirk.
Unohana intervened at the most appropriate time. “As I'm sure you can recall, I did ask you if you were familiar with demons. You see, Youkai Gakuen is a school for monsters to control their powers and appearances. The world is very cruel to those who are very different. Don't you agree?” Though Unohana was smiling, Neliel could tell she was microscopically annoyed at Nel's ignorance. She made a note never to get on this Captain's bad side, as Ruby, the Headmaster, Unohana, and her made their way to what would be her school for the next three days.