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Chapter 2: Visiting Megumi

Kaoru's POV

After training Kaoru and Kenshin decided to go visit Megumi at the clinic using the excuse to go out to the market to keep any suspicion from accruing. Kenshin still grumbled about his training with Yahiko being four hours instead of the usual two. Kaoru giggled when she heard Kenshin start to mumble curses under his breath.

“Oh don't tell me your still mad about the practice thing are you darling?” Kaoru drawled oh him.

His only reply was to glare. He hasn't had to train in a good while and now his muscles were screaming at him.

Kaoru giggled slightly in response but it came out, as a chuckle because there were some people passing them by which was a sign that they were coming closer to town.

Kenshin was still sulking as they entered the part of town where the clinic was. Kaoru was getting a little agitated that he was still upset so she apologized “Alright Kenshin I'm sorry I made you train Yahiko for four hours today you wont have to train him any more until we can get out of the mess we're in, so do you forgive me?” She looked at him with big blue eyes.

How could he say no when she was looking at him with those big blue eyes? Why would he want to? “No you don't need to apologize I'll help him with what I can I don't know much about your stile of teaching but I can give him training on the basics so long as when we get out of these bodies you give me what I want...” He trailed off with a perverted grin on his face.

Kaoru just blushed and nodded with a smile as they entered the clink. Kaoru quickly cleared her mind of any perverted thoughts so she could get rid of the blushing when Megumi stepped out of one of her patents rooms and noticed them standing there.

“Oh! Ser-ken what brings you by my office today?” She asked as she approached them smiling.

`Ser-ken my ass! She acts like she doesn't know what's going on!'

Kenshin apparently read her mind and spoke up “Umm miss Megumi could we please speak to you privately?”

“Why Kaoru is thee something wrong with your voice? You sound slightly hoarse; there wouldn't be a reason for there would their ser-ken? Hohohohohoho” Her classic trademark ears popped onto her head. `Well apparently she knows to some extent. But it doesn't appear that she knows what all happened.'

There was nothing that was going to bring Kaoru's face back to its normal color after that comment; it was a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “Megumi could we please go somewhere privet? We really need to talk.” Hearing this Megumi calmed down and showed them to a room where they could talk freely.

Once their Megumi spoke up “So what seems to be the trouble?”

“Do you even have to ask?! Listen! Does our voices match our bodies?”

“We no they don't but that could mean that you two are coming down with something and I can give you some tea for that if you'd like. But there's really not much I can do.”

“Megumi did you put something in our drinks last night?” Kaoru asked her.

Megumi looked shocked Kenshin did sound a bit girly today and he didn't add any Miss to her name. Something's wrong here. “Why would I put anything into your sake last night sir-ken?” She said with an all-innocent look on her face.

“So it was in our saka last night?” Kaoru continued eyebrow twitching.

“Well there might have been.” Megumi leaning over to Kaoru (who is really Kenshin) and whispered, “So did it work?”

Kenshin was now really interested in knowing, “Did what work?” He whispered back in a girl voice.

“Oh come on we both know that Kenshin is already hornny enough as it is, that potion should have only made it worse.” She whispered back.

The pieces of the puzzle stared to fall into place at least as far as to why he couldn't control his urges last night. “Oro! I most serenely am not!” Kenshin exclaimed while blushing furiously.

“I didn't say you were Kaoru I said...” and then it dawned on Megumi. With wide shocked eyes she looked at them “You...and ser-Ken...traded...bodies?” She said this very slowly so as to see if it made anymore since spoken out loud—it didn't. They nodded their heads slowly. She sunk to her knees and then came back to the living. `That means that I just called ser-ken hornny to his face.' As it all started to sink in she asked “B-But how did this happen?”

“That's what we came to ask you Miss Megumi. It's apparent that you put something in our saka last night and we would like to know what it was.”

“Well it was just a simple lust-potion, it shouldn't have made you to switch bodies.” She pulled out the vile with a portion of the potion left in it. “Let me go run a test to see what all was in here.” They nodded their heads and waited.

:Yesterday morning :

Ayame and Suzuse were playing hid-n-go-seek while Megumi and the Dr. were working.

Ayame hid in Megumi's room while Suzuse(AN: Please tell me if I spelled their names right.) was counting when she found a box of viles with pretty colored water inside. When Suzuse found her they decided to play scientist for a while, mixing this and that with one vile then the next. When they where done playing they decided to put it back the way it was so they evened the amount of liquid in each vile put it up and then went out side to play some new game before they had to leave for the party that night.

:Back to the present :

When Megumi came in she had at least three sweat drops (anime style) sat down in front of them and told them “I think I now know why you two switched bodies, I found that this vile has so many different potions in it that there's no way that it is a lust potion, my only guess is that the two little girls that were at my house yesterday had something to do with that.” `Damn that Tori-atama! He was supposed to be watching them! When I get my hands on him he'll wish he was never born!' Looking slightly agitated she continued, “Now that I have a sample of the potion that I gave you two I should be able to conduct an antidote.”

“That's great Megumi, how soon?”

“Well I don't know it may take days it may take weeks so I'll come get you when its ready so until then just what patiently. Now if you'll excuse me I have other patents.” With that said they got up to leave when Megumi pulled (the real) Kaoru aside and whispered “So did you have fun last night?”

“Megumi!!” Kaoru shouted then whispered, “Yes” Then left. After all they still had to go do some shopping before they left or else Yahiko would question them about where they went together.

Authors note: Thankyou all who reviewed the last chapter it means allot to me! Also thankyou on the spelling matter and on the definitions. So here are the correct definitions:

Oro- means huh?

Mou-means now (like now, now)

Saka-is an alcoholic drink (and is spelled sake not saka ()

Tori-atama- I think that this means rooster head but correct me if I'm wrong.

Tanuki- I think that this one means raccoon but once again correct me if I'm wrong.