Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Let's Just Pretend ❯ What's a Favor Among Friends ( Chapter 17 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Hey, Missy.”
Kaoru didn't look up from her book, slowly turning the page. “I thought you weren't talking to me.”
Sanosuke shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I'm not.”
That got her to look up and she frowned at him. “You're not.”
He shook his head, spiked hair swaying with the motion. “Nope.”
Her eyebrow rose. “Ah... could've fooled me.”
A dark scowl was sent her way but she'd already turned back to her book. Sanosuke hadn't even lasted two days not talking to her. “What are you not saying to me?”
“I've got a favor—”
“You didn't even let me ask! You don't know what it is.”
Kaoru looked up. Did he think she was stupid? Favors and Sanosuke don't mix. “Don't need to.”
He pouted. “At least hear what it is.”
“The answer is still no.”
He took her words and permission to continue. “Megumi's agreed to go out with me.”
“Was she drunk?”
“You,” he pointed at her, “are not nice.”
“And your hair defies gravity. So, Megumi?”
He smoothed a hand over his hair. Perhaps she shouldn't have made the hair comment. “She wants a double date.”
“But you're her friend!”
Kaoru closed her book, reaching for her backpack. “By a very loose definition of the word.”
The pout intensified. “Please, Missy. Kenshin agreed to come as well.”
Her heart leapt even as her eyes narrowed and she hoped she wouldn't blush. Sanosuke might get ideas. “And that's supposed to be incentive?”
He stared at her like she'd grown a second head. “Well, yeah! All the broads talk about how hot Kenshin is... not that I know or anything.”
“I'm going to ignore your insult and tell you to find some other girl.”
She stood, determined to leave when Sanosuke panicked, grabbing her shirt tail. “No! I can't. All the other girls will smother him.”
Kaoru sighed, tugging her shirt tail free. “Why can't it just be the three of you?”
It was best if she didn't give in too easily. The scandalized expression he gave her was reward enough for the suggestion. “Force him to be the third wheel? That's evil. Come on, you're friends with Kenshin. It's not like you'll be making out with him or anything.”
This time she couldn't stop the blush that flooded onto her cheeks and she quickly turned away from him, trying to act casual. “Fine, but you owe me. Again. What are the plans?”
Sanosuke gave a whoop of triumph, grabbing her shoulders and spinning her around to plant a sloppy kiss on her cheek. “Awesome! You're the best!”
“Ew!” She pushed him away, scrubbing vigorously at her cheek. “I hope you won't kiss Megumi like that. Sick.”
He laughed, ruffling her hair as he turned away. “Tomorrow night. 9:30. We're seeing a movie.”
She froze. A movie. A big dark room, sitting next to a hot guy... With a groan, she collapsed back into her chair, letting her head fall back. She wondered if she could manage to keep herself on “friend” terms with Kenshin. This would be a second date she'd been conned into with him.