Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Let's Just Pretend ❯ A Snowball's Chance ( Chapter 18 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Hell had definitely frozen over. Kaoru swallowed nervously, darting a quick glance Kenshin. Of course he wouldn't be nervous. He had nothing to be nervous about. Stupid Sano. Stupid movie. Stupid—
“Do you want some?”
Kaoru startled, jerking to look at him with wide eyes. “What?”
Kenshin smiled, holding up a box of Cracker Jacks as he repeated, “Do you want some?”
She blushed, suddenly grateful that mind reading wasn't possible. She'd get in so much trouble if—Sanosuke leaned over her from the row behind them, snagging the box from Kenshin's hand. “Thanks.”
“Hey! That was mine!”
Sanosuke smirked, popping a caramel covered popcorn into his mouth. “Snooze, you lose, tanuki.”
She scowled, a retort on her lips but Kenshin chuckled. “I've got more, that I do.”
He handed over another box just the the house lights dimmed. With a sheepish grin, Kaoru took it from him. “Thank you.”
“Shhh... the movie's starting.”
“Shut up, Sano!”
She jerked as he kicked her chair. “You're the one making all the noise.”
“Shut up, both of you.”
“Ow! Megumi, no need to pinch.”
They finally settled down and Kaoru felt her previous nervousness returning. What was she supposed to do now? What if this was a horror movie? She hated horror movies! Why didn't she pay better attention to the selection? Kenshin shifted, brushing against her shoulder and she tried to resist flinching, clutching the Cracker Jack box tightly. Was it okay to touch? She glanced at him but he seemed absorbed in the movie.
Satisfied that he was paying her no mind, she contented herself with studying his features. He really did have a delicate build. High cheek bones for a guy, she decided. Sanosuke kicked the back of her seat, tossing her forward and yanking her out of her thoughts. She whipped around with a sharp word on the tip of her tongue but the words died in her throat. He was most decidedly not in a position she had ever wanted to see him in. Face burning, she jerked back to the screen, barely hearing Kenshin's chuckle. She sent him a withering glare but was started when he smiled and reached out to squeeze her hand. The gesture was quick and he turned back to the explosion on the screen but Kaoru only had one thought in her head: He held her hand!
The crowed spilled out into the cooling evening air, stretching cramped muscles and chattering about the movie and making plans for the rest of the evening. Kaoru was hard pressed to remember anything about the movie. She recalled some explosions but... She frowned. What did she see? With a shrug, she let the thought go. Hopefully no one would want to discuss it. A peek over her shoulder showed that Sanosuke was still lost in his own world, a pleased grin plastered on his face as he stared at Megumi. No doubt he didn't even remember the explosions.
“What did you think?”
Kenshin's sudden question startled her. “Think?”
“About the movie,” he prompted.
It made her wonder what it'd be like to kiss him. “Oh!” She blushed at her thoughts, turning to look back at Sanosuke and Megumi. Anywhere but at Kenshin. “It... it was good.”
Better to go vague. Maybe he'd agree and drop the subject so she could avoid embarrassing herself. Kenshin's lips quirked into a small grin. “What was your favorite part?”
Damn! Now she had to remember something. She wracked her brain, panicking when he raised an eyebrow at the delay in her answer. “The explosions.”
“The... explosions?”
“Yes! The explosions. They were very... artistic.”
Oh God, she was an idiot.
“You didn't watch the movie.”
She blushed a deep red. “I... I was distracted...”
A frown creased his brow despite the understanding smile and he glanced back at the lagging couple. “I see.”
“See what?”
He shrugged, his expression carefully schooled. “Does Sano know?”
Now she was confused. “Know?”
Hands shoved in his pockets, Kenshin assumed an air of indifference. “How long have you had feelings for Sano?”
Kaoru tripped over the sidewalk, gasping in surprise. “What? That's disgusting, Kenshin! I like—” she nearly swallowed her tongue. “I don't like Sano. He's like a brother. A really annoying brother.”
Kenshin frowned, apparently trying to fill in the words she didn't say. “So, why'd you come to a movie that you weren't going to watch?”
Violet eyes turned to her in question when she didn't answer and she turned away to avoid his gaze. “Hell froze over.”