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I'll Live Again
Chapter 3

Serena slowly opened her eyes. 'Another night with little rest.' Sighing, she clambered up and went outside. Turning she jumped on to the roof and sat down at the very top. The moon rose above her, it's comforting rays healing her wounds. 'If only it could heal my heart.' Silent tears ran down her cheeks as she buried she head in her knees. Memories ran through her head that she would have sooner forgotten. A light touch on her shoulder made her look up. She saw the redheaded from earlier.

'Kenshin.' she remembered. He sat down beside her, eyes full of concern.

"Miss Serena, are you ok?" He asked softly.

"I'm fine." She wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Would you like to talk about it?"

She shook her head slightly as Kenshin watched her. "I'm not ready yet. I'll tell you someday, when I can remember without tears.They are memories I'd sooner forget."

"Aa. Memories have a habit of resurfacing when we least want them to, that they do."

"Yes, they do." Serena silently rose from her seated position and flipped off the roof.

Kenshin easily followed, landing beside her. "I'm going for a walk, I'll see you in the morning."

"The roads are dangerous, and you should get more sleep, that you should." Kenshin warned her, remembering Megumi's orders.

"I'll be alright. If you want you can come, but I'll have to have you some ways away." Serena headed towards the dojo gates with Kenshin following behind her.

After a time they came by a field. Rocks of all sizes littered the area, and tall grass made the field dangerous to walk in at night. Serena, ignoring the possibility of an injury, heading to the largest and tallest rock. Climbing up she sat down and began a deep breathing pattern.

Meditating didn't get her mind off of the past, but it did help her think things through. Like why she still felt a connection to her daughter. True, she should still have that connection, but it was stronger then is should have been. She always had a connection to her family and friends, but they were much weaker then if they had been alive. Her daughter had died during a fight. But something told her that she was wrong - something had happened and it had to do with Pluto, she was sure of that.

Serena waited, calling on her friend's spirit or past self. Honestly, she wasn't sure if it was possible, she was in a different dimension and it would most likely take a lot of Pluto's energy to get to this dimension. Her powers dealt with time, and being a spirit gave her less energy. After an hour, she gave up and turned to where the wide eyed Kenshin stood.

'He must be able to feel the energy I'm putting out.' Serena slowly hid her energy signature again. Climbing down off the rock she headed back to Kenshin. 'Trouble's going to come soon. Some one evil is close by. I'll have to be careful.'

"Come on Kenshin, lets go back." Slowly, she headed back down the road, thinking Kenshin would follow her. He stood routed to the spot. She walked back and waved her hand in front of his face. "You okay?"

Kenshin snapped out of the daze he was in. He turned his violet eyes to her, expression clearly questioning. Serena laughed softly and grabbed his hand, pulling him along with her.

"The sun is going to be up soon. There goes my hope for more sleep. I guess I'll just do some easy practice this morning." She ran a head, yelling form him to hurry up.

The two arrived at the dojo gates just before the first rays of light peeked above the horizon. Almost immediately Kenshin rushed inside murmuring about breakfast. Serena just laughed as she jumped onto the roof. Once she had climbed to the top she started doing stretches, then she moved to her balancing exercises, gymnastics. She was so wrapped up in what she was doing she did not notice the crowed she was attracting.

"Serena, get down here. You might reopen your wounds." Serena paused and looked below her to where Megumi, Yahiko, Kenshin, Sano, and Kaoru stood. With out question she jumped off the roof and landed on front of them. "You are supposed to be in bed resting! What were you doing up there? You could have hurt yourself further!"

"Don't worry Dr. Megumi, I'm fine, really. I'm almost healed, and as for what I was doing, I faced that risk when I took up the sport." Seeing Megumi was not convinced Serena sighed and turned to Kenshin. "It breakfast done?"

Kenshin's eyes widened and he hurried inside, only to come out a bit later and announce that breakfast was ready. The group filed inside and sat down at the table. Apparently the usual happened, or at least no one seemed to think it was unusual behavior. Yahiko and Kaoru fought, Kenshin tried to calm them down. Sano joined the two in their fight, either siding with Yahiko, or teasing Megumi. Kenshin was the peacemaker in all this, though he did not seem to be having much success.

Serena just sat back and watched, smiling. In fact, she realized she had smiled more in the past two days then she had in a year or more, even with... Her eyes went sad, she didn't want to think of that at the moment.

Suddenly, everything seemed to go quiet. Even the sound of the people fighting seemed to stop. Serena felt the evil that she had noticed earlier to close for her comfort. 'I have to get out of here or these people might be hurt.' Swiftly she got up and ran out the door, heading for the power she had felt. Kenshin's group stared in shock at where the blonde had just been. Kaoru nudged Kenshin and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"Let's follow her." Before Kenshin could protest she grabbed his arm and pulled him along with her. The others followed behind as they ran to keep up with her. One thought ran through their minds 'What was going on, why had she run out so quickly?'