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Review of last chapter: "Why do you care?" Soujiro asked angrily, "You obviously don't care too much for her since you were able to turn on her so easily."

With that Kenshin grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him off the ground.

"Listen here. I care for Kaoru. I made a mistake and even if she hates me for the rest of her life I will continue to protect her!" Kenshin furiously stated.

Soujiro just stared at him in shock and then smiled.

"I can see why Kaoru cared for you so much," Soujiro stated as he pointed toward the trees where the man disappeared to, "he went that way."

Kenshin released him and dashed back into the school, but not before thanking Soujiro. He ran into Seijuurou-sensei's classroom. It was a good thing that he taught swordsmanship. Kenshin grabbed the spare reverse blade sword from its hiding place. With that in his hand he dashed out of the school and in the direction that Soujiro had indicted.

`Kaoru just hold on! I'm coming to save you!' Kenshin yelled to himself in his head.

The Bet *ReDone*

Chapter 16

Truths and Heartache

Kaoru slowly felt herself drifting up from unconsciousness. She gradually opened her eyes. She went to try and rub her eyes only to find herself bound to a wall by a thick rope. Her eyes snapped opened as she recalled what had happened before she had blacked out. She looked at her arms and legs and found all of them bound to the wall.

"Are you finally awake?" a familiar voice sounded through Kaoru's ears.

She looked forward and in the shadows she saw the man from early standing 20 meters in front of her.

"Who are you?" Kaoru asked the man.

"Another one of your father's victims. Also didn't I tell you that I don't tell my name to the people I'm about to kill," the man responded.

He walked out of the shadows and into the moonlight. He was a tall man with long black hair. His hair was currently pulled back into a high ponytail. His eyes were blood red and Kaoru could tell that he was quite muscular due to his tight black shirt and loose black pants. Kaoru then turned her gaze to his hip, which was currently holding not only a gun, but also a full-length sword. Her attention was pulled to her surroundings when she felt a cold, light breeze and was surprised when she felt mist touch her face like little raindrops.

"Where are we?" Kaoru asked calmly as she stared intensely in her capturer's eyes.

"We are presently in a small, secluded building on a cliff right next to the ocean," the man answered simply with a crooked smirk on his face.

Kaoru's eyes widened in fear and realization. If they were really where he said they were then if he were to kill her no one would know about it for quite a while.

"Do you finally realize you're predicament?" the man asked mockingly.

Kaoru swallowed the saliva that had been in her mouth before she spoke, "I still don't know why the other guys and you want me dead. You keep saying revenge for something that my father did, but I still have no clue what you're talking about!"

The man looked deeply into her eyes to check the truth of her words.

"I guess that damn man was never even able to tell his own family the truth. How ironic!" the man stated, "Well, then I guess I'll start from the beginning. To be simply put, your father was an assassin and a damn good one too."

Kaoru was shocked and angered by his words. She snarled at the man that stood in front of her. He had to be kidding.

"That's a lie! My father was a respectable man who cared for his family. He was a kind-hearted person! He would never stoop so low as to kill a fly let alone a human being!" Kaoru argued.

The man just smirked as he pulled a picture and a piece of paper out of the back pocket of his pants. He opened the folded paper up and showed it to Kaoru as he read it aloud.

"This was found in your father's pocket before his last assassination. It says that he was a hired assassin for part of the mafia. His last assignment was to murder the leader of an enemy group called The Black Dragons. The leader of that group was my brother," the man spoke as he placed the picture in front of her face, "and this is a picture that a member of the Black Dragons was able to take of the assassination before he too was killed."

As Kaoru's eyes landed on the photo, her eyes filled with tears, fear, and sorrow. Clearly shown on the photo was her father's image as he was slicing through a human's body. She closed her eyes and turned her face away from the dreadful sight.

`Father was an assassin. Behind our backs he was in the mafia killing people,' the thought broke whatever unbroken part of her heart was left. Everything she had ever believed was all a lie. Her whole life was nothing, but a cover up.

The man just laughed at her reaction before he spoke again, "Does it hurt to know the truth? Good because it makes me feel that much better since I know that I'm causing you distress."

