Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 2: Chap 12: Escape Mission ( Chapter 12 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Escape Mission
The towering smell of disinfectant bitch-slapped Amethyst awake. She slowly fluttered her eyes open. Her head pounded in pain. “Oh,” she thought. “What the hell happened?” Suddenly, it hit her. Something was not right. White coated everything. The bright light blinded her. She tried to move, but found cold metal grabbing hold of her flesh tightly. The girl seemed bound down to something. Amethyst looked above her. More white and lights at the top. Amethyst's eyes widened quickly.
“Oh shit,” she mumbled to herself. Oh shit was right. A loud crackle ripped through the air. The girl paused.
“Oh good!” a voice crackled. “You're awake!”
“Who's that?” Amethyst asked. “Where are you?!? Let me go!”
“We will,” the voice said. “As soon as you tell us about the bridge.”
“Never!” the girl shouted.
“So be it,” the voice replied. “We will get the answer out of you somehow!” Then, it all went quiet. Amethyst at those words.
“I would love to see you try!” she mumbled under her breath. Okay, time to escape. But how? The Icelandic girl looked all around her. No doors in sight. Just all white. Hm, not much to work with, huh? Amethyst tightly shut her eyes. “Come on, think genius!” she thought. “There has to be an exit somewhere! Think!” She dug deeper into her mind for an answer. Her eyes shot open. “Of course!” Amethyst thought. The planning began from there.
In a couple of hours, two government official-looking people came into the room. Amethyst played possum as they unlocked her chains.
“Why is this bridge so important anyway?” one official asked his superior.
“It's a magic bridge,” the other man answered.
“What like to a land of pixies and elves?”
“To the past!” The younger guy froze with big eyes.
“No way!” The older man nodded.
“To the Meji Era.” The younger guy mouthed “wow.” He and his superior started taking Amethyst out of the room.
“So why do we want to know about this time-traveling bridge?” the young guy asked.
“To destroy it!” the superior answered. His student looked surprised. Amethyst tried her best to keep still and listen on. The older guy nodded.
“The past and the present cannot mesh. Think of all of the damage to the timeline if people went back in time just like that! We have destroyed the other bridges to the past. We thought we had destroyed them already. But yet, more keep popping up like weeds. If we can get this girl to tell us about this bridge, we can seal off the Meji Era by destroying the bridge to it.” The younger man thought about all of this for a moment. This did make sense. He nodded at last.
“I guess you're right,” the younger agent said at last. His mentor said nothing. They just carried Amethyst further down the hall. Halfway do to the interrogation room, the girl jerked her head upwards. The officials looked confused.
“Huh?” they asked. Amethyst kicked them in one fell swoop. The men fell back stunned. The girl took off running. The superior picked up his radio and turned it on.
“This is agent Konin!” he yelled. “I need back-up, now!” The chase began from there. Amethyst ran through the maze of halls, looking for an escape. The doors all looked the same to her. Each one she opened either led to another lab or a dead-end. She didn't even take the elevator. So, Amethyst ran down many stairs. Even that didn't help.
“Damn it!” she cursed to herself. “I keep going in circles! Where the hell is the exit in this place!” She looked all around her again. It's not time to surrender, but…
Suddenly, Amethyst heard someone whisper, “Psst!” in the dark. She looked up right away. All black, of course. Amethyst became confused. “Hm?” she thought. Curious, Amethyst followed the direction of the voice. She came through a narrow hallway. At first, the girl stood up right. But then, the ceiling began pushing down on her. So much so, that Amethyst had to crouch down while walking. “Damn!” she thought. “How long is this hallway?
Amethyst kept walking until she came to a clay-like wall. Dead-end, maybe? That was until she pushed it open and aside. A blinding light hit her eyes. Amethyst stood there trying to see at first. She wasn't sure if she should walk through or not.
“After her! She went through here!” a voice yelled down the hall behind her. That was all it took to make Amethyst jump out the exit and into the light.
When Amethyst looked up, she found herself in the city again. No time for celebrating, though. The girl ran all the way back to her apartment without looking back. She had escaped with the bridge's secret.
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