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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Anime-Fun-Happy-Hyper-Zone!!!
A fan fiction by H.A.C.K
Chris: Welcome back to the Anime-Fun-Happy-Hyper-Zone!!! Yeah!!!
AUD: * all gone*
Chris: Um…people…where are u?!?!
Staff: Chris, they found a new show to watch.
Chris: What show?!?!
///In other world…like New York…///
Mister P: Hey everybody! Seems like a lot of people today! *thinking* but they don't know the truth…*normal self* ha ha ha! Now you people get free T-Shirts and chocolate on ME!
AUD: Whoo ho! Yay! All Right! Cool! Nice! Sweet!
Mister P: Uh guys…
AUD: Awesome! Great! Excellent…
Mister P: Uh guys…
AUD: Psychedelic! Rad-
Mister P: Shut up or I'll bake you!
AUD*girl*: Wah! Mommy, that man going to bake us!
Mom: Don't worry dear, he won't. *Throw bag at him* Hyah!
M.P: Not again! No!!! *hits him* kooky kola!
Mom: let's go back to that sweet Chris' show.
AUD: Yeah! That rocks! Cool-
Mom: Shut up!
///Back to Chris' Show///
Chris: Whoo! That's all back to normal. Now, let's watch our 10 anime peoples be sent to their doom! Muhahahahaha! Muhahahahaha-*cough cough* Need to break that habit…
///looking at our stars///
Vegeta: Why did I go through with this thing?
Voice: Because your wife told you.
Vegeta: Who's that?
Voice: the ruler of this realm, Anza the Great!
Vegeta: Get out of my way before I blast you to bits.
Anza: Yeah right, you can't even see me!
Vegeta: *thinking* he's right.
Anza: Ha! I AM right!
Vegeta: *thinking* He keeps repeating me.
Anza: He keeps repeating me.
Vegeta: Shut up!
Anza: Shut up!
Vegeta: That is enough! * throws a ki blast into the infinite space*
Anza: You can't get me…*blows raspberry*
Vegeta: be quiet you insolate creature! I am King of Saiyans!
Anza: You're just the prince.
Vegeta: Yah! * throws 100 more ki blasts*
Anza: Stupid fool, I know everything, see everything, and do EVERYTHING! You can never defeat me!
Vegeta: Really now, I cannot? *takes one step forward but is interrupted by Anza's shrill cry*
Anza: Ack!
Vegeta: Huh? What has happened to you, and what is this pebble I'm stepping on?
Anza: * in a weak voice* the pebble is me, get off of me!!!
Vegeta: Oh. *takes pebble Anza and flings him away* Stupid thing.
Anza: * voice fading* Wait! I will bury you!!!
Vegeta: Now…*looking at his surrounds* what is this place?
///Back to show…///
Chris: Okay, a pebble guy. Maybe I should have put him in the land with the pixies…oh well! Wait a minute, where's Meri?
///In a Galaxy far far away…///
Meri: Okay…give me the saber.
Darth Vader: I am your father.
Meri: No you're not! My father is my father, so hand it over!
Darth Vader: Oh man…that always works with Luke…
///At Show…///
Meri: Hiyas!
Chris: where have you been, and what's with the saber?
Meri: Oh, nothing…
Chris: Did you use the transport machine again…last time you stole J.Lo's half billion dollar ring…
Meri: Yes I did…and that ring sells good on EBAY!!!
Chris: *sigh* Later Guys.