Kaoru turned her gaze toward him and gave him a glare that would scare a lion away from its prey. The guy ceased his laughing.

"I bet you also don't know how your father was murdered rather, huh? The police just gave up and claimed the case has being a robbery that turned treacherous. I'll tell you the real truth. Not long after your damn father killed my brother, many various sections of the mafia ganged up on him while he was out doing errands. They launched a surprise attack on him and then brutally murdered him and you want to know what his last words were?" the man paused to focus on Kaoru's expression, "his last words were "Damn the sword that protects.""

Kaoru shattered at the story. Her eyes became vacant and her body lifeless. She was like a body without her soul, drowned in despair. The man stared toward her lifeless form as he unsheathed his sword.

"Finally, I get revenge for my brother's death. Burn in hell Kamiya!" the man screamed as he raised his sword to slice Kaoru's body completely in half.

The man, however, was surprised when instead of hearing screaming and having the girl's blood all over, he received the sound of clanging metal and a growl. He followed his swords path and was surprised to be staring at a furious teenage boy holding a sword.

"Who the hell are you?" the man asked.

"My name is of no importance to you," Kenshin hissed as he pushed his sword back against the man who had just tried to slay Kaoru.

The man stepped back and observed this new turn of events. The boy was dressed up in formal clothes and he held a reversed blade sword in his puny hands.

The man smirked as he spoke cockily to Kenshin, "And what do you plan to do with that harmless sword of yours? You can't mean that you're purpose is to save her."

Kenshin growled again as his eyes flashed slightly gold, "I won't let you lay a finger on Kaoru. Not one inch of your dirty sword shall touch her skin or I'll make you die the most painfully death you've ever seen."

"Oh yeah? Well, I'll hold you to that threat," the man said as he raised his sword and got into stance.

Kenshin took a quick look behind him and glanced at Kaoru. He didn't like the sight. She appeared to be a lifeless rag doll. A pain stubbed his heart like a knife. It was his fault that she was in this state. He turned his gaze back to his opponent.

"Now lets begin!" the man yelled as he charged at Kenshin.

Kenshin stood ready before he lunged forward to counter the attack. Swords clashed like thunder and the two men dashed back and forth. One would attack the other would defend. They seemed to be on the same playing field. However, for a brief moment Kenshin let his defenses down and that's when the man attacked, but this time the attack was not meant for Kenshin. Kenshin watched with horror as the man smirk as he lunged toward Kaoru's lifeless form. It was then that Kenshin's eyes turned gold and in a flash he disappeared. The man was so focused on Kaoru that he failed to notice Kenshin's disappearance. That is, until he watched as Kenshin's form appear right in front of him, the sword going through Kenshin's left arm instead of Kaoru's heart. The man stood there in shock.

`How the hell did he get there?' the man asked himself as he pulled his sword out of Kenshin's arm.

Blood poured out of Kenshin's arm, but the man could not see Kenshin's expression due to the fact that his head was bent so that his bangs were covering his eyes.

"You damn asshole. I warned you about touching Kaoru with your filthy blade," Kenshin said as he lifted his head up slowly.

The man cringed slightly as Kenshin's now molten gold eyes saw into his very soul.

"What the hell are you?" the man asked as he backed away vaguely.

Kenshin stared straight into his eyes, "Your worst nightmare."

With that Kenshin disappeared again, but this time the man saw him vanish. The man got nervous, since he had no idea were the crazed boy had gone. Then suddenly he felt the boy's presence. However, before he could turn Kenshin stabbed him straight through the heart. The man's eyes gradually got blurry until everything went black. Before he completely stopped breathing he managed to say one last thing, "The Hiten Mitsurugi style and a sword that can kill or protect. Damn you brat, damn you all to hell!"

