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The Bet Redone

Chapter 13

Christmas Day

As soon as Kaoru got home she gave Misao a call.

"Moshi Moshi," the voice on the other line said.

"Hey Misao," Kaoru spoke when she heard her friend's voice coming from the other side.

"Oh, hey Kaoru. What's up?" Misao asked.

"Nothing too much," Kaoru replied, "hey, do you want to go out to dinner with me tomorrow?"

There was a silence on the other end for a second, but Misao's voice broke through the silence.

"Sure, that sounds like fun," Misao replied with her regular, cheerful voice.

"Okay, meet me at the park at 5 o'clock tomorrow evening and make sure you dress nice," Kaoru said.

"Okay, see you then," Misao said.

"Okay, bye," Kaoru said before she hung up the phone.

'That was almost too easy,' Kaoru thought to herself as she walked into her own room to pick out something to wear.

The next morning went by quickly. Kaoru had gotten a call from Kenshin confirming that he had managed to get Aoshi to go. The two of them talked for quite awhile before Kaoru told him that she had to go start getting ready. At 3o'clock, she went and did her hair up in a simple ponytail. She managed to curl the ends of some of her hair that was in the ponytail. Once satisfied with her hair she quickly applied some simple make-up. She applied some blue eye shadow, a light blush, and a faded red like lipstick. When she went and changed into her dress. The dress was a navy-colored fitted glitter knit dress with criss-cross straps in back. The dress hugged her curves perfectly. At 4:30o'clock, just as she was putting on her black high heel shoes, Megumi's voice came down the hall. "Kaoru, Ken-san is here!"
"Coming!" Kaoru yelled as she quickly double-checked her appearance and then exited the room.
She walked into the hallway and Kenshin came into view. He was dressed in loose, black dress pants and a nice, burgundy dress shirt. When she walked in she saw his eyes widen slightly.
"You look gorgeous," Kenshin simply stated. He couldn't find any more words to describe her. She looked like a goddess.
Kaoru blushed slightly at the comment.
"Thank you," Kaoru said, "you look great too."
Suddenly there was a silence between them. Kaoru broke the silence by saying, "Hang on let me just get my coat."
Kenshin only nodded. Kaoru disappeared for a moment. Megumi quickly poked her head in.
"Make sure you have her back by midnight," Megumi stated quietly.
"Megumi!" Kaoru complained as she reentered the room.
Kaoru walked over to Kenshin side and Kenshin put his arm around her shoulders.
"Don't worry I'll have her back before midnight," Kenshin replied with a smirk.
Kaoru just looked at him slightly confused, but then turned back to Megumi.
"I'm leaving," Kaoru stated.
"Have fun," Megumi said before she disappeared out of sight.
With that Kenshin led Kaoru outside. He held her close to him to give her some of his warmth since her dress and jacket were slightly thin. Kaoru blushed at the closeness at first, but soon the blush faded and she felt a feeling similar to contentment. She smelt the nice fragrance of his cologne. As they reached the park they split up. It was 5o'clock now. Kenshin released Kaoru.
"I guess this is where we have to separate," Kenshin stated.
"Yeah, see you in 5 or 10 minutes," Kaoru said as she turned and into the park.
Kenshin watched Kaoru till she was out of sight and then started his search to find Aoshi.
Kaoru walked until she saw Misao come into sight.
"Hey Misao!" Kaoru yelled across the empty park.
Misao turned at the sound of her name and smiled when she saw Kaoru coming toward her. Once Kaoru reached her they embraced into a quick, friendly hug. When they pulled away Kaoru got a good look at what Misao was wearing. She was wearing a 2-tone dress. The first layer of the dress was fuchsia and the top layer, which you saw the most of, was blue. She wore white and clear high-heel shoes. Her hair was up and looked like she had had it professionally done.
'He's should definitely like this,' Kaoru thought to herself.
"You look great Misao," Kaoru stated with a smile.
"Thanks, so do you," Misao said, "are you sure that I don't look weird?"
"You look beautiful, trust me," Kaoru stated with a wink.
Misao looked at her slightly confused.
"Kaoru!" a voice yelled.
Both girls turned to see Kenshin walking toward them with Aoshi walking right behind him. Kaoru saw Misao blush slightly.
"Kaoru, what are they doing here?" Misao whispered to her friend.
"Well, Kenshin called me right after I talked to you to see if I wanted to go out to dinner tonight. I told him I was going out with you so he insisted on bring a friend so we could a sort of double date type thing," Kaoru quietly said to her, trying to hide the fact that it was a complete lie.

