Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Red Snow ❯ One ( Chapter 1 )

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Red Snow
Chapter 1
This scene was the same as the last one and the one before that. The picture was a blood bath of calculated murder and beautiful destruction. Forensics had already shown up as well as the cornier to remove the headless bodies of a half naked woman on top of a naked man who was tied in a provocative way to the bed post. Camera flashes lit up the hotel room as the Chief of police and a female officer spoke over the events.
“Who was this poor fool” the chief said looking around.
“Dr. Sawada, Sanji sir” the officer replied.
“Dr. Sawada huh. The Head of the Sakura medical department?” he said very calmly no expression on his face
“Well…he was, sir” the officer replied “This man has saved lives why would anyone want him dead”
The chief watched them untie the beheaded body from its post as they put the woman's body in a cornier bag
“He was smuggling Illegal drugs into the country under false prescriptions” The Chief said putting his hands under his long coat into his pockets. “We have been on his trail for weeks and was about to make an arrest.” He frowned. They spent a lot of hours tracking down this man just for this guy to come in and cut his damn head off!
“This is a mess. We have to keep this out of the media, say we could not identify the victims”
“I will try sir but you someone will leak it” the younger officer replied taking notes and shaking her head. “This is sure to be on the 10 o'clock news”
He nodded and turned to head out to the balcony of the hotel. He needed a smoke.
“Did you call Detective Kamiya?” he said brushing the stray strand of hair back from his face and reaching into his pocket to find his pack.
“She and Detective Sagara are on there way now sir” the officer replied as she looked back to watch them carry one of the two bodies out and frowned.
He only nodded stepping out onto the hotel balcony. His boots crunched in the untouched snow as he went to peek over the railing looking out at the calm snow filled city below.
Hajime, Saito was top ranking Police Chief in all of Japan. Tall and slender he was handsome and a very eligible bachelor. But his eyes where so cold and he was known for having no mercy when it came to suspects in a crime. To him everyone was guilty until proven innocent and not the other way around. He was in his early forties and had seen so much in his past he had grown numb to the constant blood and slaughter and he thought it was ironic that it made him perfect for this position. He got in trouble a lot for his “Aggressive tactics” a lot but no one could say anything because it got results. His Jet black hair slicked back with one streak of silver was not affected by the blowing wind and snow nor did he seem to be bothered by the weather.
“Sir, we will you be working though winter on this for a forth year?” The young officer asked.
Saito didn't answer him right away taking a puff of his cigarette.
“I cannot rest until this killer is brought to justice” Saito replied letting out smoke as he spoke.
He was the one to take over since the last chief was found to be crooked. He would get this killer even if it meant he had to handle things himself. He was at war with this man..this demon and he as much as he hated to admit it, he was on the loosing team. He had been on this case for the past 3 years. It just seemed to be sudden all of a sudden important people begun to be slain left and right all having some sort of sinful undertaking when looked into. Saito was known for taking down the biggest and badest of people and organizing massive take downs and raids. He thought he knew this city inside out every hide out every slump. He knew hit man and he had spies but no one knew anything about these murders no matter how hard he tried to “convince” people it was in there best interest to inform him. No matter how close he got he was always 10 steps behind the man media named BattÅsai.
“Sir, the detectives are here”
As if on cue, a younger lady, in her mid-20's, walked through the hotel room door that read “234” showing the Police guard on duty her hidden badge. About 5' ft even, she was very lovely without being exotic and new aged having a natural beauty on her face that intimidated walking with almost a grace about her. Her soft young face was calm yet serious as her onyx eyes pierced through her sharply cut bangs at her boss. Dressed in a short grey open trench coat, that was slightly wet from the falling snow outside, her white ruffled blouse and her black pencil waist high shirt was visible. She smiled when she saw the Chief not expecting one in return and headed to the balcony. Not to far behind her a much taller male at, least 6 feet, towered over everyone having on a black trench and a hat that shaded his face only thing visible was his cocky smirk just pushing past the front Officer very rudely.
“Hey Chief” She said her voice light and calm as she joined him and the officer outside.
“So Chief, you must be in deep shit if you called us off of the Rapist case” Detective Sagara said taking his hat off once inside fully revealing his very handsome rough face with his slight 5 o' clock shadow at 10 o'clock at night.
“I don't want to hear your crap, Sagara” Saito said sharply “This is serious, I took you off that case because Kamiya is the best detective on the force and you are here because simply you're her partner”
That response got a huff from Sagara. He felt a calm hand on his shoulder “Don't take it personal Sanoske. You wouldn't be my partner if you where not a good detective” Detective Kamiya said with a soft smirk. “And id your going to stay inside take off your hat in respect for the dead”
Without much fight but a huge scowl, he took off his black hat letting free unruly spiked hair and leaned on the door frame. He had hair that some how fit his face and would not be tamed no matter how many hats was put on it.