With that the man lay dead on the cold cement. Kenshin lowered his sword and walked over to Kaoru. He carefully cut through the ropes that were binding her to the wall. With no way of holding herself up she collapsed into Kenshin's chest. Kenshin's sword clattered against the ground as he dropped it in order to catch Kaoru. The impact caused stress on his wound and he hissed as pain shot through his body like lightning. He slowly lowered his body and gently laid Kaoru on the ground. After making sure she was okay, he ripped the sleeves of his shirt. He used the sleeve that had been on his right arm as a wrap. He tightly wrapped the material around his wound and hoped that the blood would stop soon, which he knew was near impossible. The wound was extremely deep. Once he was sure that the makeshift bandage was secure, he grabbed his sword and sheathed it in the sheath that was currently hanging at his hip. He then turned his attention to Kaoru. There didn't appear to be any wounds on her body, aside from the scraps she received on her wrists and ankles from her bonds. Sometime during the fight she had fallen unconscious. Kenshin gathered whatever strength he had left and carefully picked Kaoru up, bridal style. Pain swept through his body again, but he ignored the pain. He had to get Kaoru home, safe and sound. Right now her safety was more important than his life. He trudged down the path that led to Kaoru's neighborhood. The walk back seemed infinite. Of course, then again, Kenshin hadn't paid attention to the length of the journey there because he was too worried about Kaoru. Luckily he had gotten there in time to save her. However, something was bothering Kenshin that he just couldn't seem to make sense. The way that Kaoru just remained still while the man was about to kill her and the vacant look in her eyes had Kenshin worried. Something had happened to cause her to be so inanimate. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Kenshin arrived at Kaoru's front door. He lightly knocked on the door. Small noises came from the inside before Yahiko opened the door.

"Kenshin?" Yahiko asked uncertainly as he looked at the bundle held in Kenshin's arms and realized who it was, "Megumi!!!"

The woman came over to the door.

"What is it Yahi..." Megumi started, but couldn't finish once she laid eyes on what Yahiko was staring intently at, "Kenshin you're so pale and Kaoru! What happened?"

Megumi quickly took the limp Kaoru from Kenshin's arms.

"Help her Megumi. Please help her," Kenshin mumbled before his vision went black and he collapsed to the ground.


Kaoru felt so lifeless. She gradually felt herself returning to the real world. Her eyelids felt like heavy weights as she attempted her open her eyes. She could tell that her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

"Megumi," Kaoru heard someone say, but she wasn't awake enough to know who it was.

She stared mindlessly at the ceiling above her.

"Kaoru? Kaoru," a voice called to her.

She steadily turned her head in the direction of the noise and came face to face with a relieved Megumi.

"Good you've woken up. We were worried about you for quite awhile," Megumi spoke.

"What happened?" Kaoru asked as she slowly sat up. She was feeling slightly dizzy.

"That's what I would like to ask you. There was a knock at the door and when we answered it Kenshin was standing there with you in his arms. He was as pale as a ghost. He handed you over to me and then collapsed to the ground. Yahiko and I managed to get you both into the family room. You had no physical wounds, but unfortunately Kenshin was not as fortunate. He has an extremely deep wound in his left arm. I'm surprised he managed to make it here and with you nonetheless. About ten more minutes and he probably would have collapsed on the street dead with you in his arms," Megumi stated.

Kaoru gasped as she searched the room for any sign of Kenshin. She was surprised to find him laying about a foot away from her. She didn't notice Yahiko and Megumi leaving as she crept over to Kenshin like a baby who had just learned how to crawl. She examined his face and saw that he was as pale as a ghost. She looked down at his arm. Bright red blood stained the new bandage. Kaoru lightly touched the wound and as soon as she did Kenshin cringed in pain. Kaoru quickly withdrew her hand. He had perspiration all over his body and his hair was matted against his face. Kaoru reached over and carefully wiped the hair away so that it wouldn't get into his eyes. She was about to touch his cheek and feel guilty for his wound when she remembered the scene at the dance. As she recalled, it had been him that had broken her heart and caused her to leave the dance only to be abducted by that maniac. She withdrew her hand and stared sourly at his face, but the look slowly faded away. Kaoru's feelings were so askew that she wasn't sure what to feel. Sure she was happy that Kenshin had saved her, but he was also the same person that had broken her heart over and over and over again. Could she really forgive him again? Kaoru's heart and head hurt as she tried to figure out her feelings. The worst part was that Kenshin was only half the problem. She also had to deal with the new information, the truth, about her father. Kaoru's eyes swelled up with tears for what seemed like the thousandth time in the past three months. She slowly rose to her feet and walked out of the room and headed toward the bathhouse. Once she was done there she changed into her training clothes and went into the dojo. When she trained it helped make it easier for her to think and comprehend situations.

