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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“The Anime-Fun-Happy-Hyper-Zone”!!!
A fan fiction by H.A.C.K
The story starts in a desolate wasteland. Only seen are two chairs, microphones, and an unusual machine. Suddenly the abnormal machine starts to give off a rainbow of lights,
And a girl appears.
Girl: Time for ACTION!!!
* With her machine, a whole studio is formed, staff is funning around doing their jobs, and a audience is cheering on*
Girl: *asking one of the workers* Where is Meri?
Worker: She's in her dressing room…been in there for an hour.
Girl: *angry* who I work with these days…*sighing and walking to Meri Umail's dressing quarters.
Girl: Oh Meredith, my best friend in the whole world… why are you still in here?
Meri: *with tears* I had the WORST day ever Chris! I got a B+ in History, my favorite pink dress doesn't fit, and one of my fan mails said that my butt was big!
Chris: *looks at poster on wall* He he. Now why would somebody say that?*still mocking laughs*
Meri: I know right. He shall be destroyed once I'm elected dictator.
Chris: Yeah…uh, let's go on k???
Meri: Ok.*thinking*I wonder what my inauguration dress should be…
Chris: * on stage* Are you ready people??!!
AUD: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: *digging in her ears* you sure are. Anyhow, our first guest is-
Worker: uh Chris, you better come here…
Chris: *whispers* ok. *to audience* Uh…wait one sec. Look at these nice hair gel commercials from Son Goku Hair inc.
T.V: *Goku talking* When you in a tiring battle, and your hair don't look that good…
///In Meri's room…again…///
Meri: *crying* Wah!!!
Chris: What's the matter now?
Meri: That guy sending me the evil fan letters says that I look like a cow!
Chris: Grr! * now pulling Meri down the hall* Get out here NOW!
///Back on Stage…finally…///
Chris: Welcome to the Anime-Fun-Happy-Hyper-Zone! I'm your host, Christine Olukere, and my co-host Meredith Umail.
AUD: Whoo!
Chris: Ok, if you people do not know how the game works, 10 people from different animes are put into a small room. There is a door in the room, and that will lead to 7 closed doors. These doors lead to 7 alternate universes that you have to do special things inside. A list with their name will be found in the starting room. Now for our contestants!
Meri, if you please.
Meri: Please what?
Chris: Get on with it already!!!
Meri: I was joking, I'm smart* shows an exam scantron with an A+++* and beautiful* flips her hair* Anyhow, contestant # 1 has a cross shaped scar on his cheek and lives in Meiji-Era Japan. With red-hair and amethyst eyes, here's Kenshin Himura!
Kenshin: Hello.
Fan Girls in AUD: *screaming*
///Machine is working///
Chris: What the heck? Didn't I turn that thing off?
*Appearing out of nowhere is Karou, and she has a very bad expression on her face…*
Kenshin: *confused* Hi Karou-dono.
Karou: Don't hi me! Why didn't you tell me that you were going on this show?!
Kenshin: ah…oro?
Karou: *bonks Kenshin on the head with her bokken* Oro! I'm not taking that anymore!
Fan girls in AUD: Hey, you don't do that to Kenshin, or you will regret it!
Karou: Shut up! Don't tell me what I can't do with my husband!
Fan Girls: You're not married to him! That episode has not aired in the U.S!
Karou: In Japan I am!
Fan Girls: We're in New Jersey!
Karou: Dare to question me! *taking her bokken, she uses it as boomerang and hits on the head every single one of the fan girls and then lands back in her hand*
Chris: *sweat drop* ok…yeah…uh, I'll get back to you after we take these girls and Kenshin to the hospital…later.