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I Can't Forget Him
By: RedHairRurouniFan
Author's Notes: So, another day, another fic. This time it's a SanoMeg pairing. Personally, although this pairing isn't exactly canon, I love it. They just have so much chemistry! Anyway, back to the subject, this fanfic is in Megumi's POV, except the very end. It's just a normal POV in the end. I'm thinking of writing a sequel to this. Enjoy the fic!
Disclaimer: Rurouni Kenshin does not belong to me. If it did, what you will be reading would be a book, not posted here on as a fanfic. It belongs to Shonen Jump, Viz Media, Sony, Nobuhiro Watsuki-sensei, and all the other lucky people fortunate enough to say that they truly own the books and characters.
Where is that baka tori-atama? I just received a letter from Ken-san and Kaoru saying that he left. Left Japan. And took a chunk of my heart with him. I wonder where he is now? France? China? America? Spain? England? Why did he have to leave? I didn't get to tell him how I felt about him. I know the way I bickered with him, but… that's not how I truly felt. I'm proud that he could stand up to people in the government, but still… Why, oh why, couldn't he let Ken-san take care of it? I know he would have hated that, but… didn't he care? About me? He couldn't have not cared in the least bit, right? He must have cared some for me. How did he think of me? As a sister or a potential girlfriend?
Oh, Sano.
Why did he have to leave me? I miss him. Why didn't he say goodbye to me? Did he feel it unnecessary since we were merely friends? Or did he think I would understand because it seemed that we were or at least could be something more? I've gotta know. I want to see him. The was I used to tease him was merely the result of affection. Or did that drive him away? Is he in the arms of some other woman now? Could he have forgotten me? Or maybe he's thinking of me right now! But, why would he think of me when there's a world of women out there? I only flirted with Ken-san to make Sano jealous. I miss that tori-atama. Oh, how I wish to see him now. I'm nowhere near perfect and he can have any girl he wants. Why would he choose me? Why should he? Just because I gave him my heart, it doesn't mean that I need his in turn. Yes, I can't believe I admitter that, but the idiot rooster head captured my heart from the moment I saw him. He's never known, but I've never given my heart to another. No matter how I deny my feelings or flirt, he's my first love. Has been and always will be. He's as much my first love as Ken-san is Kaoru's. And I love Sano just as much as she loves Kenshin.
He fought for me and saved my life. I couldn't believe it, but it happened. Now all I want to know is why he did it. He barely knew me at the time and blamed me for his friend's death. Why would he want to save my life? One life pays for another as I saw it, until Ken-san taught me otherwise. Could he have cared then? If I'd known that this would happen, I would have told him how I felt. But, no one can see the future, can they? Everything is simply so unpredictable. One small thing can change the fates of many. My meeting the Kenshin-gumi sure changed fate. Or was it fate for us to meet? Ugh. Analyzing fate is so confusing. Who knows if things are fate of changed fate? Oh, how time flies. It seems as though I just met Ken-san and Sano yesterday. So much has happened in so little time. That letter broke my heart. I thought that he cared enough about me to let me see him off. I want him back. I miss seeing his idiotic grin, and his admiration for Kenshin. I miss everything about him. The littlest thing makes me think of him. How could he leave me?
No matter what I do,
I Can't Forget Him.
(Normal POV)
The door opened silently. A tall and gangly brown-haired man with a red bandanna around his head and a weathered look about him stepped inside and stared wordlessly at the woman sitting at her desk with her back to him. There was a piece of paper in her hand that resembled a letter. He continued staring until the woman turned around and her mouth dropped open. One word slipped from her lips, “Sanosuke.”
Sano swept his eyes over her cheeks that were stained with tears and uttered the name, “Megumi.”
End Notes: Hey, minna-san! The fic is over. But, there may be a sequel. (hint, hint) Also, this just happened to pop into my head as I was writing. Don't you think that everything in RuroKen happened really fast? Meaning that the entire storyline was over the time span of about 6 months. Everyone got really close to each other a little more quickly that normal. They are all very trusting, but to be able to trust someone with your life in those times probably didn't take a mere few days. I'm not criticizing or anything, I'm just wondering. These thoughts may be due to the fact that I was listening to the song “I Miss You” by Miley Cyrus at the time. Whose real name, by the way, is Destiny Hope Cyrus. (For those of you that didn't know.) The entire fic may even be due to that song now that I think about it. Hmmm… Anyway, bye!