Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 3: Chap 17: Enter Cupid's Typhoon ( Chapter 17 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Enter Cupid's Typhoon
Love Challenge.
Amethyst put on her headband. “Today! I declare it Love Day!” Her first mission? Get Kenshin and Kaoru together!
Amethyst grinned to herself. Good luck!
Attempt One:
The Icelandic plotted it all out. Flowers were a great ice breaker. Could lead to beautiful things in the future. The trick was which flowers to use. The wrong ones are a deal-breaker. Every detail in the mission has to be perfect.
Take one!
Amethyst found Kaoru alone at noon. She took a moment to observe the scene. The Icelandic shook her head.
Sad, she thought. But, that'll change. Amethyst cleared her throat.
“Hello Kaoru!” she cheered. The assistant master whipped around at her. She saw the Icelandic girl bopping towards her. Kaoru played down her startled unease.
“Amethyst!” she exclaimed. “How long have you been there?” The kendo student grinned.
“A good while,” she said.
The Icelandic girl grinned. “Anyway, get up! We have work to do!”
Kaoru blinked at her. “Huh?” Amethyst took her by the arm.
“Let's go shopping!” she said.
“What? Why?” Kaoru asked.
“We have work to do!” the Icelandic girl yelled.
“Just come on!” They headed out of the dojo.
Flowers are an easy step. The fresher the better. Now to pick out the right type.
“How about these?” Kaoru asked. She held out a small bouquet of baby's breath. Amethyst smiled at the selection.
“How about these?” she asked. The Icelandic pulled out a bigger bouquet of fresh lilies. Kaoru's eyes widened.
“Wow!” she gasped. Amethyst nodded.
“Yes,” she said. Amethyst made the purchase. Part one down. She turned to her target grinning. Kaoru blinked at her.
“What?” she asked. The Icelandic grinned and grabbed her by the shoulder.
“Wait! Wait!” Kaoru cried. “Where are you taking me?!?” Amethyst laughed loud enough to the sky.
“Onto phase two!” she yelled.
“Wait! What?!?” the assistant master yelled. “What does that mean?”
“Make over!” she yelled in the streets. Why? Valentine's Day is jogging to this year's debut. Amethyst has a mission. Cupid's typhoon just woke up. Look out!
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