Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Let's Just Pretend ❯ Best Served Cold ( Chapter 15 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Ow! Ow! Ow! That hurts, Missy! You're supposed to bring me food and candy, not beat me up.”
“Shut up, Sagara.”
Kaoru tugged sharply on Sanosuke's hair, giving it one final twist before sitting back to admire her handiwork. Damn, she was good. It was a good thing she actually listened to when Megumi rattled on about make-up and hair. Ignoring his scowl, Kaoru reached for her bag and tugged it closer to the bed. “You know, it's not half bad. You should wear your hair like that more often. It's cute.”
“Shit, Kaoru, I'm a man. I don't do cute. Couldn't you at least loosen the ropes?”
He pulled at his hands, trying to twist free but only succeeding in tightening them. Kaoru rolled her eyes, pulling out an eye pencil. “If you keep that up, you'll lose the circulation in your hands. That could be bad.”
Sanosuke slumped, his head falling back into the pillow. “I can't believe I'm letting you do this.”
Kaoru paused, giving him a perplexed look. Her eyes swept over him, checking the knots on his wrists and ankles. Yep, still secure. “It doesn't appear that you've let me do anything. Especially after that rather impressive fight you put up earlier.”
Sanosuke tensed, glaring his indignation. “You attacked from behind, cheater. Besides, that was where I let you win.”
Scoffing, she brandished her pencil. “Right, pansy boy, and I'm the Queen Mum. Now, hold still or I'll have to knock you out.”
His eyes widened and he leaned back. She could almost read the terror in his eyes. Who would've thought the Great Sanosuke would be so afraid of a little make-up. “You can't be serious! What did I ever do to you?”
Aw! He squeaks! She'll have to remember that for later. “Do you really want me to count? That would take forever and I really don't have the time. We'll skip the little things and move right to the big one. Kenshin was there for my little... exhibition and you sent him out there.”
“Aw, come on, Kaoru, that was a mistake! He got the nights mixed up. Besides, he didn't even see you. You must've missed each other. It's a good thing too because if Kenshin was there and did see you, he probably would've been blinded—”
“If you keep talking, Sano, I swear I'll break your other hand. Close your eyes.”
She caught his chin, leaning closer to his face. This had the potential to look very bad. Time was against her. His eyes widened but he didn't move. Good, he'd learned. She knew every pressure point in the body and she wouldn't hesitate to use them. “Kaoru, that stuff's for girls.”
“Your point?”
She held his face still as she swiped eyeliner around his eyes, grinning when his eyes snapped shut immediately. Kaoru reached for her bag again, completely ignoring his pathetic whine. “Haven't you done enough? Let me go. Kaoru...”
Now, where did she put her eyeshadow? He bucked, trying to throw her off but she only settled more weight on his stomach. His breath came out in a wheezing rush. Ah, there it is. “So, what'll it be? Pink, blue, purple, or green?”
Purple? None of it! Get this shit off me, crazy bitch!”
“Purple it is!” She tossed the other shades back into her bag. “Close your eyes again.”
She finished his make-up with a flourish, grinning widely as she checked out the final image. “There! Aren't you beautiful!”
Beautiful? I look like an effing cross-dressing hooker! Untie me!”
Kaoru packed her bag, sliding off the bed and smoothing her shirt. “You're in no position to make demands, Sano.”
He glared, the image completely ruined by the curls that fell over his forehead and the bright red lipstick. “I swear, Kaoru, you're dead as soon as I get out of this.”
Glancing at her watch, she shouldered her bag. “Well, I've got five more minutes before class. There's just one last thing I have to do.”
“No! You wouldn't...”
Oh, but she would. Her smirk had to be evil as she pulled out the camera, switching it on and making sure she got his entire body in the frame. “Smile!”
He howled as the camera flashed, straining against his bonds. “I swear, Kaoru, if anyone sees that I'll kill you!”
She stowed her camera away, turning toward the door with a careless wave. “Relax, Sano, just don't do anything where I have to pull it out and you'll be fine.”
Humming to herself, she opened the door and stepped into hall. Sanosuke suddenly seemed to realize she was intending to leave him. Frantic, he called her back, “Wait! Come back! You have to untie me.”
She glanced over her shoulder, laughing softly, “Fat chance.” Another look over his attire and she clicked her tongue. “Really, Sano, floral and paisley do not go together.”
You're the one who put it on me!”
She affected a shocked, innocent look. “Why, Sano, are you saying that I somehow managed to dress you in a skirt and blouse without your permission? I bet you'll claim I tied you to the bed too.”
Teeth flashed in a snarl and she laughed, pulling the dorm room door closed with a decisive snap. That was a job well done, and just in time. Kenshin was due back any minute. She skipped down the hall, noticing a complete lack of underclassmen getting in her way. She finally had them trained. At the top of the stairs, she met Kenshin. Ignoring the rolling of her stomach and the heat that rushed to her cheeks at the sight of him, she chirped a cheerful, “Good morning!”
“Miss Kaoru?”
She could see his confusion but wasn't about to enlighten him. He'd find out soon enough. Too bad she couldn't stick around to see his reaction. Sanosuke really would kill her. “I came to see if Sano was around but he didn't answer the door so I'll just swing by another time. See you in class.”
Kenshin nodded slowly and she wondered if he suspected something. “See you in class.”
They both started when a booming voice echoed down the hall. “Kaoru Kamiya, untie me so I can kick your ass!”
Kenshin raised an eyebrow but she only smiled. “What is that silly boy screaming about? I really should tell Megumi he's got a few screws loose.” A crash reverberated through the halls and Kaoru cringed. “Ah, maybe you should make sure he's not killing himself in there.”
She turned and fled the dormitory, trying to ignore the way Kenshin's eyes followed her. Oh, revenge was sweet.