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Chapter 4: A fight for Kenshin that Kaoru accepts.
It was a sunny day at the dojo and it had been nearly two weeks sense Kaoru and Kenshin switched bodies. Megumi has still not found a solution that works though there was a time that she thought that she had it.
Flash back:
There was a loud banging on the dojo door out front so Kenshin went to see who it might be that seemed to need to get their attention so bad that the person felt that he or she needed to bang on the door so hard.
It was Megumi and she seemed to be out of breath. So Kenshin spoke up first. “What brings you to the dojo Miss Megumi?”
After a few moments to compose her self she spoke up. “I think that I've found the antidote to the position that you and Kaoru both took.”
At hearing this Kenshin perked up. He quickly invited her in and went to go get Kaoru. He found her in her room folding the laundry that he had done earlier that day. “Kaoru, Miss Megumi has stopped by and she thinks that she has a cure for what has happened to us that she does.” Before he knew it she was out of her room and racing down the hall to find Megumi.
Once found she Kaoru quickly took the bottle and down half of the vile tasting liquid. She then capped it and tossed Kenshin the remaining half—who by that time was waiting in the room—and he down the liquid in one swig. Megumi sweat dropped.
About an hour latter Kenshin and Kaoru we're on the ground moaning about there stomachs. “Oh poo I was hopping that that would be the right one...I guess it's back to square one.” Had Kaoru not have been in such pain she would have strangled Megumi. They wound up having an up set stomach for the rest of the day.
End Flashback.
Kaoru groaned at the memory. There wasn't much to do other then to go and train. So she set out to go train by herself sense she had given Yahiko the day off to go and work at the Akabeko.
Kenshin was in the yard by the wail doing the laundry watching as Kaoru trained herself. He smiled as he noticed how graceful she was even in a different body.
Kenshin's POV
`Things are so peaceful aside from the switching bodies part. Not that I'm complaining! I've just about had it with having to save Japan from some crazed mad men. Or from someone who knows how to hold a grudge...I really need to just sit down one day and make a list of everyone that I might have pissed off in my past...hmm...on second thought that take to long :sigh:'
“Kaoru when is Yahiko supposed to be returning from the Akabeko so that I know when to start dinner.” Kaoru paused in her movements for a moment to recall when Yahiko said that he'd be back.
“Yahiko said he'd be back before six so you still have some time before you need to start dinner.” Kaoru answered going back to her swings.
“Well alright then. I'll heat up your bath after I'm done with the laundry alright Kaoru?” Kaoru just nodded her thanks.
Yahiko's POV
“Hey Yahiko! Take this order to table number fifteen in the back!” The man behind the counter said handing Yahiko the order.
“Sure thing.” Yahiko said caring the order out. “Here you are. Be careful it's still very hot.” Yahiko said while handing the costumers their food.
Yahiko saw Tea approach him with a big smile “Thank you for all the help today Yahiko-chan. It's getting close to six now so you better run along home so that Miss Kaoru and Kenshin do not worry about you.” (AN: Ok I know, I know but remember Tea has that accent so no throwing tomatoes please.)
“Yeah sure thing. See you next week.” Yahiko said walking away and waving good-bye at the same time. He exited the Akabeko and started to walk down the nearly abandoned street looking at the sun set. It was an orange, pink, purple, and, blue sunset today and it was peaceful to look at. `Hmm...I wonder what will happen once Kenshin purposes to ugly...they'll probable want there own space being newly weds and all so that means that I might have to move in with Sano :image of Sano coming in broke and asking to barrow some money:' Yahiko shivered at the last thought. `Hehe but their gonna have to switch back into there regular bodies first! Just imagine Kaoru wearing a men's wedding outfit and Kenshin wearing a wedding dress!' Yahiko spilled over with laughter laughing like a man men with some children staring at him and their mother telling them not to stair at the crazed boy.
Kaoru and Kenshin's POV
“AH CHOO!!” Kaoru and Kenshin both sneezed at the same time.
`Grr...Stupid brat.' Kaoru thought.
`Hmm... whom do I know that wound be talking about me...?' Kenshin wondered.
Back to Yahiko's POV.
Yahiko was to busy laughing to notice that someone had snuck up behind him. He saw a hand with a rag come around from behind and that was the last thing he saw before all of darkness consumed him.
