Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ First Impressions ❯ Part II: Kenshin ( Chapter 2 )

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First Impressions
Part II
The incident had been strange, and unexpected, and he'd thrashed Sano later. That didn't change the fact she'd been a good kisser.
-- - - -- - - - --- - --
As he left the office, he couldn't help but be satisfied with his work.
Working as the head of an underground police force that managed the underworld of nonhumans had its perks. Being able to manipulate the government with the snap of a finger was one. Being able to call yourself a consultant and charge people absurd amounts of money was another. And knowing that if someone really irritated you, it didn't matter because most of them were bound to die soon anyway was a third.
Kenshin was currently enjoying the last of these benefits. After spending several agonizing weeks trying to not violently decapitate John Descart, the head of an illustrious pharmaceutical company and a thriving illegal drug empire, he was glad to be out of the building.
He had chosen to handle John Descart himself because of the skilled assassins Descart had hired to eliminate anyone who irritated him, or he suspected of trying to kill him. And Kenshin was fairly certain that extremely long-lived demonic shadow assassins made that list.
`It doesn't matter anyways...Descart should have done a background check on those two, or he would have realized they were undercover agents for Saitou's organization...which, despite our long-running feud, isn't going to help kill me for a man like Descart.'
He laughed softly. Descart really had been stupid. Otherwise he wouldn't have hired an assassin to do consultant work for him.
Looking around, he realized he had made his way to the celebrity section of the business district. He often wandered around the city thinking, and he had a tendency to wander exactly where he needed to be.
`That's right, I'm supposed to have to meet Sano for a late lunch in have an hour...I might as well go over early.'
He decided to pick up some food, since he was sure he would end up paying for it anyways.
`I still have leftovers. If Sano complains, I'll just remind him he owes me money...'
Noting a police car parked outside the building, Kenshin rapped on the window.
“Saitou. It's me.”
The window rolled down, revealed a narrow-eyed police officer with two long bangs on either side of his face. It was said that it took an hour every morning for Goro Fujita, alias Hajime Saitou, to arrange these bands perfectly. Never in his presence, of course; that was inviting death by Gatotsu.
“Battousai. What do you want?”
“Descart is dead. What about Makoto?”
“Makoto is currently hiding in a luxury hotel to the north of here. My spies have informed me that he spends most of his time with an unknown woman in the hot springs.” Saitou said disapprovingly.
“The unknown woman is named Yumi. She's Makoto's girlfriend, and her file is n your apartment already. Get back to me once you've gone through it.” Kenshin turned and left; he knew that Saitou's organization was efficient to a fault. Everything would be handled, and he would have an even more detailed report on his desk tomorrow.
Unfortunately, it would also be snarky, because Saitou would never let Kenshin get away with mistakes. Still, they had to cooperate; certain information was generally missed by Saitou's operatives. Kenshin dealt with their persona lives, and their minds. This information, to him, was worth more then any amount of data. Data told what a person did. Being able to see into someone's head allowed you to see who he was.
And that in turn led to long, intricate plots that succeeded because Kenshin could predict what they would do with uncanny accuracy. It was one of the few reasons Saitou still cooperated with Kenshin.
That and the fact Kenshin dealt far better with other people then Saitou did.
`If it wasn't for my help, Saitou would have no informants. They'd rather kill themselves and die nobly then deal with him.'
His phone rang, and Kenshin idly wondered if there was some sort of conspiracy to prevent him from arriving early at Sano's office. If this phone call was from Shishio, he was definitely going to have to consider the possibility.
The caller ID told him the call was from Shishou. He relaxed. `I doubt anyone could steal Shishou's cell phone.'
“Idiot. Where are you?”
“I'm trying to get to my car, so I can get the leftovers out of the trunk. But it seems to be difficult.”
“Most shadow assassins can open a trunk, idiot.”
“First, Saitou, now you. You're assuming I can get to my car unhindered. Why did you call?”
“Descart is dead.”
“I know, Shishou-I killed him.”
“Did you get the information, idiot?”
“No, Shishou. I killed him just because he annoyed me.”
“Idiot. Get me those files.”
“If you left your hut more than once a month you'd already have them.” Kenshin mumbled.
“Quiet, idiot.” Kenshin heard his teacher hang up and turned his cell phone off. Anyone who really needed him could call his emergency phone anyways.
After retrieving a cooler full of leftover pasta salad and soup, Kenshin finally made it into the lobby.
“Mr. Himura. You're early today.” Jane said disapprovingly, twirling a lock of blonde hair around one finger.
`Why Sano hired this, woman, I will never understand. The only work I've ever seen her do is go and tell him he has visitors. Does she do anything else, or did he hire her for her looks? Knowing Sano, it's the latter...I wonder if Megumi knows. Which begs the question of how he's still alive...'
While he pondered the terms of Jane's employment, Jane went upstairs and rushed back down, looking flustered and disheveled.
`What was she doing up there?'
“Um...Mr. Sagara will see you now. You can leave the cooler in the break room.” She pointed to a door behind her.
The break room turned out to be a lounge with a kitchenette corner and several squashy chairs. There was a very shiny fridge in one corner. In fact, all the metal in the room was shiny.
`Maybe she's actually a maid. And she spends her time polishing the appliances.'
In the fridge, Kenshin found beer and a few moldy apples. There was also a deli salad labeled Jane, presumable to stop Sano from accidentally eating it.
As he knocked on the enormous office door, Kenshin heard voices.
“Ow...” Kenshin was surprised. It was a woman' s voice, and not Megumi's. Sano was off today, so it wasn't a client. Had he invited someone else to lunch?
`Oh God, he had better not be trying to set me up again...' Memories of the last time Sano had sent him on a date flashed through his mind.
Shaista Von Du was a model. She was also vapid, shallow, and unbearably feminine. And she had been convinced after one date that he'd been madly in love with her.
It had been a disaster from then on-Kenshin had eventually been forced to take out a restraining order, and he had had a talk with Shaista.
He did feel bad about making her cry, but it had taken care of her delusions. And he'd been left in relative peace since then.
Except, of course, for that one time when Jane had tried to hit on him. But he'd wormed his way out of that situation. There was always the possibility that Sano had simply invited two people at different times to bring him lunch to feed his bottomless pit of a stomach. His coming early had probably just screwed with his plans.
The door opened. His friend stood in front of him.
“Kenshin! You're early. I thought wouldn't be over for a while.” Sano said.
Kenshin glanced discretely behind Sano and saw a dark-haired girl standing in the office. She was trying not to look at him nervously.
`That must be the girl I heard. Who is that? I've definitely seen her before...'
“Funny thing, that. The guy I was supposed meet wired over the money, and died three minutes after. Arsenic poisoning. Weird, isn't it?” Kenshin smirked at the thought of Descart. He loved his job. Yes, there were minor problems like the fact people kept trying to kill him, and the reams of paperwork, but it paid well, and there was always the satisfaction of ridding the world of morons.
“Ahem.” Sano coughed, turning to stare at the girl.
`Why do I feel like this is some kind of conspiracy?'
The girl came over to him. Her eyes, he noted, were a vivid blue. He had seen her somewhere, but not in person.
“I'm Kaoru Kamiya.” She sounded nervous.
`Kaoru. Sano's friend...that's right, Sano's talked about her...which means he's definitely not setting me up, Sano never introduces me to his friends...for good reason...'
“I don't think Sano has the manners to introduce us, so...?” She was holding out her hand to him.
“Kenshin Himura.”
He was about to grab her hand when she moved.
He felt a hand yank on his collar and then she kissed him-
`Definitely a conspiracy.'