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Chapter Five: Switching back.
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Warning: Lots and lots of waff! Not so much humor as the other chapters because this one is the last chapter for this story and I'm in a romantic mood. By the way this : : means actions. On with the story!
It's late at night and the Kenshin-gumi has just returned from the fight with Sen. Yahiko went straight to bed once they returned home.
Kaoru's POV
It's an odd and straightly a comfort to know that they all consider this home. Its so nice to be loved and contorted by all of my friends here. Yahiko and Sanosuka are almost like the brothers I never had. Megumi is like an older sister and at times she's like a mother to me. Kenshin. Kenshin is the lover I never thought I'd ever have. I love him so much. When I fist saw him it was just like something had clicked and I wanted to be with him and now it's like I can't image my life going on without seeing his smiling face every morning! Had Kaoru never met Kenshin her dojo would have been so tarnished by the lie that Gohel had spread that she would have had to eventually sale it and perhaps move in with Tae. Or maybe she would have married someone she didn't love in order to produce a successor to the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu. She wasn't sure which. She was so grateful that Kenshin came when he did.
Smiling Kaoru slid open her door and stepped out side her room and onto the porch where she sat down to gaze up at the stares. It was such a clear night out so you could what seemed like millions of stares that littered the night sky. Kaoru's eye's light up as she saw a shooting stare.
“Make a wish.” Kenshin whispered into Kaoru's ear. Kaoru instantly turned red at the feeling of Kenshin being so close and shivered at the feeling of his breath on her neck at the same time.
Kaoru closed her eyes and made a silent wish. `I wish...(AN: For world peacesparkly eyes....yah right!) that once Kenshin and I get our regular bodies back that well be together forever...' Kaoru opened her eyes again to find Kenshin's arms raped around her neck from behind. “Done.” Was all she said.
“What did you wish for koishii?” Kenshin whispered into her ear once again. This time resting his head Kaoru's shoulder.
To this Kaoru blushed. Even if this was her lover she was still embarrassed to speak such thing out loud. `Why don't I just tell him? It's not like he doesn't know that I love him I mean really we did make love after all right? And I'm sure that he wants to be with me forever right?' “I...I wished for— ”
Knock, knock, knock!!!
Her and Kenshin's head popped up at the sound of someone knocking on the front door. `Who would be coming here this late at night? It must be 2 in the morning! And interrupting me and Kenshin's moment never the less'. Kaoru huffed and stood up to walk to the door, Kenshin close behind her eager to see who would be coming over at such an hour.
She opened up the door slowly and only enough to allow her head passage way through the creak. “Hello?”
“Kaoru!” It was Megumi and she looked at her with pity-laced eyes. “I have bad news and I felt that you needed to know immediately. And no I haven't gone blind I do know what time it is.”
“No, no it's alright we've just got make ourselves not but maybe an hour ago. Please come in and I'll go get some tea so you can tell us the bad news.” Kaoru assured Megumi into the dojo and headed to go make some tea while Kenshin set the cushions down.
Ruffle tem minutes later Kaoru came back out of the kitchen with the tea in hand. She set the tea down in front of Megumi and sat beside Kenshin ready to hear what was so important that Megumi felt that she needed to come over this late to tell them. `I wonder if it was something that Sano did to her like brake off the wedding or something...?' She voiced this to Megumi who at first looked taken aback but then told them what she knew.
“No Sano didn't do anything like that. That rooster head couldn't if he wanted to!” And here came the traditional fox ears and laugh. After a moment she got dead serious again and looked at the two of them straight in the eyes. “Listen now this may be the worst news you've ever heard but before I tell you what's not going to happen I want to tell you why it happened and why it won't change.”
Kenshin held Kaoru's hand in the two of his and then they shared a glance and looked at the doctor both nodding their heads in agreement.
