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Kaoru whipped around to see a tall, dark figure standing by her. She backed herself into the wall.

"Are you scared little Kamiya?" the person asked as he pulled out a sword from under his jacket.

Kaoru gasped. She was so frightened and surprised that she couldn't move. She let out a gasp of fear.

"Well, you should be," the man stated.

The Bet Redone

Chapter 7

The Start of Something

Kenshin walked down the street. It was late. He was on his way home from his sword practice. Yes, that's right he study a sword style called the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Actually, the person that taught him his sword style was actually his History teacher at school. Although not many people knew that Seijuurou-sensei taught a sword style, he was still quite skilled with a sword. As Kenshin walked down the street he noticed that some people were staring at him. That could be because swords had been banned a while ago. However, on his sheath he had a sticker that told all any police person that tried to arrest him that he was a student and was not out to kill anyone. Kenshin yawned as he walked down the not so crowded anymore street. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted a dark figure following someone. Out of his own curiosity he followed the person. He had a bad feeling about this guy. As the guy rounded the corner Kenshin followed, but didn't go around the corner. He stopped and peered around the corner. It was dark because there were no streetlights on this street. The only thing that allowed Kenshin to see what was happening on the street was the light from the full moon that hung high in the night sky. A second later he saw the man pull out a sword and in front of him was a person. It was then that Kenshin recognized the person that was now backed up against the wall.

'Kaoru,' Kenshin thought to himself.

He quickly pulled out his cell phone and called the police. Once he hung up he heard a scream. He quickly rounded the corner. Kaoru was now down on her knees.

: Normal POV :

The man held up his sword again. Before the man could attempt to strike Kaoru again Kenshin and pulled out his sword and was standing in front of Kaoru, protecting her. The swords clashed together. Kenshin held back the other man's sword. The man was of course surprised to find someone with a sword in front of him. He pulled his sword away and stood there with a furious gaze.

"Damn you! Who the hell are you? Get out of my way!" the man asked as he swung his sword again, but this time in attempt to hit Kenshin.

However, that didn't work. Kenshin blocked the attack easily and quickly attacked him with the backside of his reverse blade sword right in his side. The guy gasped for breath as he dropped his sword and then followed it by falling down to the ground himself unconscious.

"My name is of no concern to you," Kenshin stated as he heard sirens coming closer and sheathed his sword.

He turned around to find Kaoru hugging herself. She was shaking and her eyes were wide with fear. Kenshin kneed down in front of her and placed a hand on her shoulder. As she felt the contact on her shoulder she quickly looked up into his eyes. There Kenshin saw only one thing, fear. He noticed how scared she was when he felt her gripping onto the sleeve of his jacket with her trembling hand. Her grasp on the material was tight. The sirens got louder and soon there was light flooding the dark street. Kenshin managed to coax Kaoru to stand up, but she refused to come out from behind him. Kenshin turned to face the police, knowing that they would have questions. It was then that he felt her use her other hand to grasp the material of the back of his jacket. Kenshin looked back at her and then turned his attention forward again. The police came over and lifted the body of the man on the ground. As they lifted him up and handcuffed him he regained his consciousness. He opened his eyes and glared at Kenshin, however Kenshin felted the man's glare go right through as if he was glare was directed toward Kaoru. Before he allowed the police to put him in the police car he managed to say one last thing.

"Kamiya you may have stopped me, but there are many more who are after your life and trust me, they are much more deadlier then me," with that said the police pushed the man into the car and took him away.

One of the police officers came over to Kenshin and Kaoru.

"Many I ask you a few questions?" the police asked.

Kenshin looked back to Kaoru, who was still wide-eyed and her grip on his jacket was even tighter then it had originally been. He then looked back to the officer.

"Not tonight," Kenshin calmly stated.

The officer was about to protest when he saw Kaoru's state. He then just nodded and walked back over to the police car. Soon all the cars were gone and Kenshin and Kaoru were left alone. When he was sure that everyone was gone he turned around to face Kaoru. Luckily she allowed him to by releasing her grip on his jacket. Her hands were now grasping each other and they were right over her chest. She was still shivering. Kenshin, seeing her state, took off his jacket and place it over her shoulders. He then placed his arm around her shoulder.

"Come on Kaoru. I take you home okay?" Kenshin asked.

Kaoru only nodded. Kenshin started walking forward with Kaoru beside him. They walked in silence the whole way.

'I wonder who that guy was and why was he after Kaoru?' Kenshin asked himself as he looked down at the girl beside him, 'She looks pretty even if she's scared.'

Kenshin was shocked that that thought had just ran through his head.

'No, what am I thinking. I'm only getting close to her to win the bet,' Kenshin though as he shook his head to get the other thought out of his head.

It was then that he noticed that they were in front of Kaoru's house. He led Kaoru up to her door. The inside of the house was dark showing that no one was home. As they reached the door Kenshin removed his arm from her shoulder. He turned to leave, but was stopped when he felt her grab the back of his shirt. He turned back to her in surprise.

