Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ I'll Live Again ❯ Traveling to Battle ( Chapter 8 )

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I'll Live Again
Chapter 8

Serena, Kohanna, Rini, and Helios waited by the side of the road sitting or leaning against various sakura trees. Darkness surrounded them as they scanned the road behind them. It was a few days after the encounter with Saitoh and Okubo, only two to be exact. Kenshin had tried convincing them to stay behind and not interfere but had not seceded. They were now waiting for him to say his good bye to Kaoru so that they could leave for Kyoto.

"I think I see him." Rini strained her eyes as a dark figure approached them. Once it became apparent it was the redhead they waited for, the small group stood as one and brushed themselves off. Kenshin approched before stopping a few feet away.

"Are you ready Kenshin? You don t have to do this." Serena's eyes looked at him, examining his face for any sign of hesitation. "I told you we could take care of him."

"That is not necessary. I do not wish for you to get involved in this, that I do not." Kenshin's voice was soft. He bent his head so that his bangs covered his eyes. He continued to walk past them as they talked, the family falling instep beside him.

"You didn t want to leave her did you? " The voice was soft and light. Kenshin looked to see Kohanna walking next to him. He examined her figure noticing that she looked different, as did the others. All looked older, but the only one who had a significant change in appearance was the youngest who looked to be about twelve instead of one. "You love her."

Kenshin stayed quiet, not answering. Rini giggled slightly and leaned over to whisper in her mother's ear. The three girls covered their mouths with their hands and laughed. Kenshin glanced at them quickly before bowing his head again to hide the blush that crept to his cheeks. His mind raced to think of a subject less embarrassing to himself.

"Miss Kohanna, you look a lot older, that you do. Is that your true form? " Kenshin ventured. Kohanna shook her head as a smile spread across her face.

"No, this is just a form that is easier and more comfortable to travel in than the form I had before. In my real form, I don't look much older than Kaoru." Kohanna felt a hand placed on her shoulder and looked up into her grandmother's eyes.

"You can change into your true form if you want, just keep your hair a darker color." Serena grinned as Kohanna nodded enthusiastically and turned to run into the trees. After a brief pause from the small group, the girl returned looking like she was eighteen years old. Her hair was a dark blonde and she was an inch or two taller then Kenshin. Kenshin blinked at how fat the change occured.

"Let s hit the road!" Kohanna chirped and started walking ahead of everyone. Shrugging Serena looked at Rini and smiled as her grandchild stopped and yelled at them to hurry.

"She's your daughter." The Queen laughed. Rini frowned in response, choosing not to answer. Running to catch up to her granddaughter, Serena turned to yell at the three. "Come on or she will get impatient! "

Kaoru kneeled in the clearing with the fireflies dancing around her shaking form. Once she dried her tears the young woman stood and headed back to her home. Thoughts of Kenshin clouded her mind as she came to the gates and passed through only to collapse on her futon. Tears made paths anew down her cheeks as the thought that he had rejected her made a passing wave that brought up new questions to think about. As if sensing her distress and hearing her cries, Yahiko knocked on her door softly. Not recieving an answer, he opened the door and slipped into the room. He sat beside her shaking form for once not making any rude comments. After a few minutes she stopped sobbing and looked up at her only student.

"What do you want?" Kaoru s voice was soft without its usual spirit. Yahiko waited trying to think how to answer, it was obvious that she new Kenshin left but she may not know about the others disappearance.

"Serena and her family are gone. I think they went with Kenshin to Kyoto. They left an odd note and three train tickets." Yahiko informed her softly.

"What did the note say? "

"It said 'one week after you get this note take the train tickets to the station at noon. We' ll meet you there. Further instruction will be given then. The tickets are for Kaoru, Yahiko and Megumi. Sanosuke can walk so tell him to get a move on. Megumi's ticket is for a later date.'"

"We can go!" Kaoru smiled at the news but the smile faded all to quickly. "Kenshin didn't want us around."

"Apparently Serena does and shouldn't we listen to her? She is, after all. a Queen with more power then Kenshin, and she seems to know what will happen. She might think we are needed." Yahiko grinned as his teacher turned thoughtful.

Finally Kaoru nodded and turned to Yahiko. "Remind me to tell Megumi about the note in the morning."

Yahiko nodded and got up to go back to his room. As he slipped out he heard Kaoru's voice again, telling him she would be cooking breakfast in the morning. Scowling he poked his head back in the room.

