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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A Fan Fiction by H.A.C.K
///After an endeavor to the hospital, we make it back to the studio///
Chris: Who knew that a bokken could do that much damage…?
Meri: Oh well. Who knew that those doctors could actually be hot? I'll need a first man in my dictatorship.
Chris: *sigh* Yeah…well, we have Kenshin here,* pointing at a man with a HUGE bandage on his head* so we should introduce the next 9 contestants.
Meri: Ok! Our second contestant is a mamodo with a heart of gold and a stomach of steel. Still can't believe how he eats that much fish, and doesn't even gain a pound! Why can't metabolism like that be given to the most deserve that ability. Like the people who are smart, fashionable, and want to rule the world!!!
AUD: * cricket chirps*
Chris: We feel your pain Meri. Let's bring out Zatch Bell!
Zatch comes out with a smile plastered on his face, and then with drool while looking at our custom sushi bar. Bad thing was that there was a centerpiece of all things. And that centerpiece was a yellowtail fish.
Zatch: *drools* looks SO delicious…
Chris: No! It's a plastic centerpiece!
But it's too late, as Zatch Bell devours it in one bite.
Zatch: Yummy!
Chris: *wide eyes* yummy…that's yummy?!*falls on the floor* I need a new job.
Character: Yeah. Because I'm going to taking over this crap house.
Chris: Who the FREAK are you?
Character: I'm a creature from the shadows, a creature from hell, and a creature from your favorite pizzeria, I am… the dark pizza guy!*lighting *
Chris: * sweat drop* Dark Pizza Guy?
D.P.G: Dark Pizza Guy! *lighting*
Chris: Meri, say the rest of the contestants and get this over with. Let me deal with the “Dark Pizza Guy”
Meri: Kay, we also have…
Chris: Who the hell do you think I am?
D.P.G: A customer waiting for doom! Dark Pizza Guy!*lighting*
Chris: Well, you know what?
D.P.G: I know that I shall defeat you with dried anchovies and teary onions. Dark Pizza Guy! *lighting*
Chris: No…I know that I'm going to beat the living crap out of you!!!
With this she flings a chair at “Dark Pizza Guy”, and then another and another…all landed on his head as a matter of fact…
Chris: How you like me now, Pizza man!!! Huh!?!
D.P.G: *babbling in pain*
Chris: thought so. Now, is everyone here?
Mari has Kenshin, Zatch Bell, Yami Yugi, Kagome, Vegeta, Kiki, and Hiei.
Chris: Have you explained to them what to do?
Mari: Yes. But this guy here* pointing to Hiei* was commenting on my weight!
Chris: Hiei, were you commenting on Mari's weight?
Hiei: Hnn.
Chris: Answer me, or I'll just tell the WHOLE world on NJANIME T.V about your obsession with…
Hiei: I was.
Chris: Ok.
Meri: Ok? Ok!? YOU just LEAVE him off with OK?!!?
Chris: All the crew know of your secret candy nights. And you say you're on a “diet”.
Meri: It's a new one! Its…it's called…the Willy Wonka Weight Watchers!!!
Chris: So that explains the Nerds…
Meri: *nervous* uh… so, you people should be going. Follow me…follow me…
Chris: *sigh* *looks at the Dark Pizza Guy* Could I have a pineapple and sausage pizza?
D.P.G: * still confused* with hot wings or cinnamon sticks?
Chris: Cinnamon.
D.P.G: Kay. *trying to get up but keeps falling* D'OH!
Chris: We will be back with “Wonka Watchers” and more next!!!