Kaoru's POV
“Uag! Where is that boy?” Kaoru said to her self as she walked into the kitchen where Kenshin was wasn't the dices. “Kenshin have you seen Yahiko come by let? Dinner was over 15 minutes ago. I'm starting to get a little worried he never misses dinner.” Kaoru looked down at Kenshin in hope.
“No I'm sorry Kaoru I haven't seen him anywhere. Perhaps we should go out and look for him.” Kaoru nodded her agreement and quickly ran outside to go and search for Yahiko.
Kaoru ran out side and stopped when she saw a note nailed to the front entrance of her dojo. She tore it off and then read it silently while Kenshin read it over her shoulder.
The note read:
Dear Battousai,
I have a friend of your held captive. If you wish to see him again come to the abandon mansion on the out shirts of town (AN: you know the one where lightning suddenly strikes in the background just out of the blue along with the scary dead trees out in the front yard --() I'm so lame...) by midnight tonight or the survival of your friend cannot be guarantied. Come alone. And be prepared to fight.
Kaoru and Kenshin just stared at the note and then fell to the ground laughing.
“Sen? Sen? What kind of a name is Sen for a kidnapper!?” Kaoru asked getting up still holding her sides, as was Kenshin. (AN: Sen= wood fairy) After a moment of composer they both took in the seriousness of the note. Kaoru was the first to speak up.
“Kenshin do you know a Sen?”
After a moment of thinking long and hard Kenshin answered “No Kaoru I can't think of anyone that I could have angered that goes by that name.”
“So I'm going to have to go into this fight without any idea of who it is that I'm facing?” Kaoru asked.
“What do you mean your going to fight? This person asked for Battousai not you Kaoru.”
“Exactly he did ask for Battousai and Battousai he's going to get. What do you think that he's going to think if the person that he is expecting is just a little bit different then he remembers hmm?” Kaoru taunted.
“But Kaoru lessen. I cannot risk your safety. I don't know what kind of skills this man has. I'm just as worried for Yahiko's safety as you are but right now we need to think of a plan.”
“And I've got one Kenshin. How about I go there and try to fight him one my own and you can follow me at a safe distance so that he doesn't since that you followed me and if I get in a tight spot you bale me out. What do you say to that Kenshin?”
Kenshin looked thoughtful for a moment and then answered “All right Kaoru. I don't like that you have to fight because of my violent past but I appreciate your eagerness to help. I'll trail behind you and hind in the shadows to keep an eye out.”
“Thank you Kenshin. Now lets go help Yahiko!”
Yahiko's POV
`:groan: mmm...what happened...? Did I hit a pole while I was laughing or something? No wait I remember seeing a hand with a clothe in it. Then I passed out. That guy with the cloth must have taken me. So that means that not only was I kidnapped I missed dinner!!!' Yahiko sat up quickly and looked around him. He was sitting in the corner of a medium size room the room that was furnished like a hotel room and in the middle of the room there was a small table filled with lots of food. That was all Yahiko needed to see before he completely forgot that he was kidnapped.
“Hey there mate!” A tall man with chin length blond hair (AN: Alright well his hair is just like Asaba's in book 5 of Kare Kano.) and a toothy grin said as he entered the room. “You finally woke up!”
“So are you the one that kidnapped me?” Yahiko asked around some food in his mouth.
“Yah sorry `bout that. I wanted a fight with the legendary Hitokiri Battosai but when I saw him the other day in town his fighting spirit had diminished greatly so I thought that if I take his son maybe that would be enough to call him out so to speak.”
Yahiko blinked twice and then fell over in spills of laughter. “You think Kenshin's my dad!? Hahahah! And who'd be my mom that ugly old hag I live with? Get real! Hahaha.”
Sen looked at him and then blinked. “You mean that he's not your dad and that lady that you stay with isn't your mom? So is the young couple that your staying with marred?”
“Ha! With how fast it is that Kenshin is going Kaoru will be lucky to get married at the age of sixty!”
“Oh so he's living with her even though they aren't married yet? So their doing that stuff outa wed lock!?”
“Naw I doubt that...though there was this time that Kenshin walked in on Kaoru while...”
Kaoru's POV
“AH CHOO!” `Hmm who is talking about me?' Kenshin and Kaoru sneezed and thought at the same time.
