Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Goodbye, Mom ❯ Goodbye, Mom ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A/N Sequel to "Hello, Dad". There will be a side-story coming soon. This is very short, but give it a chance.
Goodbye, Mom
It's been 2 weeks since we buried Dad, 1 week since he died. Everyone was there. Everyone from Kyoto, Tokyo, China, German, any one who was ever affected by Dad was there. People I haven't ever seen only heard about from Mom's stories. Everyone except Okina-jiji, Police Chief, Dutch Consul Elster, and Dr. Gensai who all died years before. But I know that they might have been there in spirit.
They all came and decided to stay a bit after, to make sure that Mom and I were okay. They all stayed near the dojo or in the dojo and took care of us like we were made out of glass. There were a lot of people, too many that I lost count, and they all cared for us. They were all strong for us since we weren't strong enough for ourselves. Sure they cried, mourned, and stormed about, mad at Dad for leaving us, but they tried not to do it in front of us.
It was a good thing that they stayed too. If they had left after Dad's funeral, they might have been ticked off somewhere deep in their subconscious to find out that they had to come to the dojo once more for another funeral that occurred one week later.
It had only been 4 days since we buried Dad, when I found Mom dead, on top of Dad's grave. I would have laughed at the irony if I wasn't to busy sobbing. Dad had died in Mom's arms, and now she died in his.
So now we gather once more for the funeral of Kaoru Kamiya-Himura.
I guess Mom really loved Dad enough to be unable to survive without him. Dad had only been dead for less than 2 weeks and Mom couldn't stand it. Her body gave out, her mind and spirit long gone. She was loyal to him, even in death. He was her life.
But she…she was my everything. She was the one who kissed my buts and took me all over Japan. She played all sorts of sports with me and helped with my homework. She wasn't the best cook, so she made sure I was. She kept me distracted so that I wouldn't notice Dad's absence. She always thought of me first.
Kenji first, the Kaoru.
She did everything to make sure I got ahead. She did everything to make sure that I stayed away from the life of Battousai. She did it all for me.
And what do I do to repay her for all the torture she put herself through?
I abandon her. When she got sick, I left and went to Master Hiko instead of staying with her. It was my turn to show her that I loved her and that I wouldn't abandon her. Not like Dad. Not like him.
But I don't. I leave her to suffer alone. I leave her with nothing. I leave her to fulfill my own selfish needs.
Just to become another Battousai.
Now, I cry for forgiveness. She needs to know. She has to know. I love her very much and she will always be my mother. She will always be in my heart and mind. I want to say I'm sorry. I want to say so much, and to tell her how grateful I am. I want to say so much. I want her forgiveness.
It's been a month since the funerals of Kenshin and Kaoru Himura.
It has rained sakura petals since the deaths of Kenshin and Kaoru Himura.
It has snowed tears since the deaths of Kenshin and Kaoru Himura.
It has rained dirt since the deaths of Kenshin and Kaoru Himura.
It has snowed butterflies since the deaths of Kenshin and Kaoru Himura.
I stand over her grave and I cry.
"Goodbye, Mom. Thank you for everything."

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