Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 3: Chap 18: I am Not Baby-sitting Material ( Chapter 18 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

I am Not Baby-Sitting Material
Amethyst and kids. Not a good combination.
Too bad no one told Kaoru.
“What?!?” Amethyst cried as she looked up from her manga.
“I need you to watch over Yahiko and the girls for a while,” Kaoru repeated. The Icelandic girl shook her head.
“Oh no!” she said. “I'm no good with kids!”
“But no one else is around.”
“Can't Yahiko do it?”
“You're older. Anything else?”
Amethyst frowned and pouted. “No!”
Kaoru smiled. “Good!” She turned to leave. “I'll be back!” Then, she was gone. Amethyst puffed up her cheeks.
Thanks for the warning!, she thought. Nothing to do. No Wi-Fi. No bars. No service. No tech stuff. This was the Meji Era. Plus, she had to baby-sit too?
Ayame and Suzume played in the yard. Yahiko trained in the dojo. Amethyst lied onto her back on the deck. It's all okay, she thought. Good time to take a nap. They'll be fine. Amethyst fell right asleep.
“Amethyst! Amethyst!” she heard moments later. The girl groaned aloud.
“What?” she asked as she woke up. “What is it?” Ayame stood over her with a worried face.
“Nee-san!” she whimpered.
“What?” Amethyst asked. The little girl whimpered at her. Amethyst squinted to listen.
“Huh?” she asked. “What did you say?”
“Suzume-chan… gone!” the little girl wailed. Amethyst sat up straight.
“What do you mean?” she asked. “What happened?”
“We were playing hide and seek,” Ayame sobbed. “And now I can't find her!” Amethyst walked straight into the dojo.
“Yahiko!” she yelled. The boy didn't looked up from his training.
“What?” he asked.
“Suzume's missing!” Amethyst said. Yahiko whipped around to her.
“Say what?” he asked.
“Suzume-chan's gone missing!” she repeated. He dashed straight over to her.
All three looked around the dojo and grounds.
“Suzume-chan!” they called. No answer came. In three minutes, Amethyst began to suspect the worst. Don't tell me…, she thought. The Icelandic ran all the way out of the yard.
“Amethyst?” Yahiko asked. “Amethyst! Where are you going?” She was too far ahead to heard. Yahiko and Ayame ran after her.
The three came to the bridge. Yahiko blinked in confusion.
“Why are we here?” he asked.
“A hunch,” Amethyst replied. Then, she skated across the bridge. When she got halfway, Amethyst vanished into thin air. Yahiko and Ayame looked surprised.
“Wow!” they gasped.
Mina Tokyo. Amethyst took a moment to enjoy. On modern day, I missed you so much!, she thought. But then, the feeling left her. The Icelandic girl tightened up.
Right, she thought. To find the child. Amethyst walked into the busy crowd. She looked among the playing children.
“Suzume-chan!” she called. “Where are you? Suzume-chan! Come back to Kita Tokyo, okay? This isn't the place for you! Come back with me, okay?” Amethyst listened for the sound of laughing children. No sign yet. Amethyst groaned in her mind.
This is why I don't baby-sit!, she thought. Then, she saw a flash of orange. The Iceland paused and looked up.
“Suzume-chan?” she asked. The Icelandic chased after the bright orange. Her trip led to the local park. She found Suzume looked around her. After a soft breath of relief, she raced over to the child.
“Suzume-chan!” she called. The little girl looked up. Amethyst made it over to her.
“Suzume-chan!” she said. “What are you are you doing here? Why did you cross the bridge?”
“Where is this place?” the little girl asked.
“My home,” Amethyst said. “Now, let's get you back to your home.” Suzume-chan gave her an odd look.
“Why?” she asked.
“Ayame-chan and Yahiko are worried about you,” she said. “Now, let's go!” The transfer student grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her away before the child could speak. Amethyst gritted her teeth the whole time.
I hate kids!, she thought. I don't baby-sit and I don't like kids! Never again! Never!