“First off I've never told you two why you switched places I've only told you that I've known. So here's the reason, the afternoon before the party began I had asked Sano to watch the two girls sense the office was swamped with either sick people, injured, or some we're even about to give birth. Well Sano had fallen asleep and left the two girls to go and play. When they found my box of potions they decided to play scientist and play with the potions. They mixed them together so much that it was virtually impossible to unscramble them. Now here come the `why it won't change'. Like I said before the chemicals were being tampered with and so some of the chemicals in the potions formed chemical bonds and once a chemical bonds it doesn't un-bond. I figured that I could work a way around it to were I could form a different chemical bond and hope that they would just cancel each other out. What I found out was that not only do I not have the correct chemicals but the chemicals that might work don't even exist as far as we know. So there two are stuck like that...maybe forever.” Megumi finally finished and a long pause settled in.
Kenshin glance over at Kaoru and saw her staring at her hands with wide eyes and unshed tears. He then spoke to Megumi. “Thank you for telling us this but if you wouldn't mind could you please give us some time alone?”
“Of course Sir-Ken. Once again I'm so sorry about this.” With that she got up to leave.
`This is all my fault! All because I was to shy to admit my feelings and so Megumi felt that she needed to help me so she poisoned us now we can't reverse the stupid poison! And why is this all happing!? Because I couldn't admit my damn feelings to Kenshin!' She felt a tight pain in her throat and unshed tears now began to fall from her face and land onto her hands some went down her now red wet checks. Kenshin pulled her into a tight embrace stroking her hair and whispering that he was sorry. Wait, hold on. `Why is Kenshin apologizing?'
“Why :sniffle: Why are :hick up: you-you apo-agiz-ing.” Kaoru asked around a hick up. “I-I should be the one :hick up: apologizing not you.”
Kenshin pulled away slightly to look her in the face and cupped her checks in his hands his soft thumbs massaging her jaw line. “No. No, it's not your fault. I should have been a real men and concerted my fear of telling you that I love you instead of having a poison and a drunken haze do if for me. If I had done so then we wouldn't be like this right now that we wouldn't. Kaoru I love you so much and even if I'm in your body and your in my body I still want to be with you forever. So please forgive this one for not telling you sooner and having us go through this.” His eyes were filled with compassion and guilt.
At seeing this she started to giggle a little. Kenshin looked at her confused when she started to laugh harder. “What's so funny if I may ask?”
In between laughs she said, “Kenshin.” She started to settle down more, “That's what I wished for! I wished that I would always be with you! And oh Kenshin I-I was feeling that it was my fault that we switch bodies because I didn't have the courage to tell you that I loved—no...that I love you. Kenshin...?”
“Yes Kaoru?” Kenshin now had tears in his eyes. Although his was from joy that they had agreed to be with one another forever.
“Hold me...” She asked suddenly feeling the need to be held by the man—no now women—she loved.
Hearing this he smiled warmly and held her in his arms. Breathing out a sigh of content and pressing a kiss to the crown of her head he just held her for a bit longer before asking her his question. “Kaoru I wanted to ask you this for a while now and after what we've just found out I think that this is the best time of any to ask you this. Will you marry me and became Mrs. Kaoru Himura?”
After a moment of shock she lifted her head from his shoulder and nodded smile saying `yes' and then Kenshin kissed her passionately well as much as he could given the fact that he had on a huge smile.
“mmmuuuuuhhhh...” He leaned back to hear what she had to say.
“What I wanted to ask you still feel weird about kissing me?” She suddenly got a seductive glee in her eyes.
“No. As far as I can tell your still the Kaoru I know and love.” He then started to kiss her again and motioned for her to stand. Once sanding he directed her back to their room all the while kissing her neck, check and lips. (AN: :audience sees certain falling: That's right boo me all you like you know I'm not going to write a lemon especially one that would be this keen-kie!!)
The next morning.
(Still Kaoru's POV)
The warm rays and Kenshin's warm legs that were entangled in hers stocked her legs softly pulling her back to conciseness in the early morning of the day. Kaoru was much happier this morning then she was last night. `I guess I'm happier because I know that no matter what happens Kenshin will love me. Even if I'm now a men and he's now a women. It feels so good to have no insecurity issues. I know now that he will love me no matter what.' “Good morning love.” She mumbled out as he lazily started to kiss her neck.