~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~: In the family room (Kenshin) ~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:

Kenshin sensed Kaoru's presence as she crawled toward him, but he didn't have the strength to open his eyes and talk to her. He cringed as he felt her touch his wound. He knew it scared her slightly, but the pain was horrible. He couldn't stop the pain even if he wanted to. He was just thankful that he didn't have to go to the hospital. It was a good thing that Megumi was a doctor. Since he wanted to save his physical strength so he could talk to Kaoru he laid still and recalled the events of earlier. He still didn't understand what had come over him. Whatever it was, it was dangerous. He remembered right before that force took over, the only thought in his head was Kaoru's possible death. After that the rest of the fight was in slow motion. It was then that he turned his attention to how he was going to tell Kaoru the whole truth. He knew there was a good chance that Kaoru was never going to forgive him and he wouldn't blame her. He had hurt her so much. He had caused the one he loved to suffer so much. After ten minutes of trying to come up with a plan, he could think of nothing. He decided that he would just come up with a plan when the time occurred. He pulled in all of the strength he had saved and opened his eyes. He forced himself to sit up. He then grabbed hold of the table that stood next to him and used it as a support to help him stand. Once he was standing he trudged toward the doorway, in hopes of finding Kaoru or someone who could tell him where Kaoru was. He was lucky that it hadn't been one of his legs that received the blow from the man's sword. He made it out into the hallway and almost crashed into a stunned Yahiko.

Yahiko quickly got over his shock and spoke, "What are you doing Kenshin? You should be resting, not walking around and crashing into people.

Kenshin smiled at the statement and then responded as he leaned against the doorframe, "I need to talk to your sister? Do you know where she is? It's very important that I talk to her."

"Yeah, she's in the dojo, but why do you need to talk to her so badly that you have to get up out of bed even with a terrible wound?" Yahiko replied curiously like a young child that has just received a present.

"We had a large misunderstanding and I need to straighten everything out with her," Kenshin stated as he pushed himself off of the wall and proceeded to the dojo.

Yahiko just stood and watched as Kenshin made his way to the dojo doors. He admired the older man. The way he protected Kaoru and his determination left a big impression on Yahiko. Yahiko headed toward the kitchen. He was going to have to explain the situation to Megumi before she found Kenshin missing.


Yahiko recognized the scream as Megumi's. Somehow she had managed to get past Yahiko without him realizing it and now she noticed that Kenshin and Kaoru were both gone. He quickly made his way to Megumi and explained the circumstances as to why Kenshin and Kaoru were not in bed resting.

`Please take care of her Kenshin,' Yahiko thought to himself as Megumi fussed in the background about injured people needing rest.


Kenshin managed to make his way to the dojo. His arm had begun to sting again, but he pushed the pain aside as he pushed through the dojo doors. Inside he found Kaoru training. However, after hearing the dojo doors open she quickly ceased her training and turned to face the visitor. Kenshin smiled when he noticed that the vacant look that she had earlier was gone, but he soon collapsed to the ground. His strength had yet to return. He had pushed himself quite a bit just to make it to the dojo. Kaoru quickly rushed to his side and assisted him until he was leaning against a wall in the dojo. As she stood up she spoke to him.

"You know that I'm not to happy with you right now, right?" Kaoru asked without looking at him.

Kenshin's head hung low, he knew that she would probably hate him. However, he spoke anyway, "I believe I have a bit of explaining to do. Actually, I guess I'm just stating my arrogance, but nevertheless I think you need to know the whole truth. I know you probably despise me right now and I don't blame you. I was a complete ass hole toward you."

"That's definitely the truth. You have no idea how many times I've had to convince myself to give you another chance, but I think I've run out of chances to give you," Kaoru said as her head hung low, "I should have known from the beginning. At first I wondered why you had taken a sudden interest in knowing me especially since before you probably didn't even know that I existed. At least that's how you acted, but then you saved me all those times and slowly without realizing it I began to trust you. I can't believe even though I hardly knew you, I began to rely on you, but to you it was all just a game. A way for you to gain publicity!"