"Why do you have to cook? I'd rather go hungry then die!" Kaoru's pillow hit the door as he retreated to the hall with a smile. After retrieving her pillow she coushioned her head on it, now feeling much better, and fell into a less troubled sleep.

Serena felt someone poking her side to try and wake her. She lazily rolled over and spread her arms out, hitting the annoying person's face. Cracking an eye open she looked up to see Kohanna and Rini staring at her. When Serena looked around she could not see Kenshin's red hair, but she had expected as much.

"He tried giving us the slip huh?" Rini nodded. "I thought he would, but don't worry, that's what magic is for. We'll do a short range teleportation, I already know where he is going."

Nodding the group joined hands to form a circle and combined their powers. A bright glow surrounded them and they disappeared with in the light as if it had swallowed their bodies. Each in the group had a sensation as if their bodies were being jerked forward and in moments they were dumped haphazardly on the ground.

"Oro?" Kenshin stood inches behind them, having jumped back slightly seconds before they landed. Standing Serena held out her hand to the redhead and smiled brightly.

"Hello again. I thought we made it clear that we were coming on this trip wether you liked it or not." Behind her the others stood and dusted themselves off. Kenshin stared at all of them blankly.

"Oro. How did you do that?" Kenshin looked bewildered, making Serena laugh.

"Remember I told you I had magic? I even recall using it to show you our past." Serena said pointedly. Kenshin blinked, not seeming to remember. "I can use my magic to travel long and short distances. In short, teleportation at the speed of light"

Kenshin still looked confused, but did not comment any further. Serena just sighed and started walking, taking brief note of her surroundings. Kenshin had taking to traveling off road and was now moving through a forest, dense trees lining the undefined path they tread. As they walked, Kenshin a little ahead of the others, Rini leaned sideways so that she could whisper into her mother's ear. Serena shook her head and whispered something back, the response making Rini, and Kohanna who had been eavesdropping, frown at the unsatisfactory answer.

"Mother!" Rini whined, making Kohanna giggle.


"*I just want to spread my wings for just a little bit!*"

"*Haven't you searched for any Ki that might be close enough to see you if you did?*"

"*Yes!*" Rini answered indignant.

"*Not well enough. We need to work on your Ki sensing skills.*" Serena sighed, casting a glance at Kenshin. "*Besides, our friend doesn't need the shock of seeing us with wings, and don't frown Kohanna, you can't even fly yet*"

Most of the day continued in such a fashion, the three women bickering or giving each other the silent treatment. At one point Kenshin asked Helios if that how it always was. He simply answered that it was to confuse people and hide their identities, besides the fact that they thought it fun. He was silent after that, he did much the same act thing after all.

About dusk they settled by a river and set up camp. Helios took control of the hunting, plucking a bow and arrow from his subspace pocket before leaving the camp area. Kohanna was left to explain what a subspace pocket was as Serena started a fire and Rini put together the beginnings of a stew. When Helios returned from the hunt Kenshin took the rabbit he caught and prepared them for cooking. Not knowing what to cook with them, he let an eager Rini take over. They enjoyed a nice meal, somewhat new to Kenshin. Serena made sure they beded down early that night so Kenshin could not slip away again.

Kaoru woke early the next morning and started breakfast, putting together miso soup and rice for the meal. At some point she forgot about the rice and had to rush back in to salvage what was left of it. The miso soup turned out fine in the end but she still teased about her cooking skills.

After setting Yahiko to work scrubbing the floor, Kaoru grabbed a train ticket with the lattest date and left to visit Megumi. The walk was pleasant and she reached the clinic with out delay. The clinic was not very far from the dojo so the morning walk did not take long and she was soon calling for Megumi's attention.

"What do you want Racoon?" Megumi did not look up as the sapphire eyed girl entered her clinic. Kaoru huffed in response to the nick name while pulling out the ticket.

"Serena left train tickets for us to go to Kyoto in two weeks from yesterday." Kaoru handed the ticket to the doctor and turned to leave but Megumi stopped her.

"So Kenshin left. You did now we could not have stopped him if we wanted to."

"I know Megumi. He left around midnight yesterday, I wish he had left without saying anything." Megumi looked up and studied Kaoru's face before she could turn away. Quietly Kaoru turned and left. The doctor sighed and retrned to what she had been doing, making note to stop by the dojo later.