"Please stay. Can you come inside for a little bit?" Kaoru said quietly as she moved her gaze up from the ground to look at him.

Kenshin was about to object saying that he had to go home, but he stopped when he saw her eyes. She was pleading him to stay. He could still see the hint of fear in her eyes. The other thing he noticed were the tears that were descending down his face. It was after seeing that did he change his mind.

"Okay, but only for a little bit," he stated.

Kaoru looked slightly relieved as she led him into her house.

"I'm sure Yahiko and Megumi are asleep so we'll have to be quiet," Kaoru stated as she closed the front door.

"Yahiko and Megumi?" Kenshin asked her.

"My brother and my roommate," Kaoru answered.

"Oh," Kenshin said.

They both went silent after that, not knowing what to say. Neither of them moved from their place right by the door either. It was Kenshin that was the first one to break the silence.

"Can you tell me what happened?" he asked her slowly, not sure if he was stepping onto dangerous grounds.

Kaoru was silent at first, but then began to explain what happened.

"I was walking home from school. It was late because I had to clean the science lab today. I felt someone following me. At first I thought it was you just trying to get on my nerves, but when I stopped and yelled out for you to come out from hiding he was the one that came out. He pulled out his sword and I backed up until my back met the wall. He swung his sword sideways and I dunked by falling to my knees. His blade just barely missed my head. He held his sword up to attack me again, but when he went to you came out of nowhere and stopped him. You know the rest from there," Kaoru stated quietly.

Kenshin watched her as she retold the story. Then a thought occurred to him.

"Why was he after your life?" Kenshin asked her.

Kaoru gaze dropped to the floor, "I can't tell you."

"Why not?" Kenshin asked kind of coldly.

"I just can't!" Kaoru half yelled as she looked up and then moved her head so she was looking to the side of her. Tears were making there way down her face again. Kenshin saw this, so he took hold of her chin and moved her face until she was facing him.

"Okay, but just know that I'll always be here if you want to talk about it," Kenshin stated calmly.

Kaoru looked at him with shock and then her face turned into a look of confusion. She only nodded though as she used the back of her hand to wipe the tears away.

"Okay," Kaoru answered quietly.

Kenshin gave a slight smile and then turned to leave. He opened the door, but was stopped by Kaoru's voice.

"Wait," Kaoru said.

Kenshin turned around to face her. She handed him his jacket.

"You almost forgot your jacket. Thanks for letting me borrow it and thanks for," Kaoru paused slightly, "everything else tonight."

"No problem," Kenshin answered as he took his jacket back, "Just be careful and I'll see you tomorrow at school."

With that he left. Kaoru watched him until he was out of sight. Maybe she was right maybe he was changing into a better person. With that thought she closed the door and walked inside of her house. She was tired, but she still had to study for that English test.

: Kenshin's POV :

Once I was out of her sight my mind began to think. Well, it appeared that I was possible on her good list now so all I had to do was find a way to get her to go out with me.

"Things could be looking up for me," Kenshin stated to no one, but himself.

: Next Day (Normal POV) :

Kaoru quickly made her way to her History class. She really didn't want to go to school today, but she had to take her English test. Since she had taken so long to debate whether or not to come to school she had been late leaving her house. Luckily she managed to get to class barely on time. She didn't even get a chance to see if Kenshin or her friends were there. The class flew by and soon the bell rang to dismiss them from class. Kaoru sighed. She was just happy that the class was over. As she walked out of class her two friends caught up with her.

"Hey Kaoru why were you so late coming to class today?" Misao asked as they walked down the hall.

"I over slept," Kaoru lied. She couldn't tell her friends the truth or they would freak out.

Tae and Misao didn't question her.

"I have to do something before I go to class, so I'll catch up to you guys later," Kaoru said as she turned down a different hallway. She didn't want to go to Geometry. She decided that she would go to the office and tell them that she had to use the bathroom so she was late to class. They always gave away passes to her easily because she was a good student and hardly ever asked for a pass. When she walked into the office she told them her made up story and they quickly gave her a pass without delay. Kaoru walked out of the office and slowly walked down the hall. She had just about pass one of the smaller and not used as much hallways when she felt someone grab her arm. She quickly felt herself being pulled into the smaller hallway.

"What the," Kaoru started, but a hand was placed over her mouth. When she looked at the person's face she saw that she was looking at Kenshin.

Kenshin pulled his hand away from her mouth.

"Sorry about scaring you like that," Kenshin stated, "but I have a proposal for you."

Kaoru looked at him awkwardly.

"What would that proposal be?" Kaoru asked him.

"I will protect you from the people, that the guy mentioned, that are after you," Kenshin started.

"If?" Kaoru asked.

"If, in return, you'll go out with me," he said.


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