Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Rooster ❯ He Can't Be That Stupid ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The next morning, Yahiko was suffering from quite the hangover. Kaoru wanted to shout at him and pound the table, but was talked out of it by Kenshin and Megumi, who knew that would do no good. Still though, she did lecture.

"You're just lucky it was Megumi who found you and not a bunch of thugs," she said icily.

"I know," said Yahiko as he rubbed his temples.

"Really, what went on yesterday that made you go and get so plastered?" continued the shihondai.

"We were celebrating," said Yahiko.

"Who's 'we'?" asked Kenshin.

"Sano and I," said Yahiko. "We were on our way back to my place from dropping off Tsubame when we ran into seven bandits robbing a merchant's wagon. We clobbered them together. We're gonna fight side-by-side from now on and clean up this city. The merchant gave us a shitload of yen, so we went to the gambling house. Sano doubled his winnings and I... did OK. After that, we decided to have a few drinks to celebrate."

'Gambling house? I'm going to pluck and boil that rooster,' thought Kaoru.

"Let me guess, Sano suggested a drinking contest," said Megumi.

"No, I did actually. I wanted to see if I could best him. Guess I should've known better," said Yahiko as he sipped at the cup of scorching ginger tea Kenshin had made for him.

"I wonder where Sano went to," said Kenshin absently. He wasn't too worried of course. Sano was a grown man after all.

"Oh, he went off with a hooker," said Yahiko absently. "I think she saw his big bag o' yen and wanted to help him spend it."

The room suddenly went so silent, Yahiko thought he could hear a pin drop. He looked at the three older folk, Kenshin, Kaoru and finally Megumi. Megumi...

"Excuse me..." said Megumi as she jumped up and ran out of the room.

"Uh, did I say something wrong?" asked Yahiko.

"Sanosuke went off with a prostitute?" asked Kenshin after finding his faculty of speech once again.

"I couldn't tell exactly because of the sake haze, but she was really pretty. I'm pretty sure it was a hooker. Why are you guys even surprised? This is Sano we're talking about," said Yahiko.

"Yes, but Sano is now going out with Megumi. Or was till about a minute ago," explained Kaoru.

"Sanosuke and Megumi are... Damn..." said Yahiko.

"Exactly," said Kenshin and Kaoru in unison.

After Kenshin and Yahiko left for Ruffian Row, Kaoru went after Megumi. She wasn't entirely sure what to say to the older woman. She'd never had any experience with the man she loved cheating on her. Kenshin would never do such a thing, such a wonderfully perfect and sweet man. Sano on the other hand, was crass, rude, loud, self-indulgent, hedonistic, lazy... The list just went on and on. Kaoru was afraid that a guy like Sano just didn't know the meaning of the word "commitment".

Kaoru found Megumi sitting on the engawa in the backyard. She could tell that the doctor had been crying, though she'd deny it vehemently. Kaoru sat down next to Megumi. What to say? As it turned out, she didn't have to say anything.

"That stupid Rooster. I thought maybe he'd changed, that he'd grown up in the last six years. When we spoke over dinner, his eyes were so focused and his voice so serious. I should've known it was all just an act. I liked being with him too. I had fun at the play and at dinner afterward. Sure his behavior was a bit juvenile, but that made it all the more interesting. I really thought we had a chance, but now..." mourned Megumi.

"Let's not give up just yet Megumi-san. Kenshin will find Sano and get the story out of him," said Kaoru. "Please just be patient till then. We both want you to be happy."

"Thanks, Kaoru-chan," said Megumi.

After seeing the still hung-over Yahiko home, Kenshin was walking aimlessly through town. Should he stop and pick up some miso, rice, soy and salt? Perhaps there were some exotic fruits on sale! Kaoru and Kenji loved the exotic fruits, especially oranges. Out of the corner of his left eye, he saw the flash of a red headband. He looked and saw Sano sitting dejectedly outside a rather sleazy inn.

Sano looked up and saw Kenshin standing over him, looking down at him sternly. Kenshin held out his hand, which Sano took, and pulled the taller man to his feet. Without a word, Kenshin turned and started heading back to the dojo. Sano walked beside him. He knew that Kenshin knew.

"I s'pose Yahiko toldja about last night?" asked Sano.

"What you did last night is your own affair," said Kenshin, staring ahead.

"To be honest, I don't remember most of what happened," protested Sano.

Silence from Kenshin.

"Does Megumi know?" asked the Rooster.

Kenshin nodded stiffly.

"Is she pissed?" Sano asked.

Kenshin could take no more. Suddenly, he wheeled around on Sano and fixed him with a cold, direct gaze.

"What the hell do you think?" he asked in a dropped tone.

"Uh, maybe a lil bit?" said Sano lamely.

"More than a little," said Kenshin stiffly.

"Well why should be? I didn't do it on purpose," said Sano.

"Don't tell me. Tell her," said Kenshin.

Sano couldn't think of anything to say, so said nothing until they were back. Kaoru was at the gate waiting for them. She greeted her husband then turned the evil eye on Sano. Before the Rooster knew what happened, he was being beaned on the head with the bokken that she pulled out of thin air.

"You stupid, inconsiderate, hedonistic... You and Megumi haven't been going out for even a week and you pull something like this? Is there a brain anywhere inside that thick skull of yours?" yelled Kaoru as she chased Sano around the frontyard, whacking the hell out of him.

"Call her off Kenshin! Call her off!" yelled Sano, trying to get away from the irate Kaoru.

Kenshin quirked an eyebrow, but didn't intervene. Sano had gotten himself into this, now it was up to him to make amends. Himura Kenshin would not clean up Sagara Sanosuke's mess for him. Just as Sano was doubling back with Kaoru hot on his heels, he came to a sudden halt, causing her to crash into him and sending both to the ground in a heap.

Kenshin looked in the direction Sano was staring at. Sure enough, there was Megumi. The look on her face was completely unreadable, but Kenshin could sense the hurt in her ki. Kaoru spotted Megumi and quickly jumped off Sano. Sano pulled himself slowly to his feet. His and Megumi's gazes locked. Megumi's gaze showed her pain and the feeling of betrayal. Sano's was of confusion.

Megumi turned her back on Sanosuke and walked silently into the dojo. Sano went after her, trying to think of what to say.