`All right I'm getting close to the mansion. I wonder what I'm up against? I'll bet he's some ugly creep that has scares all over his face and has bad breath and has really tacky taste in clothes to and worst of all...I'll bet he doesn't wear DEODORANT!' Kaoru shivered and paled at the last thought.
Kenshin's POV
`We're getting closer.' Kenshin saw how Kaoru shivered and then paled. `She must be more scared then she's letting on. My brave Kaoru she's going to go fight someone she's never met before while she's terrified all to save Yahiko and she's even putting up a brave face.' Kenshin thought feeling proud at having such a caring lover.
Kaoru's POV
Kaoru walked a little further and approached the mansion. She walked up the little walk way and with out knocking let herself in. `don't worry Yahiko I'm coming. Now which room is it Sen didn't tell me in the note.'
Kaoru heard very faint laughter above her. It was so faint that the laughter couldn't have been coming from just the second story. No it was much higher then that. `What could be so funny that you could hear it all the way down here?' Kaoru wondered.
Walking up all the stars was egotistic. She must have been on the fifth floor by now and the laughter indicated that this must be where it was coming from. `Poor Yahiko Sen must be tickling him to death...that is a horrible way to die.' She took a left and cam closer to the last room in the hall where it appeared that Yahiko was being held. She crept closer to hear what was being said.
“Yah and thin once we looked at the picture that the guy drew of her...well lets just say that he captured her inner self alright!” Yahiko said and thin both him and Sen laughed again loudly.
Grrr...:three anime veins pop out of her head: “YAHIKO SHUT UP!” Kaoru yelled barging into the room.
Both Sen and Yahiko looked to the funning Kenshin (who they see) standing in the doorway.
“Whoa, whoa! Sorry there mate. I've changed my mined about the whole fighting thing. You see I've heard about how horrible the little missies food is and well I wouldn't want to fight a half dead men anyway. I'd feel pretty bad `bout that. I might as well go attack a nursing home if I were to attack you now especially after you just ate the food for dinner!”
:Much more veins popping out of Kaoru's head: :Steam coming out of her ears: :hand reaches over to the bokken which was leaning against the screen:
Sen noticed her going for the bokken and got up and was about to apologize for the comment on the cooking when...
Grrrr... “Kamiya Kasshin secret technique!” Kaoru jumped up and yelled as she came down. “Sebun subeta jinkei!”
Sen's last thoughts before the bokken came down on his head, both shoulders, side, chest, and both his legs, was `I'll never make fun of Kaoru's cooking again!'
Kenshin's POV
`Holy crap! I better warn Sano the next time he makes a joke about Kaoru's cooking!'
Yahiko's POV
`Whoa! I didn't think that ugly could do that!'
Kaoru's POV
After the attack Kaoru remained in a crouching position taking deep breaths. She got up and walked over to Yahiko who was staring at the seen with sassier-like eyes. She picked him up by his front collar and started to yell at him, “Yahiko what did you tell him about the beautiful Kaoru's cooking?!”
Yahiko choosing to save his life by not commenting on the self compliment that she gave herself said “Only that's it's so good that has other dying to have some! Yes! Yes that's what I said right Sen?” Yahiko fake laughed in hopes that Kaoru would by it. Sen was on the ground with swirly eyes and appeared to be dead. His only reply was a very slight nodding of his head.
Kaoru eyed him but thin smiled triumphantly “You really think so? Well I have been getting better! Come on Yahiko we're going say good bye to your friend.”
As they were walking away Sen started to sit up “Wha—wait! I thought that Hitokiri Battosai used the ancient style Hiten Mitsurugi ryu. Not Kamiya Kasshin...”
That was enough to freeze Kaoru in her place. She turned to face him. “ that what you heard because I'm sure that I said Hiten Mitsurugi not Kamiya Kasshin...” Kaoru lied scratching the back of her head.
Sen sweat dropped. “Aw well in any case I've been defeated so as a victory present to you, you can have this!” He yelled and pulled on a rope tied to the roof. A door opened up from above and out fell a rolling bolder heading toured Kaoru, Yahiko, and the still hidden Kenshin. “Careful its heave!” Sen laughed like a made man as the bolder rolled toured them.
Kaoru screamed as she ran down the fleet of stars with the bolder only about three feet away. She thin tossed Yahiko over to the now out of hiding Kenshin so that she could run faster without tripping.
“All of them Kaoru?”
End chapter four.