Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ I'll Live Again ❯ Endings ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I'll Live Again
Chapter 1

Kenshin woke suddenly, trying to figure out what had alerted him. Loud crashes were heard from out side and a scream rang through the air. The sounds of a fight. 'Kaoru.' He thought getting up and heading toward the noises. He stepped outside and stopped briefly. Kaoru and Yahiko stood there looking out into the yard. But what he saw next made him pause. A large hole scared the side of the dojo, and looking through it, Kenshin saw it went through two other walls as well. He also saw what had made the hole. A young girl struggled up from where she had landed on the floor.

Her silver hair was up in two heart shaped buns with streamers falling down from the back of them. She wore a white body suit with a short skirt reaching to mid thigh. A panel of white fabric hung in the middle of the skirt, a multicolored star embroidered in it.

Faster then any of them could see she ran out the opening in the wall and into the yard, stopping in front of the man waiting for her. The girls eyes looked empty as she waited, not wanting to make the first move. The man lunged, kicking her in the stomach. She fell back, eyes shining with tears, as she began throwing punches. The fighting stopped, the two enemies catching their breath. Suddenly the man lifted his hand, palm out. A black ball of light gathered there as he aimed at the girl, then redirected it at the people standing on the porch. He fired the blast just as the girl looked up. Fear showed on her face as she placed herself between the three and the black energy ball. She tried to block but it was to strong and broke through her defenses, hitting her. The girl screamed, pain coursing through her body. She fell to her knees, breathing heavily.

"You are so predictable, Moon brat." The man laughed. Always rushing in to protect people. No wonder your friends died, it was because of you. Always to busy getting hurt, clumsy.

He was cut off as the girl screamed. "Shut up, just shut up Chaos. You're the one who killed them. You're the one who destroyed my world, I would still have my daughter, my husband, and my friends if it wasn't for you. So just shut up."

"Give me the crystal and I'll leave you alone."

"Do you really think I'm that stupid? You already have the golden crystal, take it and leave." Chaos just laughed at her, raising his hand and firing another blast. The girl deflected it, eyeing him. When she next spoke it was almost to quiet to understand. "I can't let you win."

"Do you have a choice? I will get the crystal, and get what I want. You are going to lose this battle." Chaos mocked. She looked directly at him, anger, hate, and sorrow in her eyes.

"No, I have to destroy you. That is my only choice. I may lose a battle, but I will win the war." She took the broach from her chest and held it above her head. As it slowly opened the object inside extracted itself, and the broach fell away. Floating between her hands was a flower shaped crystal glowing a bright silver. Suddenly the girl changed, her hair turned golden and her outfit into a dress.

"Is this the power you wanted, Chaos? A power that kills you when you use it? Then you truly are an idiot." A blast of bright silver light erupted from the crystal, hitting the man. Once the light died down and the members of Kenshin's group were able to see again, they saw both fighters collapsed on the ground. Shakily the blond haired girl struggled up and stumbled over to where her enemy lay. What happened next was rather confusing.

"You did it Sere, you won."

"I don't want to lose you! Please, don't die." She was sobbing, tears fell on to the mans face. "Please, don't die. Please."

"I'm sorry." The mans body started to glow a pail golden color. "I love you."

"I love you, too." His body disappeared, leaving the girl alone in the yard. No longer trying to stay awake the girl collapsed. Tears leaked from her eyes even while she was unconscious. Light surrounded her, lifting her up. When the group on the porch could see once again they found the same blond girl in different clothing. Kenshin and the others were to stunned to move at first. Finally Kenshin stepped off the porch and picked the girl up, concern playing in his eyes.

"Yahiko, please go get Miss Megumi."

"Ok." Yahiko ran out the dojo gates in a hurry.

"Kaoru, can you make a place for this girl to sleep?"

Kaoru nodded and hurried inside. Bye the time Yahiko arrived with Megumi the blonde girl had already been laid out on a futon.

Megumi ordered them out of the room, and they complied. About three hours latter Megumi came out looking tired. "She'll be fine, I think. The next few hours will tell. She was hurt badly. Can you tell me what happened?"

"I m not sure, I woke up to the sounds of a fight and went out on to the porch trying to figure out what was wrong. This girl and a man were fighting each other. That is all I could figure out." Kaoru answered. Megumi looked at Kenshin, waiting for him to speak.

"I know as much as Miss Kaoru, that I do." The question was left alone. Megumi stayed at the dojo for the night to watch over the sleeping girl.