Kaoru turned away so that he would see the tears that were descending down her face.

"That's true. That's exactly what I thought in the beginning, but after I began spending time with you I realized that you were different, special. Gradually I began to worry about you all the time. I tried to convince myself that I was just worried about losing the bet to Sano, but eventually I came to realize that I really didn't care about the bet. You were special. You were different from any girl I had ever met. You were headstrong and determined to show that you were not as weak as you seemed. Most girls, in front of me, acted feeble and fragile, but not you. Then I finally figured out the reason I was always worried and thinking about you. I understood that somehow you had captured my heart and I had fallen in love with you," Kenshin paused before continuing so she had time to take in all the information.

Kaoru was shocked, but at the same time she was so very confused. However, she did not turn to face Kenshin.

Kenshin waited a moment longer before continuing, "After I figured out my true feelings toward you I decided that I would forfeit the bet and tell you everything before you found out from someone else. However, around that time Soujiro showed up. I guess, now that I think about it, I was just jealous. You had accepted him so easily and you seemed to be so close. I followed you home that one day you were with him. I couldn't hear anything, but then I saw you two kiss. I became instantly angry and jealous. I thought you were cheating on me, but I guess I wasn't exactly in the right state of mind when I thought that. I decided to get revenge because I felt hurt that you cheated on me. I guess I took it to the extreme though. After the thing at the dance I watched as you ran out with tears running down your face. I tried to convince myself that this was right, but deep down it didn't feel right. Then I heard you scream and I found Soujiro. He explained everything to me. I felt like the stupidest and most hard headed jerk ever. I had jumped to conclusions and took them to the extreme without even consulting you first."

Kenshin forced himself to his feet and turned Kaoru to face him. He felt a pang in his heart when he saw the face of the girl he loved, red and covered with tears. He tried to wipe them away as if in hopes that he would wipe away her sorrows as well, but unfortunately it didn't work. Instead he placed a hand on Kaoru's shoulder.

"Look, I can understand if you hate me. I can even understand if you never wanted to talk or see me ever again. However, my feelings remain unchanged Kaoru. I love you with all of my heart," with that said Kenshin placed a small kiss onto her forehead before he began again, "I'm sorry I've hurt you so bad. I know you may never be able to, but I hope and pray that you will give me one last chance. I know you're uncertain. I won't force you to do anything that you don't want to do."

"I..I don't know anything anymore. I don't know who to trust," Kaoru said.

"What are you talking about Kaoru?" Kenshin asked as Kaoru's tears refreshed.

"While I was with that man, he told me the reason those men were after me. The reason so many people wanted me dead," Kaoru sobbed.

Kenshin pulled her closer to him, in hopes of comforting her so she could go on.

"My father, the man that took care of me, raised me, taught me swordsmanship, was an assassin," Kaoru struggled to get out because she now had the hiccups from crying so much.

Kenshin was shocked at the news, but remained quiet and let her begin again when she was ready.

"Th..That man showed me paperwork and a picture. My father worked for the mafia. The picture clearly showed him as he sliced someone in half. I had already gone through so much that I could take it anymore. I felt myself become lifeless, like a body without a soul. I didn't care about anything, I couldn't even think! The only thought is my mind was that I wanted the pain in my heart to end, but it wouldn't stop. The pain pulsed through my body until I could take it no more and I passed out," Kaoru stated slowly.

Kenshin tried his best to comfort her, but he couldn't think of anything to say so he remained quiet. After a couple minutes her cries slowed down and she pushed Kenshin away.

"Please leave. I don't know what to do right now. Just leave me alone, please," Kaoru asked as she backed away and turned her back toward him.

Kenshin realized that he needed to give her time and space. She had been through a lot. He turned to leave, but not before saying one last thing, "Kaoru please consider my request. I'll give you as much time and space as you want. I'm sorry I have caused you so much distress."

With that said Kenshin left the dojo. Kaoru stood still unmoving, tears still slowly falling down her face.

"Oh Kenshin I want to forgive you, but I don't know if my heart can," Kaoru mumbled to herself as she collapsed to her knees and began to cry again.


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