"Hey Kaoru," Kenshin said as he walked up next to her.
Kaoru looked at Aoshi and introduced herself and Misao.
"Hi, I'm Kaoru and this is my friend Misao. Sorry to invite on such short notice," Kaoru said cheerfully.
"It's okay," Aoshi said in a monotone voice as he looked over at Misao.
Misao felt his eyes on her and quickly blushed. She bowed and said, "Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too," Aoshi stated, he was dressed the same as Kenshin except he wore a navy blue dress shirt.
"Okay, where to?" Kenshin asked.
No one answered until Kaoru came up with an idea.
"Let's go to that new restaurant. I think the name was La Royals," Kaoru stated.
"Okay," Misao said.
Aoshi just nodded and with that they walked out of the park and headed toward the restaurant. It was a fancy dining place. It even had a dance floor and an orchestra playing slow music in the background. They walked up to the front podium.
"How many in your party?" the man behind the podium asked.
"Four and nonsmoking section please," Kenshin stated formally.
"Right this way please," the man stated as he grabbed four menus and then turned to his left and began to walk. The group followed. When they reached the table Kenshin pulled out Kaoru's chair.
"Thank you," Kaoru stated as she gently sat down and Kenshin pushed her in.
Misao just stood there, a little uncomfortable, but soon the chair in front of her was pulled out. Misao looked at who pulled it out and was surprised to see Aoshi standing there. Misao blushed dark red.
"Thank you," Misao said as she took her seat and Aoshi pushed her in.
At the same time Kenshin and Kaoru were smirking to each other. Kaoru sat with Kenshin on her left side, Misao to her right, and Aoshi was across the table from her. They all picked up their menus and began to chose what they wanted to eat. Not long after they chose a waiter came up to their table and took their orders.
"So Misao what are your hobbies?" Kenshin asked, trying to get a conversation started between Misao and Aoshi. Kaoru and he had talked about the two earlier and found that they had a lot in common.
"Well, I like sword fighting and gymnastics," Misao answered, becoming slightly more comfortable.
"I see, so we're all sword fighting people," Kenshin stated.
"Guess so," Kaoru stated.
"By the way, Himura-san, why do you have such a weird reputation anyway?" Misao asked, "I've been wondering for a while."
"I guess the girls just can't resist me," Kenshin stated sarcastically.
Misao and Kaoru giggled and a small smile appeared across Aoshi's face.
'That's the first time I've ever seen Aoshi even close to smiling. It looks like this is going good,' Kenshin thought to himself.
"So Aoshi-san what do you like doing in your free time?" Misao asked curiously, completely forgetting her nervousness from before.
"I like to sword fight," Aoshi stated simply.
"Really, we should fight sometime," Misao stated.
"Maybe, I wouldn't want to beat you too bad," Aoshi said slightly sarcastically.
"Hey, I may be a girl, but I'm not that weak," Misao stated proudly.
Aoshi smiled and Misao laughed in return. From then on the two conversed about many things. Kenshin and Kaoru stayed quiet until they were done eating.
"Kaoru would you do me the honor of sharing this dance with me?" Kenshin asked as he stood up and held out his hand to Kaoru.
"Okay," Kaoru answered and with that she placed her hand in his and stood up.
Kenshin led her out onto the dance floor. There were currently 3 other couples on the dance floor as well. Kenshin pulled Kaoru close to him and they began to slow dance.
"I think it's working. What do you think?" Kenshin asked.
Kaoru smiled and said, "Yeah me too." ::Aoshi & Misao::
"That tasted really good," Misao stated happily.
"Yeah," Aoshi replied.
A silence befell them for a while. Misao was just about to ask how Aoshi and Kenshin had become friends when Aoshi's voice through her ears.
"Do you want to dance?" Aoshi asked in a monotone voice.
Misao looked at him with a bit of shock. Suddenly his words sunk in and she blushed.
"Okay," Misao said simply.
Aoshi stood up and held out his hand to her. Slowly she placed her hand in his and then stood up. Aoshi led them out onto the dance floor. They stood there for a moment before Aoshi took a step close to Misao. Misao lifted her arms and placed her hand on his shoulders. Aoshi placed his hands on her sides and slowly they began to dance. Slowly they came closer together until Aoshi was hugging Misao to him. Both of them were slightly blushing. Misao was blushing the most. ::Kenshin & Kaoru::
Kenshin and Kaoru watched as Misao and Aoshi came onto the dance floor and slowly began to dance.
"I think our plan worked. What do you think?" Kaoru said.
"I think so," Kenshin stated as he looked into Kaoru's eyes and smiled, "Come on lets go."
"Okay," Kaoru said.
Kenshin led Kaoru off the dance floor. Before they left Kenshin left some money on the table to cover for their half of the bill. Then they left the restaurant. They walked down the street, Kenshin holding Kaoru close again to give her a little extra warmth.
"You're not too cold are you?" Kenshin asked with concern in his voice.
"No, I'm fine," Kaoru stated.
They kept walking until they reached the middle of the park. A light snowfall barely began to descend and the only thing that lit the park up was the faint moonlight.
"I had a great time," Kaoru stated.