“Good morning indeed love. How did you sleep?” Now content with just having his head on her chest.
“Wonderful.” She answered simply cradling his head to her chest while he had his arms around the middle of her waste.
“That's good.” He nuzzling his noise affectionately in her chest. “I think that it's going to be a good day...”
“Oh and why is that Koishii?”
Kenshin's eyes flashed and he was about to fulfill what he was thinking until...
Knock, Knock, Knock.
“Hey! Ya old hag! Get up! You said that you'd train me today now GET UP!”
Grrr “Shut up Yahiko! I'll get up when I feel like it! Until then get started on you warm up!” All thoughts of cuddling left her mind, “Grr....that annoying little brat. One day I swear....”
Kenshin's POV
Kenshin just smiled up a her and got up to get dressed all of his thought now gone along with the mood as well. He wasn't mad. In fact he had always found then quite amusing.
“Well I'd better get a head start on today's chores that I should. Oh! It just accrued to me that Saito might stop by later to ask why he say us yesterday running from a huge bolder that he might.”
“He saw that? When?”
“Oh this one noticed him smoking out side as we past him. He looked at us as if we had spontaneously just burst into flames that he did.”
“Oh but he doesn't know that we've switched bodies.”
“And it will remain that way...” Kenshin shuddered at the thought that Saito would make if he ever found out that Kenshin—his former enemy—was now stuck in a woman's body permanently.
Kaoru obviously caught what he meant and nodded her head. She would play the roll as Kenshin today but she wanted to have some fun of her own to.
Kenshin saw the evil grin on Kaoru's face but didn't comment on it instead he left after giving Kaoru a quick kiss and went to do the weeks laundry. He had done the colors yesterday but not the whites(AN: I'm not sure if you had to separate the clothes colors back then so please just play along if I'm wrong).
Later in the day around 12:30.
Kaoru's POV
“Yahiko I want you to give me 50 more swings and then you can head off to the Akabeko if you want just try not to get captured again got it? I don't feel like saving your but twice in a row.”
Grr ”Shut up. It wasn't my fault ugly!”
“75 strokes”
“What but—“
“Ok 100. Do you want to do more?”
Yahiko then shut his trap and started on his strokes about that time there was some knocking at the front door. Kaoru went to open it and was surprised and excited to see Saito so soon. `Ha! Now I can put my plan into action. First I'm gonna be really, really nice to him and make him think that he's gone insane and he'll never bother us again! YAY!'
“Well good afternoon Saito-san! What brings you here today?” Saito grunted at the perkiness of the man in front of him.
Saito's POV
`What the hell has gotten into Battosai? First I can tell that his strength has greatly weakened and now he's happier then usually and sense when have I been Saito-anything to him? Normally he's never really all that pleased to see me. I wonder what has changed.'
“Its come to my attention that there was a men beaten pretty badly in the direction that you and your friends came from last night. Care to explain?” It wasn't really a question more of an you-had-better-tell-me-what-you-did-last-night thing.
“Oh of course Saito-san! Come with me I'll go make some tea and then we can discuss this in the dinning room.” `Kenshin' took hold of Saito's arm and ushered him inside. `What the friken hell!?'
Kenshin's POV
`What the hell!!! Holy crap Saito's going to think that I'm gay if Kaoru keeps this up! What is she doing? She knows I'm not friendly with him!' Kenshin had been watching the seen from afar and was not at all pleased with what was happing. `I think I'll spy on them and see what all Kaoru does.
Kaoru's POV
Saito pulled away from her looking absolutely frightened—or as much as the wolf could anyway. “Battosai I don't know what the hell has gotten into you but I'm going to leave now and say in my report that one of you friends—probable the raccoon—was kidnapped and you had to get them back by coming alone. We will never talk about what has gone on today ever again. Have I made myself clear?”
“Oh my Saito-kun! You were quite close actually it was Yahiko who was captured!”
Saito slowly backed away with a disturbed look on his face. He backed out the front door with a hand on the hilt of his sword. As soon as he was out of ear reach and was for sure gone Kaoru fell into fits of laughter.
