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Unlost, a Rurouni Kenshin fanfic series by Raberba girl
Borrow (prompt 13, table one) [rough draft]

Summary:  Kenshin had an unexpected adventure.


Kenshin wondered for a second why he had apparently spent the night on the couch.  Then he sat up with a gasp as the previous night's events came flooding into his memory:  being shot at, running for his life, being scared out of his wits, strangely having more fun than he'd ever had in his life....

And The Woman.

"Oro," he gasped.  "I have a gorgeous female sleeping in my bed....

Or had it all been a dream?

Just as he was scrambling to his feet, the door opened and his younger brother came barging into the apartment.  "Oi, Niisan!  Mom ticked me off again, so I'm hanging out with you today."

"Kenji!  Keep it down!" Kenshin hissed.

"You got anything I'd actually eat?" Kenji continued as if he hadn't heard, sailing into the kitchen and noisily starting to go through the cabinets.

"Kenji!"  Kenshin hurried over and shut the cabinet Kenji had just opened.  "Shut up.  There's--"

"What's your problem?" the fifteen-year-old said indignantly.

"Kenji...there's a woman in my bedroom."


"At least, I think there is...."

"What are you talking about?!  I thought you said you don't bring girls home!"

"I didn't bring her--!  I mean, it's not like that, I just--!  Oro!" Kenshin exclaimed in exasperation.  "Just stop yelling."

"What do you mean you think there's a girl in your room?"

"I haven't checked yet to see if I was dreaming or not."

"You idiot!"

Before Kenshin could stop him, Kenji marched over to the bedroom door and opened it - then froze.  Kenshin, right on his heels, felt his jaw drop as he beheld the lovely figure now flinging back her long, silky hair after having just finished combing it.  She was even more beautiful than he remembered.  The faint scent of hakubaikô filled the air as she watched them, leisurely tying back her hair.  She was clad in one of Kenshin's T-shirts and almost nothing else.  He was a slender man, and she seemed to be slightly taller than him; the shirt stretched around her curves and did not cover much of her thighs.

"T-Tomoe-dono," Kenshin whispered in awe, luckily managing to stop himself before adding, so you're not just a dream.

"If it's not too much trouble," she murmured, in a tone that left no room for him to refuse, "I should like to borrow your shirt, Himura-san.  Mine is no longer even fit for cleaning rags."

Kenshin could see the torn, bloodied garment on the floor of the master bathroom.  "You can keep it," he said quickly.

She was stepping into her pants now, not seeming to care that the young men caught a glimpse of her underwear for a second, or to notice the little sound Kenji made in response.

"Oro!" Kenshin gasped, red-faced and far too late, "w-we should give you some privacy, that we should--"

"No need."  Tomoe picked the guns off the bed and tucked them away.  "I'll be taking my leave now."  She approached the bedroom door, and both men hurriedly backed out of her way, but she paused before passing Kenshin and regarded him for a moment.  He tried to meet her gaze and not squirm.  He wasn't used to being scrutinized by women so obviously out of his league.  "...I suppose you'll need a reward for helping and sheltering me."

"N-No, not at all!  I was happy to help; please, don't feel in the least obligated, I--  Please."

There was a pause, then she reached out with delicate fingers and took hold of his chin, as if to more closely examine his face.  Kenshin held his breath, and Kenji watched with wide eyes.

"...A part of me wishes I could take advantage of your hospitality a bit longer," Tomoe murmured.  Then, before Kenshin could decide what this meant, she was kissing him.

Kenji watched, envious and awed, wondering after a while if his brother and the lady were about to start moving toward the bed.  But then Kenshin pulled away, gasping for air, and let her watch him, as he looked back at her like she was a prize he was afraid to touch.

"...Well," she said at last, stepping back, "thank you."

"Thank you," Kenshin managed to whisper.

The brothers followed her to the door, stopping abruptly when she looked back at them at the threshold.  "Good-bye."

An impulse came over him.  She'd probably shoot him down immediately, but he wanted to at least try.  "Tomoe-dono...feel free to keep the shirt, as I said, but...if you...ever feel so return it--  Personally," he added quickly, "then...I would, um, look forward to it."  He immediately winced at his own audacity and looked away, so only Kenji saw her little smile.

"...Is that so, Himura-san."


She chuckled softly and turned away again.  "So would I."

"What?!" Kenshin gasped, hardly able to believe it, but she was already gone.

There was a long silence.  Then both Himuras burst into hysterical laughter.

"Heh, she looks better in your shirt than you do."

"She does, doesn't she...."


Author's Note:  I wrote this back at the beginning of June 2013, but it took me eight months to actually get it typed and posted. *sweatdrop*

The people who are fine with me making Kenshin & Kenji brothers, yet can't stand it when I make Tomoe & Kenji mother and son, are total hypocrites. *eyeroll*

Complete:  8/100