Kamiya Kaoru and Sagara Sanosuke, were the best of the best since they came out of the police academy. Kaoru was always suspected to be a good cop as her father, a retired police Chief, left big foot steps for her to fill keeping the city clean until the day of his retirement. Though Kaoru respected her father, she intended on surpassing him in every way shape or form. She refused to be in anyone shadow and because she was a female detective she new she had many hurtles to over come no matter who her father was.
“We thought you might put us on this Case, Chief so we did a little digging on the side” Kaoru said taking a folder out of her black tote.
“It turns out people are more afraid of him then the police, no surprise there” Sanoske said shrugging and ignoring the look on both Kaoru and Saito's face.
“A bank, across the street from the last murder caught someone coming out of the building” She said handing him a snapshot and a DVD “Its a photo of what is believed to be the BattÅsai leaving the murder of Gen. Nakahara, Yousuke”
Saito looked at the blurred photo of a man dressed in black. “I see… Tsubame, take this DVD over to forensics” he said to the small female officer who quickly nodded and headed off. Sanoske walked out into the cold air placing his had back on and sliding the door closed behind him.
“Be honest with us Saito” Kaoru said her eyes narrowing a bit “What do you think of this situation?”
Saito took one last drag of his cigarette and looked at photo letting the smoke blow out his nose before calmly putting it out on the snow collecting on the balcony. Kaoru and Sanosuke waited. Finally he looked up from the photo
“We are dealing with something I have never seen before” Saito said. “I've dealt with the badest of the bad and the most cunning of villains and I have taken down each and every one” he said “Who ever this man is he was born to do this. He uses a custom bladed sword and leaves no evidence like a ghost. I am loosing officer's everyday and academy enrollment has gone down since BattÅsai appeared. We don't know who he is or who he is working for but we do know he thinks he is doing good considering he only taking down crooked official”
“Are you saying we are simply dealing with some kind of vigilante? Some guy who thinks he is Bat man or something” Sano said blowing into his hands.
“No, What I'm saying as that whoever he works for thinks he is doing good. But this man…this man is a weapon. We are dealing with a stone cold born killer”
Kaoru let out a breath “What do you want us to do Chief?”
Saito handed her back the picture “What ever you need to”
“What a way to celebrate the first snow of winter” Sanosuke said with a smirk.
“This is Dr. Himura, Kenshin , He will be your new Criminologist” Saito said to Karou.
It had been three weeks since the murder of the doctor and they still had nothing but headless bodies and blurred snapshot. Karou looked at the shorter 5'6 male with disbelief.
“It is nice to meet you, Detective Kamiya, that it is” The criminologist replied with a bow and in thus the glasses on his face fell forward sliding off his nose. He did a jig desperately trying to catch them before they hit the floor also dropping the folder of papers.
“Looks like I am stricken with clumsiness, that I am” He said chuckling and smiling as he begun to pick them up after placing his glasses on his face . Both Saito and Kaoru raised there eyebrow as Sanosuke laughed from his desk.
Kenshin turned heads as soon as he walked into the police office. He came in with a stack of papers in a yellow folder under his arm and a smile. The first thing she noticed was his very garnet colored red hair in a low pony tail to the center of his back it was lovely and brought out his violet colored eyes. He had on a black button down collared shirt and some black pants looking very neat and orderly and very much like a psychologist.
“It is very nice to meet you too Kenshin, You can call me Kaoru if you like” She said finally kneeling down to help him pick up the papers. After they got everything back in order they stood up
“Thank you, Ms. Kaoru” he said still smiling his violet eyes soft and welcoming.
“This way Kenshin, let me show you your office” Saito said “You don't need to meet the runt of the group”
“I love you too sir” Sanosuke said waving and blowing him a kiss as they walked on down the hall. When he was sure they where not in ear shot Sano starting cracking up
“Great, I bet you that guy still lives with his mother”
Kaoru shot him a dirty look and went to sit down at her desk tapping her key board to make her computer come alive “Shut up Sano, He is a top ranked Psychologist and understands criminal minds”
“Hello?! Who was a undercover narc before they became your partner?” Sanosuke said “I think I know how criminals think”
“Yes, be we are not dealing with random thugs looking for money, we are dealing with a Serious assassin here” Karou said crossing her legs grabbing her luke warm 7/11 coffee. “He is a bit odd looking but he is here to help so we will welcome him”
“You be welcoming, I am here only to insult and be sarcastic, sis” He said using his nick name for her. Karou turned around in her desk facing him
“Don't forget being an ass. Your good at that too”
“Yeah but I am one hot piece of ass” Sanosuke said winking and blowing kisses to the some passing office laughed blowing him off use to his antics.
“You know you want me” He yelled.
Karou laughed only turning around in chair and went to work. They could laugh and joke all they wanted but she had some serious work to do. There was a killer on the loose one that might go down in history as being the most notorious in the whole country of Japan. BattÅsai was already known world wide, she wanted to be the one to bring him to justice. This would be the catch that would surpass her father.
She leaned on her fist and brought up the still shot of the man dressed in black and stared at it already knowing every detail of the photo.
“Who are you….” She whispered feeling a chill run down her back.
To be continued….