Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol. 1 Chap. 2 My Lips are Sealed! ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
My Lips are Sealed!
Amethyst made it back to the apartment just in time. Umeko and a another lady looked up. "Amethyst. Where have you been?" Umeko asked. Umeko is Amethyst's guardian in Japan. She is a nice lady that came to Iceland for two years. "I was at the time bridge down...." Amethyst began to explain. Umeko's eyes grew big. She rushed over to the Icelandic girl and shoved her into the kitchen. "Hey! What are you doing?!?" said a delirious Amethyst. "Just keep quiet and come on." her guardian snapped. Once she got the girl inside, Umeko said to her guest: "I'll be right back. I just have to talk to this girl real quick." "All right." said the lady.
"Now where did you go again?" Umeko asked Amethyst. "The time bridge downtown." the Icelandic girl answered calmly. "Can I ask you something?" the guardian asked. Amethyst nodded. "Why DID YOU GO DOWN THERE?!?" Umeko yelled. "Is everything all right in there?" the guest asked. "*Sweat drop* Uh.... no. Everything's fine." Umeko said. "All right." said the guest. "I wanted to know what was down there because no one was giving a straight answer and saying nothing was there." the Icelandic girl said coolly. "Why didn't you listen to them?" Umeko asked feverishly. "Why do you have to keep the time bridge a secret?" Amethyst finally asked. Umeko turned to her. "Sit down and I'll explain the truth." Umeko managed to get out. Amethyst complied.
"During Hope's reign, the oni Kuro tried open the Warlord era to the modern era. But Empress Hope destroyed him. But she wasn't supposed to destroy him." Umeko explained. "Why not?" Amethyst asked. "Because he was one of the twelve chis of darkness. There have to be an equal number of chis on both the light and dark sides. Empress Hope had no other choice to destroy him. But since she did, time became mixed together. Tokyo became split into two eras, the Meji era which is Kita Tokyo, and the Modern era which Mina Tokyo." Umeko explained farther. (Jap lesson = Kita means north and Mina means south) "Yeah. I've read about Hope's battle in the history books but why keep the bridge a secret?" Amethyst asked. "Because if word got out about the jikan hashi to the foreigners, toutrists would be in Kita Tokyo all time harassing the people up there." the guradian said. "I see." said Amethyst.
Umeko turned to her. "Amethyst, you must promise me something." "Okay." said the Icelandic girl. "Promise me, you'll never tell anyone about the bridge." the guradian said. The girl smiled. "My lips are sealed!" said Amethyst. Umeko smiled back. Then they went to the guest.
To Be Continued....
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