"I'm glad," Kenshin said as he let go of her and reached into his pocket. Then he turned to face her, "here."
Kenshin handed Kaoru a small neatly wrapped box. Kaoru took the box gently from his hands.
"Kenshin what's this?" Kaoru asked slightly confused.
"Merry Christmas," Kenshin stated simply, "open it."
Kaoru obeyed and unwrapped the small gift. Once the wrapping paper was gone she held a small black box. She opened the box and gasped in shock.
"Oh my god," Kaoru whispered.
Inside the box lay a sterling silver necklace with a medium sized diamond in the middle. Kaoru looked from the gift up to Kenshin.
"You really shouldn't have," Kaoru stated.
"But I did," Kenshin said as she softly took the box from Kaoru and pulled the necklace out of it.
Kaoru held her ponytail to the side and bent her head down. Kenshin stepped slightly closer and clasped the necklace around Kaoru's neck. When he finished he stepped back slightly and Kaoru returned to stand straight up. She released her hair from her grip.
"Beautiful," Kenshin stated simply.
Kaoru blushed and looked down at the diamond hanging around her neck.
"I feel bad now. I didn't get you anything," Kaoru stated as she continued to look at her new gift.
"Don't worry this will make up for it," Kenshin stated.
Kaoru looked up at him slightly confused, but before she say anything Kenshin pulled her right up against him and placed his lips gently over hers. Kaoru was in pure shock and embarrassment at first, but slowly she leaned into the kiss, deepening it. Kenshin placed one arm around her waist and the other one around her shoulders, basically crushing her to him. Kaoru lifted her arms around his neck as they continued to kiss. Finally, they pulled away from each other. Kaoru was very flustered and surprisingly Kenshin was slightly flustered as well. Kenshin looked at Kaoru and smiled.
"That was not getting an actual present," he said with a smirk.
Kaoru couldn't help, but giggle slightly. Kenshin placed his arm around her shoulders again and pulled her to his side.
"Come on lets get you home. It's 11:30. I wouldn't want to make Megumi mad by not having you home by midnight," Kenshin said sarcastically.
Kaoru just smiled and the two walked out of the park. ::Misao & Aoshi::
Once Misao and Aoshi finished dancing they returned to the table to find that Kenshin and Kaoru had left.
'Kaoru!' Misao mentally yelled.
"Shall we go?" Aoshi asked.
"Sure," Misao answered.
They paid their half of the bill and then left the restaurant. Once they got outside neither really knew what to do.
"Well, I guess I'll see you later," Misao stated as she turned and started to head home.
"Where do you live?" Aoshi asked.
Misao stopped walking and replied, "About 3 miles from here. It's not that far."
"I'll walk you there. It's too far for you to go alone at this time of the night," Aoshi stated as he walked up along side of her.
"It's really no big deal," Misao said, but Aoshi said nothing. Misao just smiled slightly and quietly replied, "Thank you."
It took them about an hour before they finally reached Misao's house. The two stopped right in front of the door.
"Sorry for the trouble," Misao stated.
"It was no trouble at all," Aoshi replied.
"We should hang out more. We have a lot in common," Misao said with a smile.
"Yeah we should," Aoshi said.
"Well, thank you for walking me home and I'll see you soon hopefully," Misao said as she gave a small bow.
"Okay," Aoshi said.
Misao was about to turn and go inside when Aoshi gently grabbed her arm and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Sayonara," Aoshi said quietly as he let go of her arm. He turned and walked away.
Misao just stood there in complete shock. It didn't occur to her what had just happened until Aoshi was completely out of sight. She blushed so deeply that she looked like a tomato. She placed her hand right over her cheek where he had kissed her.
'I'm never going to wash this cheek again,' Misao thought to herself as she silently turned and entered her house. ::Kenshin & Kaoru::
Kenshin and Kaoru reached Kaoru's house in about 15 minutes. Kenshin walked her right up to the door before he released her from his grip.
"Thank you for a wonderful evening and the present," Kaoru stated with a slight blush across her cheeks as she remembered the other present. She was still slightly shocked. After all, it had been her first real kiss.
"Your welcome," Kenshin stated.
"Well, I'll see you later then," Kaoru stated.
Kenshin leaned forward and gave her gentle goodnight kiss on the lips.
"Sayonara," Kenshin said calmly which he had pulled away from her.
"Sayonara," Kaoru replied back.
With that Kenshin turned and walked away and Kaoru entered her house.
:Kenshin POV:
'What was that feeling when I kissed her? I felt accepted and warm,' Kenshin thought to himself as he walked home, 'could it be that I've actually fallen for her? Do I love Kaoru?'
Kenshin thought to himself for a while.
'Yes, I do love her. This feeling is different from when I was going out with other girls. It's deeper. I really do love her, but there is one problem. I have to tell her about the bet. She's already forgiven me many times before and I'm sure that I don't have any chances left. How do I tell her that I really love her? How do I tell her about the bet without completely losing her?'

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