“Why did you do that love?” Kenshin whispered into her ear.
“Whoa Kenshin don't seek up on me like that! Well I just wanted to have some fun with him sense I'm going to be in your body for a long while that's all.”
“What were you trying to do Koishii?”
“Well I wanted to make him think that he had gone insane however....”
“Now he thinks I'm gay.” He finished for her.
“Yes. Are you mad?”
“No I don't care what he thinks if we don't have to answer anymore of the questions about the kidnapping.” Kenshin lightly laughed. They were still outside and so they sat down on the porch and relaxed for just a bit. After some time Kenshin spoke up. “You know what Kaoru? I don't think that I would have ever known you or any of our other friends as well as I do now had we never changed bodies.”
“I think that your right Kenshin. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all.”
“Mmmhmm...” Kenshin was started to get some ideas. “Hmm...Darling I think that it's time for your bath...” His eyes suddenly flashed.
“But Kenshin what about Yahiko?”
“He's already left to go to the Akabeko So we have the bath house to ourselfs.” He then started to kiss her neck.
“Oh really...?” All of a sudden a single dark cloud started to form above them and the last thing that Kenshin thought before he and Kaoru were stuck by lightening and died was, `What the heck!!'
Flash of light!
Kenshin's POV
Mmmm....Kenshin awoke with his arm around someone's soft slim waste. He smiled he knew that waste. He pulled her closer and started to kiss her anywhere he could reach without moving his head much. He started to stroke her legs with his and he could feel her smile. He held her ear lobe between his teeth as whispered into her ear, “Good morning darling.”
Kaoru turned her body around so that she could face him and rest her head on his chest. Up until now Kenshin hadn't opened his eyes he had only relied on his sense of tough to know how was being held in his arms. When he did open them he was met with sapphire eyes. His eyes roamed her body. Black hair, soft while skin, tiny waste, and blue eyes...this was Kaoru's was it was just a dream...?
“Like what you see?” Kaoru asked coolly.
Kenshin chuckled and held her more closely to his body nodding his head. “Yes I do.” He just held her tight for a moment then let out a content sigh.
“What are you thinking?”
“Just about a dream I had love.”
“Was I in it?” She asked playfully.
“As a matter of fact you were.” He said just as playfully.
“Oh really?”
“Yes and now I want to ask you something.”
“And what would that be Love”
“Will you marry me?”
“Yes” She answered without hesitation and he loved her for that.
“Thank you.” He bent his head down and kissed her on the lips softly. He didn't want to get up just yet because he was so happy about having Kaoru in his arms that it just didn't seem right to let go and two because he knew that they would both have so explaining to do when Yahiko and Sano saw the kimono in the front yard.
End Switching Places.
Authors note: Well? So? How did you all like the ending? I know it was a bit confusing but let me try to explain. The first half of the first chapter was true. Sano did propose to Megumi and Kenshin and Kaoru did get slightly drunk—not enough to give them a hang over but enough to redden the cheeks. This was all what Kenshin dreamt up because of the alcohol that he had drank. Have you ever though about what Kenshin would dream of if he had ever got slightly drunk because you know that he has never gotten drunk in the anime series. Also I had my account frozen for about two weeks so I couldn't update for a while. I'm going to start a few new stories by the way and here's a preview:
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Summery: Kenshin and Kaoru are happily married and have two twin girls Riku and Kai. Kai is a sweet girl with red hair and violet eyes who wears her hair in a high pony tail held up by a ribon who loves kendo and Riku is a suborn girl that has red hair and violet eyes she wears her hair down and loose she to is also interested in kendo just not as much as her sister she's really only interested in pulling pranks at school. When the two hotties at school start to fall for them read what happens. AU pg-13
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And then you already know about my most recent story. Hey am I the only one that's ever wondered if Kenshin might be good at baseball? I don't know a lot about the sport but I know that you have to me fast, strong and can hit a ball with a bat. Anyone want to write a fanfiction with that said?
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